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Scene 1:
Location: Khan’s residence
Khan begum is dressed and asks gazalla to ensure that nothing goes wrong today. gazalla gives this instruction to latif, who passes it on to saira and bano. later, Akram arrives with his family. Khan begum and anand kumar welcome them, while they taunt that they have a huge family, but were hesitant to bring them here, after the weay they got treated yesterday. Khan begum gets tensed. She vehemently says yes, when asked if they threw the maid out. Akram enters with his family, who his mother proclaims that they brought in only 11 members. gazalla finds that she has brought 12 members instead of 11, some of them burqa clad. One of them is mahira, who is certain that she wouldnt let akram marry and ruin kainat’s life, and shall definitely expose

them infront of kainat and her family. She says that there must be some message, pic or call, that confirms his connection with zohra. finally mahira descends down the stairs, with her friends. Mahira meanwhile stealthily makes her way closer to akram. As the engagement function is on, khan begum says that they should get the rings out. Just then, Mahira meanwhile comes in the disguise of a burqa, and stealthily tries to steal akram’s mobile frm his pocket. But azad draws him away oblivously just at that moment, and she steps back. Anand kumar continues with his dialogue delivery, as a hero, even in his normal routine, and gets emotional saying that he has acted enough, but this is a first time for her. As saira and banio serve food, mahira hungrily takes a plate, joking about it. They think that it felt like Mahira’s voice, and meanwhile, she goes aside and gorges down on food. but in her attempt to eat hungrily, she starts hiccuping. she is given a glass of water, and when she finishes it and turns around to thank the person, she is shocked to find that azad gave her water, and in scare she throws the glass on the ground. she apologises. Azad asks if she is okay. She is scared and doesnt respond. He wonders who is this, and why was she behaving like this. Mahira mingles with the other burqa clad ladies. She wonders what shall he do now. He wonders how to identify, and if he should raise everyone’s burqa. She thinks that he shouldnt even think about that, as he would get bitten badly. Finally, unable to make a choice, he leaves. Mahira makes her way again close to akram and his family. She disguises her voice as akram’s aunt, and fools akram and takes his phone and goes out. he is tensed. meanwhile, she starts surfing through the pics, and finds that it only contains his pics. but while surfing, she comes across something that shocks her. she stealthily, connects it through the USB cable to the big screen. Akram meanwhile begins to look around for the lady who took his phone. He comes to the burqa clad ladies, and asks them about his phone. The aunt that he refers to, vehemently deneis that she didnt take the phone. He is boggled. She denies that he didnt take it. he wonders who took it then. Khan begum and akram’s mother too hear this and are tensed. khan begum rushes to him and says that it must be here only. his mother too asks him not to think about the phone and commence with the engagement ceremony. Akram happily complies, and is about to place the ring, when mahira tries to get the connections properly done. but before she can do that, the phone starts ringing, bringing everyone’s attention, particularly akram’s who identifies it as his ringtone. he says that its his phone. mahira is tensed and scared, as she faces their questioning eyes. His mother asks who is this lady. Azad gets suspicious and moves towards her tensed and angry. Azad eyes her suspiciously and then unveils her. They are angry and shocked to see mahira. Akram’s mother taunts her that she didnt go yet, and that they were being lied to. His mother and akram are tensed, as to what mahira was upto. mahira is embarassed, while khan begum is frustrated. mahira continues to once again say that she knows they are all angry, but asks them to believe that she isnt lying, as akram isnt a nice guy. Khan begum screams at her saying that its enough. Mahira is shocked. others are tensed. khan begum comes and slaps her. she is apalled. Akram and his mother are amused. mahira asks her to continue and hit more, if this is what she wants, but what she has to say, is important as kainat’s lifen is more precious than her self respect. Khan beguma asks how dare she enter the haveli again, as she knows such girls nicely, as they do drama and then demand money to stop. Mahira stands tensed. anand Kumnar decides to call the police, so that they can come and take her. but azad asks him not to do this, as it wont be needed. Azad takes her hand and drags her towards the main door. mahira continues to vehemently plead for them to play on the screen, and just hear her out once. Khan begum is irritated. Akram takes this chance to retrieve the phone. Just when she is about to be thrown out, the video starts playing, where akram along with zohra in his arms, professes that he loves her immensely and shall always keep her happy. Zohar asks how much he loves her. he says that he loves her so much, that he can die for her. they both romance each other. All are shocked and downright embarassed, as they turn around to look at the screen, while mahira stands tensedly. Azad and khan begum are shocked. Just then, a distressed zohra makes her entry from behind mahira, and confronts them all. Mahira tells zohra that its good that she came. all turn to look at mahira, and are shocked. akram and his mother stand flustered and tensed, as he hurriedly disconnects the phone from the screen kainat is distraught. the screen freezes on both the ladies’ faces.

Precap: Azad and amad angrily grab akram, asking how dare he betray their loving little sister. Azad gets angry and says that he shall kill him, and strangulates him intensely, while amad too angrily gives him a blow on his face. kainat meanwhile is composed and supported by khan begum, as she breaks into tears, distraught and apalled. Later in the night, while its getting late in the full moon night, azad finally spots the Blue kajnar flower, in the wilderness of the jungles, and progresses towards it eagerly, to grab it. He is however oblivious that mahira meanwhile too is wandering around in the same area.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  7. can anyone pls pls pls pls say wat hpnd to sanam??? and wat is d relation bw sanam and mahira??

    1. Sanam commited suicide and mahira is reincaranation of sanam

    2. No..mahira is nt sanam reincarnatIon.shez sanams dua.

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