Qubool Hai 27th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 27th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: In the dargah
Begum wanders through the dargah, while she overhears people talking about armaan’s humanitarian nature, and how its very difficult to meet him. She thinks that she wont be able to get past the security guards, and meet him hence she has to come up with a new plan. she decides to sit with the beggars dressed as one. just then, its announced that armaan’s car has arrived. She gets alert and tensed, as the car draws in and is thronged by security guards, amidst whom, armaan steps out. He starts distributing 1000 rupess notes amongst the needy and the poor, while begum stands back in line waiting to catch a glimpse of him. the beggars bless him as they receive the money. finally khan begum confronts him. he eyes her tensedly, taking off his glasses,

as she takes off the veil of the burqa. he gives her a note too, and prays that the lord relieves all of her pains. she eyes him and their ironic situation. then he walks past, and begins to move ahead with his guards. She is overwhelmed to have finally seen him and she calls out his name emotionally overwhelmed. He stops surprised and then turns around, but just before that, mahira walks past between begum and armaan and begum sees her and she turns away, lest mahira sees her. Armaan turns just then but is unable to see who called out to him. She however wonders underneath the buraq as to whats mahira doing here. She turns around to find armaan walking away yet again, but accidentally collides into a lady, and falls on the ground. mahira rushes to help her. she is frustrated that she couldnt meet her son due to mahira. She composes herself and walks off hastily. mahira is tensed and walks in.

Inside, mahira prays to the lord that her father used to tell her of the miracles of love, and today she was witness to one too. On the opposite end of the mazaar, armaan sits, just like asad and zoya’s first meeting, as they both ardently pray to the lord. she finally gets up, and he too and they start walking, obliviously moving closer to each other. mahira walks past armaan, her dupatta grazing past his face. armaan is mesmerised and overwhelmed as he eyes her, unable to take his eyes off her. He wonders why his heart felt that someone close to him went by him. mahira comes to the wishing area, where people tie knots and wish for. she prays that she hopes she meets her true love finally, and that she leaves herself to him, and that whatever he wishes for, she shall accept, as her destiny is in the lord’s hands now. just then, from the opposite end, armaan too comes and ties a knot beside mahira’s knot, and eyes her face as she prays, mesmerised yet again.

Outside, begum hovers around armaan’s car and asks the guards if she can talk to him for a minute as its important. but the guard wards him off. She continues to pester but in vain. she thinks that guards wont let her meet and wonders what to do. She takes out her purse and places it on the pedestal of the car and then wards off, hiding as armaan comes in and is about to step in, when he notices the purse kept and picks it up, and looks around. he then goes through the details of the purse, and finds an address, and she thinks that now she would meet him, as he would come to her house for returning the purse.

As he sits in the car, he is doing his business dealings, wherein he is very harsh and straightforward on the phone, as to how he wishes people to be on their toes. he suddenly asks the driver to put the car to a halt. They stop outside an orphanage. he remembers how he was abused in childhood here, by people, who cursed him for being an orphan, making an easy target of him. just then, a beggar comes asking for money, and remembers him as the child who the tailor had adopted. He is shocked but denies this and drives off, but he continues to say that he is the same sam. Armaan is tensed and worried. Armaan thinks that for some people, their birthplace and their childhood is their worst nightmare. He says that had his grandmother not forced him to come here, he never would have even thought of it.

Scene 2:
Location: Begum’s residence
mahira decorates the whole house, with the intention of seeing the blue moon soon, so that with the onset of the special moon, the onset of her love story too is wonderful. gazalla and latif happily chat and banter while mahira is amused. She gets up and asks them to get Channi and rice pudding. they comply. mahira thinks that she should get ready too for this special occassion.

