Qubool Hai 26th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 26th July 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 26th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Dilshad says that she didnt know they were perpetrating a betrayer, and is shocked that she tried to kill zoya. tanveer is speechless, as dilshad says that they thought of her as a daughter, and asad’s best friend, and this is how she repayed. she curses tanveer seriously. She is about to hit her, but asad stops her hand, as zoya and nazma are shocked, saying that if we throw pebble in dirt, you stain yourselves. He says that he has been taught to treat the enemy too with respect. Asad gives some money to tanveer for the child, and asks her to go, and bear the fruits of her sin. Tanveer asks to be given one more chance. Asad asks what chance does she want, to break his trust, or to kill zoya. Asad confronts tanveer that she tried to kill zoya, and

had this not been the pious month of Ramzaan, he would have killed her. Throwing off the table in anger, he asks her to leave the house and his sight rightaway. Tanveer eyes zoya with venom in her eyes, while zoya is relieved to have finally brought out the truth in front of asad.

As tanveer is leaving, zoya calls her and says that she’s forgetting something. She gives her stuff to tanveer, and says that she doesnt want any of her stuff to be in this house, and doesnt ask her to turn back when she leaves, as she wont like if she even casts her glance at this house. Zoya gives her the number of the Orphanage,. where she was, so that she can penance for her sins, in the month of Ramzaan. She taunts her too, that this happened in ramzaan. tanveer says that she would have to payt a huge price as she would never know who is her father, as she would take this secret to her gave. zoya says that nothing happens by person’s choice, as her traps fell apart even after all attempts of her to seperate her from asad, and a family like dilshad and nazma, and if god wants, she would find her father too, as he’s the supreme power. Tanveer is disturbed. She leaves, but turns around yet, looking at zoya while she closes the gates on her face.

Zoya tells asad that its always better to forget the past that gives pain. She says that she too wants to put it behind her and move on. (MITWA) Asad is overwhelmed to have zoya back in his life.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan is shocked to see Vikram shukla. Humaira comes rushing to him, and is overwhelmed with happiness, while others are baffled. She is pleased that he came finally after such a long wait. she grows aware of ayan and is ad, but vikram diverts her mind, by hugging her and she is pleased. ayan tries to stop her, but rashid stops him instead. Humaira asks where had he gone. He says that he couldnt come given the circumstances. Ayan is frustrated. Vikram asks her to go and get ready, and get her stuff too, while he thankls them for their help. She rushes inside to get her bags. As vikram thanks them, ayan asks who is he and why is he here. as vikram explains, ayan gives humaira’s introduction. They try to stop ayan, but he is disbelieving the fact that Humaira is Rajni. rashid asks why is Humaira accepting vikram if he’s lying. Ayan says its because she considers herself as rajni. Mamujaan asks vikram what proof does he have of his statement. Vikram is speechless, but ayan asks him to give the proof. Vikram says that he didnt know he would have to prove his marriage with Rajni, and goes on to show their marriage pic, seeing which they are all stunned, as it indeed is Humaira’s lookalike.

Humaira/ Rajni comes down with her bags, excited and looking forward to go with vikram. They are all stunned to see her like that.

razia tells mamujaan in her room, that sometimes she too feels that this isnt their humaira, the way she’s excited to go with vikram. Rashid says that they should investigate completely. Shirin too agrees. rashid suggests for a background check on vikram. Ayan is not willing to agree, but mamujaan asks him not to be emotional, as its a crime to keep an adult without her permission. razia also reminds of the doctor’s risk, if they remind her of humaira. nikhat comes and says that rajni is ready to leave with vikram. ayan is super angry and says that she’s not rajni and their humaira. they rush out to see whats happening.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad promises zoya that he would always keep her happy. zoya teases him that this might be difficult. Asad says that he lieks taking difficult jobs. Zoya says that she would give a complete wish list. Asad says that he would fulfill every wish. Zoya says that they shall see that in due time. Asad says that he has just one wish. When zoya asks what, Asad holds her hand and asks zoya if she would marry him, and spend her entire life with him, and never leave him. Zoya gets emotional and she says that she promises that she would never let go by his side, and always be with him, as for her marriage is a promise, that if she does once, would maintain her whole life. asad is overwhelmed. (MITWA) The screen freezes on their romantic eyegaze.

Precap: Asad says that he cant believe all this, and feels that this is all a dream, that would break any minute that he opens his eyes. Zoya assures him that this isnt a dream, but their long cherished dream which has finally become their reality. Ayan asks nikhat where is humaira. nikhat hesitatingly tells him that she’s with vikram in the guest house. In the guest house, vikram tries to be romantically intimate with rajni/ humaira, and she is at discomfort but yet pretends to put on a happy smile. She is surprised and leaves vikram’s embrace, as she sees ayan in their room, who’s equally surprised to see her with vikram.


Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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