Qubool Hai 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: In the jungles
Sanam is shocked to get up and realises that its all afire around her. She runs away somehow, and catches a car and tells the people everything about her plight. They decide to help her and drive off. The goons continue searching.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While ahil sits tensed, the new bride comes with honeymoon options of paris and singapore, irritating him with her romantic rant, as to how they shall pledge their love. he is frustrated, while she expresses her excitement and plans. She irks him further by taking a selfie with him. Just then, latif comes and announces that someone has come to see her. She leaves to meet them. She is shocked to find that its her mother, and asks whats she doing now. Her mother taunts

that she is here to bless her and the baby. She asks her mother if she has come to ruin her. Her mother says that she taught her black magic, which has brought her fame today. She says that she neednt care about her now, and asks her to leave, and throws her out of the house. Just then, her eyes meet ahil’s. When the new bride turns around, ahil is gone from there. She warns her mother not to ever set foot here again.

Outside, ahil tries to talk to her mother. ahil finds the new bride’s mother, who informs him that she is a witch, who once traps someone, there’s no way out for him. He asks her the way out, while she asks if she would rat out against her own daughter. Ahil is visibly tensed. he wonders where his sanam is while she is rushedly walking across the streets hurrying back to the house.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Meanwhile shashi has a problem with the parcel, while the courier people say that this can only be shipped. She asks them to move it out, as she wont be able to do so hesrelf, being alone, and get it shipped instead. They find that its wet. They refuse to deliver a wet package. After they leave, she is frustrated, shashi wonders what to do now. She drags the parcel, and finds its light, and suddenly realises that an unconscious and wet misbah has fallen out from the other end. She is shocked.

Later, shaad gets aftab’s info that he shall find out about those officials. Shaad is tensed for jannat’s saafety and how he wont be able to forgive himself if anything happens to her. As he comes down, he is oblivious that shashi is dragging misbah away. Misbah sees him and tries to speak, but shashi shuts her. Shaad comes and notices the wet floor, and shashi makes an excuse. Misbah, behind the sofa, tries to raise her hand and warn him, but he doesnt notice and leaves. She finds misbah unconscious and then leaves to make arrangements for her. Just then jannat comes in and finds misbah and raises a huge scream that gets everyone down. Aftab is shocked as he finds wazira going berserk and distraught at how she finally found the real misbah. Jannat is apalled and overwhelmed to see her like this, whereas aftab is boggled as to whats happening. She leaves to go to call shaad. but stops midway. Shashi has her gun aimed at her, while sanam is shocked, and others too are stupefied. The screen freezes on sanam’s shocked face.

Precap: Shashi kapor comes and stands in front of everyone, finally revealing her true identity and shocking everyone. Meanwhile, saif comes and like a puppy love, affected victim, he falls for the new bride who has just callously used him. she however asks him to get ready for the engagement with nazia, the ring for which also she shall choose. She leaves. he thinks that he shall het the ring and also make her only wear it.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. sabeera sheikh

    lol this is ridiculous. this show used to be so good, move very fast because there was an actual plotline to follow. now they’re just running in circles trying to build TRPs

  2. I’m fed up with this story line. Over the weekend I saw few episodes of old QH1 from beginning and actually remember why I loved this show that much. Every single episode was well performed and directed with unique plot line, I loved it the most. QH2 got somewhat ok with SurVir. But now it’s not making sense at all. One day they show something and next day totally opposite. This is the waste of time and ttalent of Surbhi and KVB…

  3. Hey I so agree Roma
    I really loved da old qubool hai episdes and have began watching dem over and over on YouTube
    U know even after asad and zoyas death I was sad but I was kinda okay and den happy at beginning of sanam and ahil wen dey frst meet n everything but now I donno da show disgusts me

  4. Poor Ahil, he decided to stay with the show for his fans as they had petitioned for him not to leave. They were probably hoping to see the story revert back to the actual original script of Qubool Hai, love/fun/a bit of mishap between Ahil and Sanam, but still light hearted and entertaing to keep the show going. Unfortunately, he is now stuck in this dumb plot or Pakistan drama on one side and witchcraft on the other…it just doesn’t make sense anymore…half the people just drop out of the show totally. They could have had some kind of story that linked the old cast back to the new generation to make it interesting, like Sanam’s uncle and aunts. Apart from Azad, Zoya and Haya’s mom, I don’t think Tanveer killed everyone…so they are alive somewhere

  5. Yeah they need to bring imraan and his family nikhat and shireen and nuzat ayan as well and not to forget humairah haider and der baby
    Let’s just hope that wen sanam 2 dies dey don’t go on making her child a witch or villian