With much love and care, mahira gets ready but hears the sound of afreen’s anklets and gets alert. but they stop, and she gets back to work. she then hears a female laughing and gets unsettled. She looks around the room but sees noone. she comes out but doesnt find anyone, both sides and is about to go in the room, when she hears a devilish and demonic female laughter. as she turns around, she finds afreen guffawing at her, saying that the game isnt over yet. mahira is shocked and tensed. then the apparition vanishes. she is stunned and surprised, as the words resonate in her ears. she wonders who is this possible, and if its her hallucination or actually her, as she threw her out herself. She is distracted as other women come and take her along with them. She again epresses her concern to kainat who asks how is this possible. begum hears this and asks why is she tensed. mahira tells that she feels she saw afreen. begum says that its her hallucination, as the devil cant come inside, till she is called back three times. kainat asks her not to worry as she can never come. begum tells her that today her love story shall culminate and asks her to go to azxad. she complies. Afreen notices them from the balcony, thinking that she is for real and not a hallucination. she says that she is back, and now she cant even think at all, who called her back in, as the blue moon night shall be the night of mahira’s ruins. The screen freezes on mahira’s and afreen’s faces.

Precap: While mahira gets mehendi applied by the ladies, she notices blood gushing out of the cone. she is shocked and points this to kainat who is shocked too and asks the lady who gave her this cone. Later, Armaan comes inside the haveli. begum sees him and is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Hey they have changed avinash pic with azad … Did anyone noticed… I can t understand then kb s powers and what s the use of that sign in mahira s back … Total shit …

    1. Yeah it doesn’t even look great :/

  2. 2day episode was nice. But 2day they don’t show azad part. I realy miss him.

  3. Interesting precap but azad and mahira is good pls don’t change the lead he is tenth

  4. Sugarplumprincess

    Azaad aka Rajbeer singh is going to quit because his character will be dying in an accident.
    Also, Azaad’s heart is going to be transplanted in Armaan’s body coz he too will have an accident. It is also heard that Rajbeer Singh’s contract is only for 3 months. So now the focus will be on Mahira-Armaan love story.

  5. I just noticed…. Isn’t Armaan that one who played the role of Sholk Agniotri in Iss payaar ko kya naam doo -02???

    1. Yaa.. ts shlok f ipkknd-2 as wel as dev of choti bahu..

    2. Yes the same shlok and previously dev from choti bahu… a very nice actor

  6. Nice episode
    But azad will die now
    Mahira will be paired with arman
    Loved azma but
    Arman is also good he is egoistic like asad Ahmed khan I think
    Makers are trying to bring same chemistry like asad and zoyas
    But makers will surely fail
    No one can give good chemistry like them

  7. If armaan is 10th can. Some one pls tell me d names of 9 lead pairs …… Coz wen I am counting I got only 8 pls PLS PLS PLS

    1. Ok here it goes
      Asad-2 actors played
      Ayaan-2 actors played
      Ahil (kvb)
      Shehzaad(original name)paired to seher
      The other guy was killed recent by afreen
      Last but not tge least armaan now

  8. the story was going so good I actually started loving it with amount of chemistry both the leads had but now this is utter rubbish , there was so much to tell and explore with the current story line . I have no idea why they would change a winning formula. TOTAL RUBBISH

  9. I missed azad a lot today in the episode. Precap is veryyyyyyy exciting

  10. Now I believed villain exist in a real life and that is the makers of qubool hai they can’t bear to see any actor in QH to be loved by audience they must finish that actor off .! With the asad is exit I’m too done with qubool hai bye ?????

    1. Yeah im just gna read! :/

  11. Av been wondering hw comes nobody is enquiring about kb husband whom she killed n also Amaad the writter is totaly confused he should focus on general concept of the script. Now again kb is not eager to get powers but her lost son nothing new in ths season jst horrible twists

  12. The only reason I was watching this show was bcz of Azma! And now they kill Azaad! :'( I dont understand why these actors sign the contract for such few months? What I mean is they create all the hype and excitement and then it all goes invain! Im utterly disappointed cz Rajbir is quitting the show.. sorry to avinash Fans but I just dont like him .. he doesn’t have this character in him… aldo what I dont understand is that thre are s many twists in this plot.. Mahiras 8 sign is supposed to “save” her from evil since she is a special child!
    And not enough the “latest” news ! A freaking heart transplant! ?? Really!!!! I am very disappointed and sad cz Azma wil be no more !:( :'(

  13. Guys rajbeer has already confirmed the news that he was said from the first day his role was only 3 months cameo and anyway would have left the show.

