Qubool Hai 26th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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Part 1

Sanam is in tears and is lost. A drunk man is closing in on Sanam. He grabs her by the shoulder. She panics. She asks him who he is and why misbehaving with her. He says havent started my misbehaviour. Sanam slaps him. He grabs Sanam and starts to manhandle her. She tries to run from him but he grabs her and pins her to a wall. He tries to close in on her when someone grabs him by his head. Its Ahil who glares at him and hits him hard. Sanam is in tears. Ahil looks at her. The man gets up and attacks Ahil but Ahil blocks him in time. Ahil punches him hard. Ahil opens his vest coat and puts on Sanam. She clings on to it. The man again tries to get up to attack them but Ahil beats him up. He fumes on him for trying to touch HIS SANAM. Sanam is shocked and looks up confused at him. She recollects

Ahil confessing his love for her at the tribal village. She is confused. Sanam notices a photo lying on the floor. She gets up to look at it but passes out before she can look at the pic. Ahil holds her in time. He tells her to open his eyes and says nothing can happen to you. I love you. Shaad comes there and is shocked to hear Ahil. He is furious looking at Sanam in Ahils arm. Shaad self thought how dare Ahil touch my Jannat. He takes out his gun and points at Ahil. Right then the photo lying on the floor falls by Shaads side and he notices it. Its a pic of Ahil-Sanam. He moves his gun away. He looks at the pic of Sahil. Ahil tells Sanam to open his eyes and telling her that she cant leave HER Ahil. Shaad is speechless. He recollects Sanam calling him as Ahil during her stay in Pakistan. Ahil looks up and calls out for help. Shaad is standing behind the wall with a broken heart. Ahil keeps calling for help. He picks her up in his arms and takes her downstairs. Shaad watches quietly. He recollects all the moments with Sanam, meeting her, falling in love with her. He is in tears.

Razia squeezes Shashi Kapoors throat and says i dont spare an ant who tries to fly. If you forgot to breathe, i did get u a second chance but u forgot my mission. Who will give u second chance. She tells Shashi Kapoor that your life is my gift to you. Shashi Kapoor says you have no idea of my bond to that Haveli. Razia says well you dunno my relation with that haveli. Your trying to tell me that your mom is Tanveer, the Begum and you wanna avenge her death from Ahil. Shashi Kapoor fumes on her for lying to her all along.

Part 2

Shashi Kapoor takes out a gun to fire on Razia but Saif tries to stop her. She pushes Saif away. Razia stays calm and says when the protegee points gun to the teachers head, you should know your training is complete. Well fire the gun at me. Go ahead. But remember that the person your pointing gun at is the reason why you are alive today. Your mom din love you and so sold you off. I saved you from a life of prostitution. Gave you money and the work. [Show flashback of Sir Juda aka Razia making offer to Shashi Kapoor] She tells Shashi Kapoor whatever respect and power she has is coz of Sir Juda.

Shaad is completely devastated. He is walking in tears thru the alley of the mansion as winds blow. He recollects how Sanam unconsciously too remembered all of Ahils like or dislikes.

Part 3

Ahil rubs Sanams palm and begs her to open her eyes and apologizes for keeping her away from her love, from him. He begs her not to leave him and go. He begs her to open his eyes. Ahil feels Sanams hand move and he thanks Allah. Right then Shaad comes. Shaad looks blankly at Sanam. Shaad says tried your cell for so long, where were you. Well your Jannat is not well. Called the Doc. Shaad asks Ahil to wear his jacket. Ahil asks Shaad what is he talking about. Shaad insists. Ahil fumes for not being sensitive to Sanam. Shaad insists. Ahil puts the jacket on, it fits perfectly. Shaad breaks down. He recollects the tailor saying how he stiched the suit to the prefect measurements. Shaad says perfect fit. Apple pie is your fave. Sanam knows where the salt is in this house. Knows about your allergy. About your likes and dislikes. Well only someone our own know these things. Then how come two strangers would share such kind of bond. Ahil looks at Shaad.

Precap — Shaad tells Ahil i love her deeply. I wanna see her happy. I know that my Jannats happiness is in you. Ahil hugs Shaad. Shaad looks at an unconscious Sanam with a broken heart.

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. Awww thats so sweet of Shaad. Well i hope this aint his plan :/
    And i hope Seher be found and make a couple with Shaad. This is what happened to Rehaan though. He loved sanam and then ahil married her, and later Seher came into his life.
    But how come razia is back??? Dint she die?? :O

  2. omg….i can’t wait for aahil and sanam to finally be together, i hope no more drama for now,,,plezz..

  3. lovable princess

    today’s episode is just wow.. mindbowing sahil.. ab sanam ki memory v bapas aah jati to aur maja aah jati dekhne mein.

  4. life rules I was saying the same thing I remember that razia was electrocuted when she was thrown on the wires she was DED DED DED now all of a sudden she has come back to life what stupidness is this writers stop taking big people for asses come on toooo many shit in these serials and the thing about it is that you start one storyline and jump to another without even solving the problems in the first storyline come on you take people for fools stop these shit scripts now tooooooooooo much merry go round frustration to the highest

  5. phew! finally i see sm lyt in this show

  6. Awwww so sweet 🙂 but wil sanam accpt all dese ???

  7. =\ 😐

  8. so sweet.but will sanam accept all these???? I,m so proud of shaad.unite sanam and ahil. fast plzzzz

  9. This story has dragged for too long thats why the writters are forgetting some things they said in the past. Its just going round in circles so please end it with no more dramas please

  10. My God. Razia toh marr gayi thi naaa :/ ab kahan se tapak pari??? That’s strange. ….. hmmm… and pls pls pls plsss bring Seher back!!!! And Seher & Shaad should get come together! ! Please, that would be so cool. Seher deserves it! To be in love again. With someone.

  11. Well said…i was totaly cnfused wen i saw razia bi…how cum she is ZINDA….tanveer herself cnfirmd her death..n nw dead character cuming to lyf again….circles circles circles…nd i thnk ths story is nt of love bt of revenge..cz evry nw nd den ppl r bcuming enemies…writers r nt cncentratng on a single plot…if dead ppl cumback to lyf y nt a missing persn..?????

  12. What nonsense! razia came back?

  13. WoW Good job shaad..writters atleast now reunite sahil nd unite shaad nd seher too 😀

  14. what story no proper planning what about sanam sister that track left uncompleted even in past same what is this all so messed up

  15. but still love the serial only because of ahil and sanam pls don’t drag can’t wait to c them together

  16. Wow sahil reunit.Saad i realy proud of u.Gul plz unite saad-seher.I eagerly waiting seher’s arrivel

  17. yeh kya razia ki aatma hai ya uski koi beti pehda ho gayi

  18. In which century will sanam gain her memory back?. …………………..and the old enemy’s are coming back ? wth , these films are only about enemies there are no happiness in these stupid films

  19. memory is back

  20. oldest enemy come back and revenj in sanam and ahil????

  21. sanam and ahil very strong and win this matter

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