Qubool Hai 27th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Qubool Hai 27th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Shashi’s residence
All are shocked, including ahil to see the dead body. Shashi says that some infiltrator tried to kill her, and the person saved her. they are stunned and in shock. They decide to leave. shaashi thinks that if ahil goes out and meets real shaad it would pose problems. Shashi asks ahil to go with fake shaad while saif drops them home. Ahil complies. The fake shaad is sent along with ahil, who finally takes up the real shaad’s place. They go to the hospital, and after confirming shaad’s identity, the doctor hands him the injection. Shaad evily smiles. Ahil proufsely thanks the lord for giving him back his life, and asks if this would work sure shot, and whether it shall destress sanam completely to handle the truth. the doctor assures him

for the same. Shaad congratulates him for his life and his love, and hugs him, evilly smiling.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Eid performance continues, as the eid function is on. Sanam wonders where shaad is, and goes to look out, but the new bride asks where is she going and when she gets to know, she asks her not to leave the function midway as he would soon be back, and she should enjoy the function. she is tensed but complies.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
The real shaad on the bike thinks that before something wrong happens to sanam, he would have to reach. Meanwhile, murtaza thinks that one sanam is liked by shaad and ahil, and decides to capture her himself. Shaad arrives, and rushes in the courtyard, to get inside the house. Just before he can, shashi and saif stop him, at gunpoint, saying that tonight they shall end the game and take him from the backwaings away from the area, jyst when ahil and the fake shaad arrive from opposite directions, but their paths dont cross.

Inside, the cast of Bangistan crib as their characters do, as to who shakes hands and wishes eid to sanam first. sanam says that she shall do the honours to them both, but they both refuse to settle. They then identify themselves, and promote the film and its message. sanam wishes them eid and a successful film turnover. they leave. Just then, instinctively she feels and senses someone’s presence and turns around, just in time, when ahil opens the door and enters himself too. behind him, murtaza in shaad’s face enters and shee baffled looks at them both, as they walk towards her. Ahil thinks that their distance has almost finished now, and they shall be together for life now, while murtaza leeringly eyes sanam, thinking that there’s no certainty of life, and that this small distance shall never be crossed between them till he is alive. She turns her eyes away, frustrated at herself and her new feelings, and rushes inside. ahil tells shaad that this is the perfect time to administer the medicine, but shaad asks him to go to the hilltop, as that would be a perfect place, while he gets sanam there only. In a fit of struggle, the real shaad catches shashi and saif unawares, and frees himself. they all enter into a scuffle, where finally the brother and sister duo overpower him. Shaad then remembers the way sanam destroyed his family, and he gets an adrenaline rush, and gags shashi and then throws her, while she hits her head on the wall, and they both fall unconscious. Shaad meanwhile rushes inside, taking his chance. Eid performances continue. Shaad sees the function and the guests gathered, and then thinks that he saw something, and the fake shaad ducks just in time, and tries to stealthily make his way out of the crowd, while shaad follows him. In her room, sanam wonders why is the lord testing her patience so much, as shecant take it anymore. she says that she promised shaad that she would be just his now and he cant break that promise. sanam is shocked as she finds one shaad after the other entering the house, and storming in. Though tearstricken, She wonders how is this possible. Shaad meanwhile confronts his lookalike, in the room, while he leeringly smiles, he is shocked, as he inspects murtaza, and then asks who is he. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Amidst heavy rainfall, murtaza throws sanam off the hilltop, down the cliff, much to ahil’s shock, horror and despair, as he reaches out to sanam in vain, from the top. he distraughtedly looks down, trying to find sanam’s trace, while murtaza evilly eyes him from behind. Then he gives a shove to ahil too and he falls down the cliff, after sanam.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. What’s wrong with these makers?why r u guys making another leap?when this leap starts I will never watch qubool hai again.this story line already has to much drama.everybody hates this show due to the season 3. Keep this show only about Sahil.i beg you gul khan don’t make another leap cause the show will go off air.please get sanam’s memory back

    1. I agree wadi

    2. If u guys say that this is the last shoot of karanvir what will happen to sanam?sanam will die too.this drama is so confusing!!i am totally lost!!someone pls help!!!

  2. I don’t want the leap to happen!!does karanvir really have to exit?And I thought sanam needs to take revenge against shashi

  3. Truth is that if karanvir and surbhai are staying back in the leap than I am happy because we will see another leap of sahil.But I know that is not going to happen!!please keep karanvir!!we all love him. this track should be about sanam and ahil’ s kids asra and sara growing up and how sanam and ahil will travel to Australia for her anniversary where her kids will find seher who was in coma and how she got married and had 2 boys of her own. there both will learn about her mothers long lost enemy nayi sanam,sanam will then learn new bride kept seher captive once she got out of coma.but that will not happen

    1. Yes another leap n a another crap one story na finish good and them a jump for a next leap i think you shld end this crap and give another TV show to get a chance to be shown i wonder if sanam(surbhi) don’t get fed of nonsense if she don’t then she have plenty faith n Patience to put up with this crap

  4. I like the idea but killerdjohn it’s high hopes because gul khan won’t let that happen and karanvir isn’t staying back but truth is I want karanvir to stay back

  5. This show will go off air if u guys put another leap in august.u guys did three leaps so keep it that way.if u guys want new faces than replace somebody but please don’t replace karanvir and surbhi.do the track that killerdjohn suggested

  6. QuboolNahiHai

    This serial writer has done all his best to seperate d beautiful jodis and killed them mercilessly yaar!!! First Asad-Zoya, follwed by Seher-Rehaan and now our fav Sanam-aahil also!! Sadist!!! This is very bad!!! please #sahilunite

  7. Look I have had as much as I can take! When are ahil and sana going to unite? The junoon moments have lost their passion….sanam has been a better wife to shaad than she has been to aahil….where has the romance gone? And now a 20 year leap???? For god’s sake man enough!!!

