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Scene 1:
Location: Khan’s residence
All are shocked as they eye zohra standing with mahira. mahira remembers going to zohra’s house, and then confronts her, while zohra is about to shut the door on her face. mahira says that she doesnt regret being thrown out of the house once, but if she doesnt stop akram’s engagement with kainat, then she shall regret it forever. She asks zohra to tell everyone the truth. Zohra comes to face akram, and says that he had told her he was doing this sntire drama for his mother’s happiness. All are shocked. zohra tells him that this isnt a drama but the truth. Kainat is apalled. Zohra turns to her, and says that akram is the father of her conceived child. mahira is relieved, while all are shocked out of wits. Kainat collapses on the

floor, while zohra goes and rushes out of the door. Khan begum composes kainat and asks her not to cry and be strong. Akram says that this is a lie and mahira’s trap. Azad and amad get up and angrily grab akram, asking how dare he betray their loving little sister. Azad gets angry and says that he shall kill him, and strangulates him intensely, while amad too angrily gives him a blow on his face. kainat meanwhile is composed and supported by khan begum, as she breaks into tears, distraught and apalled. Khan begum sees that akram might suffocate and die too. she is tensed. Amad says that he shall throw him out, and grabs him by the collar and throws him out of the house. khan begum tensedly eyes azad. Azad tells khan begum that akram has seen what he truly is. she is shocked, but says that what the eyes see, the tongue says and only then does it get expressed. she asks azad through signals what needs to be done. he complies.

As mahira is leaving, kainat rushes to khan begum and azad in their room, and asks them to stop her, since she saved her life from being ruined today. Azad remembers being angry at her so many times. khan begum is worried. Kainat says that they should agree that mahira was right and they wrong, and they wont become small in that. azad is angry and says that he would kill akram the next time he sees him. kainat reminds that mahira told them that he was wrong. she begs him to stop mahira as if they dont, then she wont talk to anyone. She rushes out. azad decides to go and stop mahira. khan begum says that kainat is a child, but he is mature, and asks why is he wasting his time on a maid. He is told that he is getting late as its evening, and asks him if he remembers what night it is. he remembers that its the first full moon’s night. He remembers standing in front of a dead body in an isolated alley. She says that the last time they got defeated in retrieving the blue kajnar flower. But this around, she wants him to turn the past around, and get the glower, as she cant wait for another four years, as many things might have changed. She tells him that at any cost, she needs him to get that flower anyhow. He says that either tomorrow the blue kajnar flower shall be hers, or the sun shall not rise tomorrow. he begins to go. she stops him. she asks him if he remembers that he has to do some ritual, before going to get the flower. He says that he shall do that later. she asks him to send saira and bano to get mahira back. He too supports kainat’s statements that they owe to mahira, and by stopping her, he might not pay his debt, but lighten it a little. he rushes out but finds mahira gone. he turns around to find that she is standing in front of him, saying that he neednt shout, as she is just leaving and just came back to get some stuff. he stands boggled and tensed. While she is talking about his therapeutic cures for supernatural stuff, he is taken aback to memories of himself being under the leash, for his supernatural powers. She also reminds him that she is a highly egoist lady, and wont stay back now, even if he requests her. She turns around to go, hoping he would stop her. he asks her to stop as she neednt go anywhere. she is ecstatic, but turns around trying to act pricey. he is tensed, and says that kainat wants her to stay. She says that then for the sake of kainat, she would stay back, as she cant hurt kainat. She says that he would have to say the three magical words, PLEASE to make her stop, THANK YOU for what she did AND SORRY for what he did. he behaves rude and says that he doesnt do this. She asks him to justs ay sorry then. he is speechless. amad comes in to tease him, saying that he never apologises. She is sure that she shall make azad apologise. amad then hits on her thanking her for what she did to kainat, and says that he shall take her out to dinner or movie, or party whatever she wants. she asks if its a date. He is amused and says Kinda. she swoons and he composes her. she says that she is super happy and he goes inside with his alluring smile.

