Qubool Hai 27th November 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Graveyard
Mahira hears intently as armaan speaks to azad in his grave. The wind suddenly starts blowing on him too, and the rose flies off from the grave and tumbling falls by her feet. she picks it up considering it a sign, boggled she looks up at armaan. He finally opens his eyes to find her in front of him, beside the grave. they eye each other tensedly. He begins to get up, but he almost loses balance and gets support in her shoulders, who supports him.

Scene 2:
Location: Begum’s residence
Latif and gazalla are gorging on food, when they find mahira coming in with armaan, holding him by the side. She takes him up to his room, while they are shocked to see such concern. She helps him get up the stairs. They are amused to see them both like

this. They discuss that within a month, they shall get married. She helps him at every passing stair, while he is boggled at her over concern. She makes the bed for him and helps him lie down. she then comes back to give him his meds. mahira gives armaan medicines on time. he complies and then asks how she knows the schedule of his medicines. She says that when someone cares for someone for the whole night, they get to know the meds routine and asks him to rest. she turns to go, but he stops her, and turns her around, holding her hand. He asks what if he demands for care more than one night. she is puzzled and boggled. They eye each other tensedly. She says that she cant take life’s big decisions hastily, and says that she needs time to think. He asks her to take all the time she needs, but her heart has already made its mind. She is tensed to hear this. he says that only the mind needs to be convinced now and asks her to think clear. She clenches her fists in tension, while he demands for an answer by the evening. she leaves without saying a word, while he eyes her lovingly, saying that her eyes have already given the answer, and now she needs to listen from the mouth, that she accepts his love.

Mahira meanwhile passes by kainat’s room, andd notices the untouched food, and kainat in tension, and walks in. She asks whats the matter. kainat hides the pic she was seeing. Kainat says that she isnt hungry. mahira asks if all is okay. Mahira asks how can she after what he did. Kainat says that she loves him truly, and nothing is wrong. Mahira asks how is she sure if love is true, as loneliness can often be mistaken by a person as true love. kainat vehemently denies, and says that she has a trick that ensures who is the true love and asks her to close her eyes. Mahira complies, boggled still. kainat places her hand on her heart and then asks mahira to think about that person, who she loves the most, who is most important in her life, and who ensures that she is never in pain or trouble, and who loves her immensely and she would see that person’s face. Mahria tries to make her way through the haze and finally finds armaan’s face with his arms stretched out. she is shocked, and opens her eyes, and rushes out, tensed and worried. Kainat is tensed. She comes to the closet and eyes her pic with azad, remembering her moments with him, tears flowing down her cheeks. she then remembers seeing armaan and his profound love for her, and is distraught with the dilemma she is placed in. She says that she never had anyone else’s thought in her mind, and she doesnt have a clue as to why armaan is seeping in her heart. She takes out the suitcase and packs all of her stuff, and also takes off azad’s ring and the pic and the pic and places them in the suitcase, along with other stuff, and packs it back.

Scene 3:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Begum is very hungry in the house, and hollers for the servant. granny comes and talks to her indirectly, and says that she has given holiday to the servants, and asks her to make something special for all of them, as they are bored of eating normal stuff. Imtiaz and his granny come and are excited too. begum reluctantly agrees and leaves. Granny eyes her.

Begum is frustrated as she is working in the kitchen, and things keep messing up. Ehsaan comes and takes off the kneaded flour in her cheek, and tells her that tarana didnt know cooking at all. begum says that granny said otherwise. He says that she used to make nicely, but because he used to do it for her. They romantically get to preparing food, while she is amused. He tries to get intimate with her too, while she learns from him. He leans in close to kiss her, while they are interrupted by imtiaz who comes in saying that he is hungry. Granny comes in asking to make a chutney of garlic too. she frightens at the name of garlic, and gets into a fainting spell, while granny gets into bogglement, as to the fact that her doubt was right. Granny thinks that she was right. She remembers how she had seen Khan Begum’s medical reports, containing the dagger’s x-ray going through the heart, and how she is a witch, who apart from holy things also has an allergy from other stuff, such as garlic and rose petals. She refuses to think that and decides that she wont let her spoil ehsaan’s life, and that now she shall teach her a lesson and expose her completely.

Scene 4:
Location: Begum’s residence
Armaan waits for long, and thinks that mahira wont come so soon, as he isnt that fortunate. just then, mahira comes to him, and stands beside him. he says that he is waiting for her reply, and asks her not to betray him. But she instead talks about the Venus, that decides their love life. when he asks if she truly believes so, she elaborates on the concept of energy being in the stars, and that love is the strongest energy that binds everything in the universe, and smiles. He eyes her lovingly. he then pulls mahira to himself, and says that his love has questioned her, and asks if she loves him too. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Armaan and mahira find people protesting in their houses and are concerned. they poitn out that a widow and a stranger cant live under the same roof, as its a carnal sin. he holds her hand in front of everyone, and says that he loves mahira, and very soon shall marry her too. He then turns to her and asks if she accepts the marriage. she is stunned and speechless.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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