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Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
mahira is tensed for armaan’s health. She raises her hands to pray, while he is being treated inside. the doctors finally come out and tell her that they have saved him and the operation is successful, and now he just needs to rest and after sometime they might discharge him too, and she can meet him. she is relieved. She goes inside. She turns and finds his hand dangling down the bed and lifts his hand and caresses him lovingly. she then eyes the monitor. She is in deep tears and begins to go. mahira tries to walk away from armaan’s bed, but finds her dupatta stuck in his bed. She turns and untangles it. she turns but then hesitates again as she sees the wound on the heart and then pulls the sheet away to see it, crying at her dilemma. she is unable

to do it. She wonders whats she doing, and then assures herself that this is wrong, and then questions herself, that if its wrong, then why doesnt it feel like it. then she wonders if its due to azad’s heart, as she remembers her moments with azad. She is distraught as she is in a dilemma. she comes close and places her ears right on his chest, just like she did with azad, and that very moment, he opens his eyes, and she retreats back reflexively. He eyes her, while she turns and goes.

Scene 2:
Location: Picnic Spot
begum comes searching for Imtiaz and finds some drunkards sitting there, who leeringly talk to her, but she shoves them away. She is tensed at not finding imtiaz. begum finally finds him asleep under the bench. She rushes to him and wakes him up, and oulls him out of the bench. She asks whats he doing here. he reminds her of the game. She asks him to come home. he is too excited to win, and demands for an icecream, and she complies. she asks him to come home.

Scene 3:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Imtiaz rants and tantrums that he needs an omelette. Begum frustratedly mixes red chilli in his omelette, irritated at his desires, and serves it to him, amusingly, while he is happy. But just then, he sees armaan’s mother on the door, and rushes to him, while begum is tensed. imtiaz hugs her and she blesses him. ehsaan’s mother comes and seeks blessings too. She eyes begum tensedly. Ehsaan comes and welcomes her inside. granny asks whats mahira’s mother in law doing here. he says that she is tired, and should come in, after which he shall tell everything. Imtiaz says that she is his new mother, and granny is shocked to hear this. ehsaan says that she is his fiancee, and that everything happened so fast that they couldnt inform her. granny says that it isnt a relation just because he put a ring on her, as she is much in age than him, and someone’s mother in law. granny says that she had gone for Haj, and not died, and asks how couldnt they wait. he says that thats why they postponed marriage. granny says that it shall not happen, as she shall never comply to this relation. all are tensed. he asks her to come inside atleast. She says that for the first time, she hesitates, thinking that she doesnt feel needed here anymore. He begs her to come in please. she says that she shall set foot, only when this woman is out of the house. begum is shocked and others too. Granny says that either she stays here or begum. All are tensed.

In his room, ehsaan tells begum not to do so, as she is busy packing her stuff, saying that she cant stay here, since granny clearly doesnt want her to. she says that she is okay, being lonely and in solitude once again. he says that he shall try and talk to granny, but she says that it wont do any good, as she is adamant on her decision, and she cant enforce herself on this house. She emotionally blackmails him that she is destined to be stranded by her edar ones, first her husband, then armaan and now him. She says that now she is habituated to all this.

Outside, his mother tells granny to have water atleast or some food, as she stays outside. Granny says that she wont even drink water till begum is out of the house. she says that she has no clue, how can they all agree to begum, just because she looks like tarana, but dont understand as to how she is his mother’s age, and a mother in law. His mother tries to explain that she has no clue how happy he is, and he doesnt need his medications, and imtiaz is all gaga for her. She asks her to give it a thought atleast and hopes her arrogance, doesnt pull her back into darkness.

Inside, Begum is about to step, out, when granny comes with his mother and asks her to stop. Ehsaan is tensed. granny says that they all wish and want this woman to stay here then she shall have to stay in another room. He starts to speak, when granny says that no woman can stay in the same room with her husband, before marriage. She says that now she shall have to get them married too fast or else what would the people say. all are overjoyed, while begum is shocked. Begum thinks that before she interferes in any other work, she shall have to get rid of this lady. Granny thinks that many a times, when things are strtched, then relations strengthen, and if she had thrown her out today, the relationship would have grown stronger. She says that now if she stays here, it would be easy for her to expose begum, and that she shall see to it that she shall get out of this house.

Scene 4:
Location: Graveyard
mahira comes beisde azad’s grave and says that when things becoms ununderstandable, it should be left to the heart to decide. she says that she has hated armaan from the go, but whatever he is doing for her, after seeing all that, her hatred stands weak in front of his love and the corner thats secure for him, is no opening upto armaan too. She says that she felt this is happening due to azad’s heart beating inside him, as he had place only for her, and asks if its the heart thats beckoning to her. she says that she doesnt understand anything, and says that she feels she cant distinguish the right from wrong, and isnt able to understand that if she cant forget him, then how can she be linked to him, and if he stands at the place that azad was, then she needs a signal from him, or else she wont be able to make a decision. Just then, the winds start blowing, and she rushes away from there, and takes shelter in the bushes. She is surprised as she sees armaan by the grave, placing a rose beside hers. she wonders what this means. Armaan comes beside azad’s grave. He tells azad, that he has never met him, but feels he knows him, maybe due to the heart, that beats in his heart. He says that he should address him as brother, but that are related as their mother is the same, who he has forgiven and hopes happiness for her, even though forgiving her after what she did, wasnt easy. He adds that she brought his younger brother after that, whose heart gave his life. he tells that mahira is his love and he wont be able to live without her. he says that he knows how much he loved mahira in his heart and thats still there and shall always be. Mahira is surprised to hear this. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: mahira gives armaan medicines on time. he asks how she knows the schedule of his medicines. She says that when someone cares for someone for the whole night, they get to know the meds routine. she turns to go, but he stops her, and turns her around, holding her hand. He asks what if he demands for care more than one night. she is puzzled and boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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