As the moon lights up, Khan begum says that after 25 years, her wait shall finally be over, as azad is getting ready as per the ritual for getting the kajnar flower. He remembers the dead body yet again, and hopes that he doesnt do anything wrong again on this special night. He temptingly eyes the blood filled bottle. He comes out and she kisses him on the forehead, saying that the flower blossoms only in the midnight, when he isnt able to control himself. He asks her to be assured that despite the risks, he shall have to control himself, and get the flower, since his mother and his sister’s life is at stake and he shall get it back at any cost.

As mahira is resettling in the outhouse, kainat comes and thanks her profusely. Mahira asks her not to be formal, as she did this out of friendship, and that she is special and deserves the best. Kainat says that even her family says so, but is it true, eyeing her hand. Mahira says that everything happens for a reason, and she shall be okay. kainat gets depressed saying that this shall never be healed. she goes. mahira remembers about her father telling her about the therapeutic powers of the blue kajnar flower. She looks in the sky, and finds that its indeed the special full moon night, which comes in four years, and the blue kajnar flower blosssoms, which has high threapeutic powers, and that this is a previleged flower, and that his father had the fullest hope she shall get it.

Scene 2:
Location: In the jungles
Later in the night, while its getting late in the full moon night, azad eyes the watch and finds that its just ten minutes to midnight, and gets tensed to find the flower blossoming. mahira too arrives, wondering where she shall find it, and then gets her father’s directions, as she remembers to go after the moonlight, as that shall blossom the flower. She takes it as a hint, and progresses towards it. As the moonlight falls on the bid, and the flower blossoms, he finally spots the Blue kajnar flower, in the wilderness of the jungles, his eyes turning a shade of orange increasingly changing into blazing red and progresses towards it eagerly, to grab it. He is however oblivious that mahira meanwhile too is wandering around in the same area, coming closer to him and the flower from the opposite end. she too spots the flower, and remembers her father telling her that when she sees the flower, she should think about the person who she wants to help. she decides to use it for kainat, as she needs it the most. The clock strikes midnight, and mahira is shocked to see flaring, blazing red eyes, from behind the bushes, where azad takes to hiding. the screen freezes on her scared face, as she screams.

Precap: mahira is scared and screams loudly, and then takes a u-turn and begins to run, and then collides into azad, seeing whom, she screams in much greater horror, as she eyes him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Nice episode. I love it

  2. Nice episode for the time we don’t know what the writer will do in future but it Lil better then when new sanam had her black magic power now webl just to hope good things happen in this new season
    Waiting for asad n mahira hate n love storyti start but Lil worry that amad don’t fall in love with mahira cuz they two of them use to n still love same girl name afreen or something

    1. I can’t understand how she will fall in love with that “devil man” as she calls him. I would think that the blazing red eyes would be a Huge Turn Off!!!

  3. I think azad have murdered mahira’s father…i mean azad used to remember killing someone last tym wen he went for blue kajnar flower…i feel that victim is mahira’s father…

    1. Yes.. so true. Because Mahira remembers the time when her dad told her about that same flower and location and how it blossoms and heals etc.. so thats why mahira went for the flower because she wants to pick the flower to take it to Kainat to help heal her disabled hand…. and mahira and azaad end up in the same place for same reason. And azaad maybe killed mahira dad there some years ago because he took the flower or something which angered azaad

  4. im really amazed with a great story n an interesting one. Eagerly waiting to watch qubool hai.good immense change in story life.hats off qubool hai team

    1. 100% agreeing with you. Well Done.

  5. For now it was only good that happened in this season so far but I’m afraid this flower may end up khan begun ‘s hand and regain her magic power ???????

  6. Azad is so weird that he only listen to him mother and by the way why would mahira love him

  7. Azahira are sooo cute… Dying to know the connection to Sanam… I suspect it Sunerhi’s daughter though

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