Qubool Hai 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Armaan is sleeping when he wakes up with a nightmare of mahira leaving her. he is tensed and worried, but doesnt find mahira beside him. he instead finds a cluenote, saying that destiny has played with them for long, now its their time to tests fate, and asks him to look in the mirror, maybe he finds something different. There he finds another clue regarding her favourite and her favourite perfume. he is set to thinking. in the wardrobe, he gets anohter clue asking her to look at her side of the bed, and think about it. It turns out to the red dupatta that amad has brought for mahira, and inside it is asked to see the bangle box, that contains another clue. Oblivous to all this, mahira prepares coffee for him, and gets to his room. armaan finds

a clue that reads that he has a gift for him, but to see that, he would have to open up all the windows of the room. He rushes out and complies. With the last clue, armaan comes in to find a photo frame lying the other way, which is actually amad and mahira’s wedding pic, and is about to take it, when mahira comes in with coffee and asks whats he doing. She hugs him, and finds the photo frame, and is shocked. He asks where was she, as he needs to see her in the morning,. and begins to go. She asks where. he says that he has reached here till much effort, and wants to see it. She tries to distract him. she says that he was tensed, that she wasnt around, and not that she is, he is focussed on other stuff. She manages to distract him, but is tensed for the pic. He is insistent as he says that he wishes to end this last part of the game. he says that he needs to see the last clue, and then says that he shall just see the pic and end it. mahira is tensed as she didnt do anything like that. She manages to successfully deviate his attention, but she is tensed about the pic.

Downstairs, Amad gets them all excited about gifts, as latif anf gazalla, are happy about the hidden treasure hunt, that amad has planned for them. he asks them to search. they hurriedly get to it. Meanwhile, Amad says that he has a gift, but its for mahira, a gift that shall change her life.

When he gets to know, that his plan has been spoiled, amad is frustrated. mahira comes in angrily, and then asks amad whats all this. he says that he was joking. she says that his joke could have ruined her life, her relation and her life. He asks whats wrong in that. She is boggled. He says that their relation shouldnt be sao weak. she asks him not to decide, as she trusts, respects aned values her relationship with armaan. he asks if she values matrimony so much, why she deserted him. She says that she didnt marry him, as she isnt lying, and she doesnt know anything about it. he emphasises that its her. She refuses. he then gets to the almirah and produces a Nikah Nama containaing her name and signature as the bride, and says that there are many evidences that prove towards this. She is shocked and asks how long has he been planning this, as he cant be stumbling upon them by co-incidence, which means that he hasnt lost his memory and he knows that he is Amaad. Amad comes to his true self and comments on her smartness. he asks how did she leave her after marriage and she argues with him, and asks him to get lost. he asks her to prove and he shall leave, or else armaan sees it. She leaves, fuming. he thinks that its good that the game is still on.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
As begum gets her back pressed by ehsaan, they talk romantically about how they are made for each other, now that they are alike. He extends her hand and she excitedly takes it, asking where. he takes her from there.

meanwhile, granny prays and complains to the lord, that nothing golod came out of the taveez as everything is finished. She is about to break it, when she remembers that the peer had asked her to keep faith on god, for the taveez to work, and realises her mistake, and apologises profusely for having distrusted and not believed in the supreme powers. meanwhile, begum and ehsaan come out of the bathroom, in their bathrobes, and are about to get physically intiomate with each other, when she starts coughing horribly. ehsaan rushes to granny and asks her to come and see. She takes this as the lord’s sign and when she comes to find begum in such a state, she uses her taveez to rectify her coughing. begum is boggled as to why she helped her. ehsaan hugs begum, while granny leaves, thinking that she wont let her die so easily.

Scene 3:
Location: Armaan’s residence
mahira comes while armaan is getting dressed, and hesitantly asks for something. He says that he can give her anything. She asks him to let amd stay. he gets tensed. She tries to clarify as to how he needs them, due to his memory loss. He is unconvinced. But complies nevertheless, as he has promised, but sas that he would be thrown out, if he tries to do any nonsense now. He rushes out, with a smile as he caresses her. when she returns back, she finds amad eyeing her amused. she hastily walks in angrily. The screen freezes on amad’s amused face.

Precap: In the night, armaan returns back with amad, totally inebriated, while mahira is upset and asks amad whats he done. Armaan defends him saying that he didnt do anything, and walks in. she goes after him, but he stops her hand saying that he isnt a child and doesnt need her at every instant. she slaps him tight across his face.

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. just hate this serial from the core of my heart. kash vo asad aur zoya vale din vapas aate . kitne logonke saath jodo he use directors zoya sanam aur kya kya. saali ki koi set pe sabke samne chudai karde . gaand me das lund ek saath dalde. 38-30-40 ki nangi choot saali

  2. kya serial hain yaar. just hate this serial from the core of my heart. kash vo asad aur zoya vale din vapas aate . kitne logonke saath jodo he use directors zoya sanam aur kya kya. saali ki koi set pe sabke samne chudai karde . gaand me das lund ek saath dalde. 38-30-40 ki nangi choot saali

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