Qubool Hai 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Qubool Hai 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 28th January 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
On receiving a call on the landline, asad gets up to take the call, but nzma intercepts in between. When asad asks who it was, she said it was for someone’s delivery. Asad is anxiously strutting around.

When zoya arrives, asad calls her and gives her the parcel for her cell phone that she hd reported stolen. As he goes away, zoya confronts asad saying that she knows he thinks that she’s helpless. He says that he doesnt but yes he does feel sorry for what happened at mangalpur to her for which he was partly to be blamed and that this act could lessen his guilt a little. As he leaves, zoya thinks to herself that asad can be really manipulative and insensitive to others feeling, and remembers how he had ridiculed her on several occassions. She thinks that asad wants everyone to just listen to him quietly.

She goes to his room and decides to refuse to accept the phone that he had given her. She is shocked to find that asad didnt put up a much of a fight against her, as is normally the case. While going out, she trips over and finds herself in asad’s arms who grabs her to stop her from falling. She composes herself and walks out, leaving asad thinking that he has to stay away from zoya to avoid any trouble.

Asad comes out of his room and is shocked to find mariam’s relatives but is relieved when he knows that they havent told dilshad anything. As she goes to attend to a call, mariam’s faather asks asad to look out for mariam, as she’s headed this way to bhopal. He also says that though he had saved zoya, and they dont have a problem with that but they are after mariam. He says that they have the faith that he wont help mariam but have a doubt that the foreign retruened zoya would. Telling asad to look out for maraiam and tell them anything that he knows, thy take asad’s and dilshads’ leave. Asad finds zoya coming out of the room, and having already told mariam’s relatives that she’s gone, he grbs her behind a pillar and puts a hand on zoya’s mouth to stop her from speaking. After they have left, while zoya continues to keep demanding for the reason for such behaviour, he goes in his room without answering.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Razia tries to defend humaira saying that when ayan has profusely said no to the marriage, then how could humaira say no and what if she says yes, would the family agree for it then. Ayan asks razia to stop talking and let humaira speak for herself.
Razia demands to know that if humaira said yes to the relation, would ayan marry her. ayan is left speechless but finally manages to say that humaira would never say no. Mamu asks ayan to give a direct answer. Ayan agrees that if humaira says yes, then he too wont have a problem. Shirin asks humaira not to be scared and give her answer. humaira remembers ayan’s flirting with her, but razia confronts her to say yes, as that is what she always wanted and that this is the chance to grab it. Humaira finally says yes, much to ayan and rashid’s mother’s horror and razia’s pleasure, but then completes her statement that she doesnt want to marry ayan, relieving him and his granny of their misery and shocking razia.

In his room, ayan thanks nikhat for saving him from getting the punishment for a crime that he never committed. Rashid and his wife come in apologizing to him for their mistake and say that they would never prejudge him again. Rashid’s mother too comes in saying that it wont happen again since they would leave the house. Shirin asks her to forgive razia. But rashid’s mother is adamant that what razia did wasnt a mistake but a premeditated conspiracy, which made them doubt their own son and behave so badly to them. Ayan too says that they wouldnt suffer anymore due to mamujaan and leave the house definitely.

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Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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