  6. This is crap gone from bad to worse someone should take the script of this show and burn it up

  7. A surprising shock will be when one of ahil’s office teammate tells ahil that sanam is in Pakistan.he will go tell sanam2 that he is going for a business trip.just as he is about to go and tell sanam2 about the trip.he hears sanam2 saying that she gave money to saif to make her pregnant.he will get so angry at her he plans to deal with her after he gets sanam.sanam gets her memory but is sad that ahil isn’t with her.she gets a severe head ache and goes to the doctor where she finds out she is pregnant.she hides this from shad because she is angry at him for calling her crazy and mad ahil goes to Pakistan and sees sanam they both meet and sanam tells him that she is pregnant the twist comes where misbah will be trapped and ahil and sanam will reach her.in pain she says save shad,but sanam refuses to do so.instead of sanam saving shad it will be ahil.outside everybody gets tensed to see shad in this state.shaad in pain says jannat also got mad and left me.just then ahil will throw a rock at misbah making her drop the gun.he says how told u that my wife left? Sanam and misbah make an apprence and all of shad’s family is shocked to find out that sanam regained her memory

  8. I like laina’s idea.ahil and sanam go back to india where she learns that ahil was lying to her earlier about going on a business trip.she gets frustrated and calls the police.unknowingly sanam cousin arrives at her house when he learns that sanam2 what’s to punish his cousins husband he orders all the police and reporters to leave from there leaving sanam2 shocked.sanam2 really gets pregnant but both,ahil and sanam refuse to believe it..ahil and sanam tell nazim the truth and both beg to her for help.at the end she agrees to help.sanam2 gets angry at both of them and she tells saif to break there relation.fake misbah comes to india to take revenge.she acts like an old lady and enters Ibrahim mansion,where she promises snam2 that she will breaks sanam and ahil relationship.saif sanam2 misbah finally break there relation by stealing ahil’s watch he gets angry at sanam and throws a glass at sanam making the small pieces land in her hand.she winces in pain but ahil says stop exagrating he later tells nazia,don’t her sanam.a week passes and sanam pain has not gone yet.sanam us sleeping in the middle of the night and ahil is awake doing his work.he touches sanam blood unknowingly.when he takes his hand he sees blood leaving ahil in a crying state.he rushes to the hospital with her where he asks sorry from her.sanam2 misbah and asif get so angry that there plan flopped.the last month of sanam’s pregnancy the three plan to deprecate ahil and sanam forever.sanam2 lies to ahil about sanam where ahil takes it seriously and he tells sanam to get out of my house he throws sanam out of the house,nazia on the other hand try’s to back up sanam but ahil also throws her out.one week later ahil learns the truth and he try’s to find sanam and nazia but in vain.he sees nazia car in front of the hospital and he rushes inside he hears nazia talking to somebody about sanam’s delivery and gets scared.sanam delivers a baby girl named asra and ahil tells her that she can only be a servant.little did sanam know that the only reason for ahil bringing her back to the house was to apologize not to make her a servent.ahil says sorry to sanam and they patch up.sanam’s cousins wedding is happening and her cousins call her home.both are shocked to learn that the day saman,sanam’s cousins and her husband are going on a honeymoon is actually the day of there anniversary.all plan a family trip.making sanam and ahil closer and misbah sanam2 and asif jelous

  9. I like the idea

  10. Who’s child is it because ahil and sanam never consumate their wedding

  11. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    I want asya track bck cant tolerate dus childish track eww

  12. quboolhai SurVir

    hey vishant they consummated but the scene was not shown fully because there were many probs in there life the consummation was done a day before all the drama of pak etc starts

    1. If Sanam will get pregnant with Aahil, then this is very disappointing that director and production house cut the most awaited SaHil’s consummation scene in the past episodes…..

  13. Quboolhai survir r u surbhai,karanvir or r u a qubool hai member?

  14. I have never seen so much shit like qubool hai come on writers LOL

  15. These writer does bring some scenes what u never see before like with the child now never really saw them consumes they married but she pregnant is it funny

  16. hah hah hah…lollllzzzz….

  17. best idea they shud follow dis soonnnnnnnn

  18. shaad and sanam are good pair and i just hate new sanam

  19. Guys take it the qubool hai way if dey show jannat aka sanam pregnant then they’ll create commotion dat is da child ahils or shaads?

  20. Dey showing like sanam2 is pregs with saifs child but den again she’s a witch she probably did some black magic mantr to show she’s pregs

  21. Where is 28 April Wu 👿 ? 😡

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