  14. Today’s episode was good but I missed azad! 🙁
    avinash n mahira’s story also gonna be same as asad zoya I felt so. I don’t understand why Gul always ruin the story line with triangle love story ! At least in this season she can pair avinash with other new heroin.
    For her this type of story line QH lost the TRP rate N BARC rate!

    Top 10 serial name list

  15. Today’s episode was good but I missed azad! 🙁
    avinash n mahira’s story also gonna be same as asad zoya I felt so. I don’t understand why Gul always ruin the story line with triangle love story ! At least in this season she can pair avinash with other new heroin.
    For her this type of story line QH lost the TRP rate N BARC rate!

    Top 10 serial name TRP list 41st week:
    1 diya aur baati hum
    2 saath nibhana saathiya
    3. Kumkum Bhagya
    4. Sasural Simar Ka
    5. Swaragini
    6.Balika Vadhu

    7. Udaan and Chakravarti Samrat Ashoka

    8. Meri Ashiqui Tumse Hi

    9. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    10. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

    Now kumkum bhagya serial ekta kapoor is dragging the story but still it’s in 3rd position. QH didn’t hold any place due to its story. I have to say plz Gul stop the serial if u can’t do nothing. Its out of the limitation ?

  16. this is the most frustrating show [email protected]

  17. Qubool Hai shows that Azaad and Armaan have an accident and both of them get admitted to the hospital.

    Mahira prays to God to save Azaad’s life but unfortunately her hopes and prayers fail.

    Doctors inform Mahira (Surbhi Jyoti) and Khan Begum that Azaad (Rajbeer Singh) has died and his heart gets transplanted into Armaan’s body.

    Mahira is completely shattered as her world has broken down after getting this news.

    However, Khan begum does not know how to react as she is sad due to Azaad’s death but she is also happy since Armaan is alive.

    Now Armaan’s heart will beat for Mahira but Mahira will not pay any attention towards him.

    Mahira loves Azaad and cannot think of anyone taking his place in her life.

  18. I just can’t bear arman any more..so rubbish he looks..I just hate him…now I will not watch qubool hai….

  19. One thing i noticed….writers always foolishly do away with sm characters ….in season2 rahat,hayaa,asma,azar,dilshaad and seher(yeah she died bt her death was nt made very clear to viewers) and in season 4… Saira,bano and amaad.Seriously,plz learn to give other characters better and longer roles to play or even if they r to exit …give it a purpose and make it clear to us…..however i will always be a fan of this show …since sometimes boring tracks go on and i still keep watching… So basically am addicted

  20. now I watch the show qh.after ahil quit I’m quit the show. now it will be interested.it will be more interesting if afreem oust the show. armaan n mahira can be create the old chemistry like sahil n asya.

  21. Azaad are and mahira go togather armaan and mahira dont go togather so please dont take azaad out from the show please

  22. And im confused is azaad khan begums son or armaan is khan begums son

  23. T think afreen send the cone with blood n plz don’t let azad die

  24. U guys hear the news?there will be a one month leap

  25. This is surely getting boring. They really should end this show now. I was starting to enjoy seeing Asaad and Mahira. Now he’s going to she and she’s going to end up with Armaan. Like come on now how many men are they going to have her act with. Asad, Rehaan, Azad, Asaad and now Armaan. Who’s next?????

  26. The writters itself are confused wat to show and wat not to show. So many secrests are now burried with azad death. Like in one of the episodes they have shown that when azad went for Nile kajnar wala phool there was a man lying and he was shown as mahira’s father lying on ground. And still they have not mentioned from where did kb bring this afreen to house and and if she is azad first wife then previously they did not know that she is a dayan. And how and why and by whom she disappeared. And how was amad involve in all this. And afreen was so curious to spend a night with azad as if earlier when he was his husbnd they never consummate. . so disgusting. . . m totally confused. 🙁 :/

  27. Me too , the writers do not have closure to the storyline they create like for instance why is no one noticed that amad is not there even KB is not interest , suddenly she is so concerned about her lost son . This serial is hanging on treads they dont finish one story then another begins EISH this is so madding .

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