Qubool Hai 27th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: In captivity
Seher reaches where sanam is kept captive, as one person tells her about it. she pays it off, and wonders how to get inside. She knocks on the door. Inside, the goons dicuss what to do with sanam’s condition. They decide that the doctor is on the way, and that razia shouldnt know about their irrsponsible behaviour, or else she would thrash them all. Hearing, the knock, one of the goons leave for outside. Seher, hiding behind the pillar, takes her chance, and then hits on his head with a rod, and then drags him out of sight. Inside, the others start getting tensed, and come out to find that the goons sent earlier are missing. Before they can search, seher blinds them in the eye with dust and rushes inside. Seher finally reaches the room where sanam

has been kept captive. Seher starts screaming for sanam desperately, and then is shocked at what she finds. Sanam too barely is able to hear seher’s screams, and barely manages to repson to her scream. She finds sanam is a dazed and captive state, and both the sisters are overwhelmed to see each other, as seher starts progressing towards sanam. They both start reminisceing their childhood spent together. Just then, someone hits seher on the head with a rod, and she doses into unconsciosuness collapsing on the floor, while sanam is shocked. The head goon then turns angirly to sanam, who starts sweating profusely, her condition worsening. Both the sisters go unconscious. The goons wonder what to do now, and that razia should be told that sanam is critical, and seher too has reached. they decide to all razia and then leave.

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Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Rahat is shocked at haya’s stance, and says that there must have been a misunderstanding, and tries to clarify it. but haya doesnt believe anything that he says, and instead shows him the hockey on his chest, seeing which Rahat is shocked himself, and is at a loss of words. Faiz smiles evilly, as he stands beside haya. Haya takes his hand, that from this day forth, she shall be only his, body, mind and soul wise, and that rahat doesnt have any right on her anymore, and that she is faiz’s wife from this day forth. Rahat is shocked, as he finds faiz smiling evilly.

As rahat eyes the kickey boggled, faiz evilly comes in and amusingly tells that sometimes things happen, that people dont remember. He tells rahat what happened. rahat says that he could never think that faiz could droop so low, and that he is ashmaed to be his brother. faiz says that he doesnt care what he thinks of him, but he got successful in making haya hate him for the rest of his life. he says that he wont be able to get haya back in his life, as she has fully given herself to him, and soon he too shall become a husband to her. faiz grabs him by the vollar, and threatens him to think again, before touching her, as he would face dire consequences. Faiz smiles and says that he can do whatever he wants, and that he should relax, but haya shall be his, and noone can stop this. He leaves. rahat is tensed, wondering how to make haya believe the truth about him. He calls up someone, saying that anyhow he would have to stop the girl, as that girl is the only one who can clarify his stance in front of haya. He walks out, and finds haya disturbed and crying. he stops and she begins to go. rahat stops her, and says that he knows how much bitterness is there in her heart, and nothing he says would be believed by her, hence he would get the proof of his evidence with him. She silently turns on the tv at high volume to ignore him. faiz sees this and is overjoyed. rahat is tensed. Faiz says that he shouldnt underestimate rahat, and should finish his work, to clear his tracks,. He evilly eyes a tensed rahat and an apalled haya.

Scene 3:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Ahil starts dialling sanam’s number, to try and talk to her, to lessen his nervous excitement a little. But when she doesnt pick up, he gets tensed, and tries again, amused that she is already ignoring him. In seher’s room, dilshad is tensed, thinking that seher hasnt come back with sanam, and if people get to know, that sanam isnt here, it would cause great problem. Just then, ahil starts knocking on the door, asking to be seen, as he really wants to see her. But dilshad grabs a dupatta and goes down the window. Rehaan comes and amusingly takes ahil aside, as traditions say that sanam cant meet him before marriage, while ahil protests. As they leave, azhar’s parents are curious as to why sanam didnt open the door, and they enter to find the dupatta. Azhar’s parents excitedly tell tanveer that it looks like sanam escaped, as they saw a dupatta hanging down the window. Tanveer is overjoyed. Tanveer thanks the lord. they think that she has gone mad. She says that her prayers finally were heard, and she was given one last chance, and she knows how to grab it. she guffaws.

Scene 4:
Location: In captivity
Sanam wakes up, and tries to drag her chair to seher, while screaming in muffled tones. she starts lamenting at her helpless condition now, and asks the lord if she want genuine enough, that he could let her enemies and evil win over the good, and that she can see her sister but still not reach out to her. In her semi dazed state, sanam prays to the lord, to save her sister and herself, so that she would be able to meet her. seher lies unconscious on the floor. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: As ahil gives his agreement to the marriage, while the bride sits on the other side, everyone is happy. Just then, sanam enters with seher, and azhar’s mother is shocked thinking that if sanam is on the door, who’s dressed as a bride. Ahil and rehaan are shocked at their revelation, and on top of that, they find the twin sisters.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Thanks fr d update

  2. Precap look bad because ahil is already married with another girl

  3. Rimjhim

    u r welcome darling….

  4. whattttttttttt ?

  5. The person in the present cap who dressed as a bride will be the grandmother dilshad

  6. looks like only ahil has said qubool hai first and the bride is still yet to say it, but by then, the twins enter… So precap looks pretty good đŸ™‚

    1. I hope so *worried*

  7. omg!..i hope its dishad and not someone, tanveer put to marry aahil…..

  8. Why is Rahat even allowing Faiz to live in his house? ANd if Haya says she wants Faiz , well through both their tails out…Faiz earns nothing and running down woman!?!?!

  9. I think d unknown bride is nida.. Remembr her? Ahil’s childhood frnd..

  10. I tink d unknown bride is tanveer.. looooll

  11. Faiz I guess u shud be killed ,….!!!! I hope that girl who was pretending to sleep with rahat says the truth warna faiz woh Larki ko aur paisey dekar ke rahat par musibat daale ga …!!! Whoever is that girl …I do not think so she said qubul hai…! Think about it …coz the girl says qubul hai last …well that is what happened regarding zoya and asad and sanam and ahil and haya and rahat/faiz ……..haya flippin has a twist ….idiotic girl ….! Like I mean seriously …!!!! This part shud end as quick as possible……plus rehan will now maybe not trust sunehri unless sanam explains it or sum1 else

  12. yes pinky,i also think its Nida.she came back for revenge.What a twist kahani.poor ahil

  13. come on rahatt it is about time you call the mad house for faiz because he is definitely a lunatic and as for haya if she really loved rahatt she would have been able to detect by now that faiz is crazy and is setting up rahatt come one please do not let faiz and haya get together let the last laugh be on faiz please let rahatt find that girl who can clear him. what I cannot understand is that now haya can speak and hear like she is more dotish that when she was deaf and dumb come on now a grown woman like that get together with your husband rahatt and put your heads together and see what faiz is doing. I cannot wait to see ugly mad ass faiz thrown in jail or thrown off a balcony this storyline is prolonging tooooooooooooo much we the viewers are frustrated.

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