  8. Are you serious another leap come on please

  9. Please keep karanvir and surbhai.we love them to.plsss

  10. why all this confusing drama before sanam regains her memory come on writers enough is enough end this crap serial one and for all

  11. could someone explain what leap they are talking about I am lost

  12. I hate this serial…. Dimak ki dahi kr di.. .

  13. hate multiple wives. and dark/stab-in-the-back/greedy…etc., the ‘usual’ stuff. make the new one faked marriage and turn her good (and witchy-stuff free) and bring in the good guy for her. the two sanams thing, including the name! make the new name part of the fake, is messing up the modern, up-beat vibe just that alone. how can there be romance with a third wheel always tripping it up. she should have her own guy with her own version of romance and fun. each couple was always so different on their takes for true love, and fun. it’s cute. do something right already. and please no terrorism…so much in the real world. it’s why i watch tv. to get away for a while, where things work themselves out somehow, maybe little prayer/good-magic/luck/whatever 🙂 )

  14. Bad precap/bad show

  15. I am waiting another leap. But plz don’t change kvb-surbhi pair. Reunit sahil.

  16. Plssss reunite sahil. And i am also waiting next leap. But i didn’t like exit of kvb

  17. Plz dnt wnt any leap .

  18. Qubool hai cast u told us sanam will get her memory in the july 20 spoiler,but that did not happen.now Ur killing both love birds?u guys told us that this scene is the last shoot of karanvir so actually the moment all were waiting for of sahil reuniting is gone.u guys end this show or cancel the leap and let karanvir stay back.u guys list your fans once u announced us about the fourth leap so there is no point in shooting this show.season one was amazing/season 2 was okay once u guys added the season 3 u guys lost Half of your fans.once u guys announced season 4 u lost all your fans.we all want karanvir to stay back so why don’t u please the audience?

  19. If ahil dies what will happen to sanam? She will die too? This drama is so confusing someone pls help!!!

  20. Everybody I think won’t mind the leap but the shocking twist for the fans is that they want karanvir to stay back and sahih united.why don’t u writers please the audience

  21. If u guys say that ahil and sanam will be alive why isn’t he in the leap?people who used to be fans I will tell u that sanam and ahil will be alive but sanam will be a thunder to all who thought of her being dead.and ahil will be like seher,when the last 20 leap came seher went missing now in this leap ahil will be missing.we all had high hopes in sahil reuniting but that will not happen!!!u writers disappointed us!!

  22. Can any qubool hai cast give me the answer to this question? If u guys say ahil will be missing will he come some time in the leap like seher did? So writers sahih are not reuniting and sanam won’t get her memory until the leap?this is so confusing!!in the spoilers u say sanam will get her memory and she will tackle murzuta and shaad will leave but that is not happening!!write in the spoilers what will happen!u guys keep disappointing us.first it was asad and zoya’s death next it was seher and sanam splitting then it was seher’s death and then it was separation of sahil due to sanam’s memory.and before u reunite them Ur killing them off the cliff.the really shocking sadness is karanvir leaving.sorry to say qubool hai cast you gotta change Ur storyline by july 28 episode other wise u lost your fans

  23. Can u stop all this drama!! Tried of watching this nonsense!! Make sanam remember her past, let sanam n ahil be together, while shashi kapoor n new sanam can go to hell!!
    Getting irritated with the plot n its sick twists n turns

  24. I have a feeling the story line will be that sanam will live in another place which is not india and she will change her name(I looked at qubool hai latest news and figured out she will be known as mahira)after a long while of the 2 enemy’s sanam and nayi sanam fight the opposite to mahira will die and sanam will return to india where she will find ahil.if u guys say that karanvir won’t be in the leap please at least him come after 6 or 7 months like alka did.if u won’t reunite Sahil please to it in the leap,maybe next year!!please.u guys did really bad in making another leap!!!i have a feeling qubool hai people will say this is sanam daughter mahira because that is what happened before the previous 20 leap

  25. Everybody is angry on u guys please why don’t u change the whole story and say something like when murtuza shoot ahil he didn’t get killed.u guys please change the story before tonight’s episode!!we all want Sahil.karanvir please stay back.i am begging u karanvir please stay back your fans love u so much they don’t want Sahil sepreated.u writers please keep Sahil united surbhi and karanvir look awesome together.

  26. Everybody is begging u guys why don’t u change everything now?u will be sorry if your fans stop what hung this serial due to the leap and karanvir leaving

  27. Everyone is begging u.please change the storyline.u will be sorry if u loose your fans just because a stupid leap that everybody begged u not to do.karanvir please stay back ur show will loose all the fans.surbhi and karanvir are stars of this show.u make a great duo.that why we watch qubool hai only to see the best Jodi on the show

  28. what is all dis…..bring sanam’s memory back and reunite sahil..
    plzzzzzzzzz….otherwise the show will be boring

  29. im not going to watch this show if karwn dues because I only watch tgis show for surbhi n karan. not karan alone n not surbhi alone. .

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