Qubool Hai 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 27th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya is in a dilemma, and is furthermore tensed when she doesnt get through asad’s phone. she is informed by the doctor that he wont wake up for a long time. Fin ally she decides to leave to meet her father remembering Mamu’s words. Zoya leaves in a rush, leaving rashid in the care of the servant. Tanveer sarcastically says that zoya may meet her father today, but shedding someone else’s blood for that, by leaving asad’s father alone isnt nice. Tanveer says that someone would have to pay.

Scene 2:
Location: Dargah
Razia is tensed thinking that tanveer should have come by now and finished his job. As she turns around, she is shocked as she finds zoya who has come ast the dargah. she thinks that she cant let zoya meet her

father and that mamu would have to die right now. As mamu turnsd around, he finds zoya standing there, looking around and after a while she spots him too. She is tensed. She identifies him to be the same man from the picture that she has of her father, with the face smeared. she understands everything, and starts walking towards him, remembering all the past incidents about her father that led her till here. She gets emnotional and teary eyed, as mamu too with teary eyes, extends his hands to meet her. She questioningly refers as father. Zoya finally meets her father at the dargah, and there’s a touchy and emotional father-daughter reunion. Zoya says that she was searching so many places and he was right in front of her. He says that he was helpless. she asks why. he says that this doesnt have an answer, but there is the same torture that he went through, not being able to meet her. zoya is in tears. Razia is shocked and thinks that. She thinks that even if tanveer isnt here, she would kill her own husband.

Scene 3:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Sameera shows badi bi and nikhat their pic together, and badi bi says that she was just having some candid moment with her. sameeras says that this proves that they have the key to haseena’s safe and henceb they want to search the room. Badi bi is hurt that haseenma is checking on them after listening to the servant. Khushboo too asks farhan seductively if she feels that they can do it. farhan gets tensed. She asks them to go ahead and search. As they do so frantically, nikhat and badi bi are amused. They are unable to find anything. Badi bi taunts at tyhem if they are relieved now. farhan apologises but nikhat says that with that, the thief wont be caught. They conclude that someone from this house has the keys. They look questioningly at sameera and say that her room should also be searched. She gets furious and is about to spill out the truth, when farhan says that she’s very old here and its illogical to doubt her. Badi bi asks why were their house searched then. sameera asks them to get it over with then and agrees for search.

Scene 4:
Location: At the dargah
mamu says that he has waited for this moment too. Zoya asks him to comer along home, as she has lots to talk to him. He doesnt budge. She asks what happened. He says that he would tell her somethings that she mightnt be able to forgive him for. Zoya asks what happened. He says that he would tell her everything about her past, and relive it all with her. Zoya asks if he would never leave her now, as she had always wanted this. He says that only time will tell. She asks why is he saying so. Mamu says that he has done some wrongs in his life, which if she hears of, she wont be able to forgive him. She gets tensed. zoya says that every one has done things wrong, and that no relation can ever make a strain on their relation. Mamu remembers razia killing zoya’s mother. Ge says that he wishes it was true and that he has lived his entire life in guilt, and that he should be punished. she says that mkaybe he had been helpless, and that he would be forgiven. she says that she cant imagine that her wait is finally over. mamu tells her that they should go home for her walima. Razia pulls the trigger on mamu, claiming it to be her last crime.

Precap: asad in a reprimanding tone, asks zoya how could she leave rashid alone, and that he understands it was important for her to go, but she could have atleast informed him. Zoya says that she did try but didnt get through and was assured by the doctor that rashid wont wake up for a long time. She asks him to come along to the room, as he must be asleep till now. as they move, they hear the sound of a crash on the windshield of the car. They turn around to find rashid lying upside down, with a knife stabbed in his back. They are distraught and shocked beyond their wits.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. This show was best now its my worst I really hate it

    1. Same here. Initially it was my favourite show but ab kunch bhi dikhate hai.l too dont watch it now

  2. Plz KSG back to the show qh.

  3. what the hell is this can any wife kill her husband for her sake.hei i dont like the present hero.ksg was very gud actor

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