Qubool Hai 26th February 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: The doll factory
Tanveer aims the pistol at her, while she is scared. meanwhile, ahil and the nawab break free from the bondages finally, and then rushes out to the door. Sanam from the other end, is relieved that ahil is alive. he asks her to open the door anyhow, relieved that she is safe. She asks him not to be scared as she is opening the door.

Meanwhile, tanveer pulls the trigger, and seher feels the heat and falls on the floor. she thinks that with her done, now its her sister’s turn. She turns around to find sanam trying to open the door, and pulls the trigger at her too. but sanam evades, and a hole in the door is drilled through the pistol. They try to break it open. Sanam rushes out, and finds herself trapped in the factory. as she turns around,

she again finds tanveer aiming the pistol at her, saying that she has evaded enough and tortured her enough. She says that even god wants the daughters of her greatest enemy, are destined to be killed by her. She tells merilessly how she killed seher, and that now its her turn, and she shall die a worse death than her own mother. sanam is emotionally distraught. She stands stunned, as tanveer gets ready to pull the trigger. but before that, a stone comes and the gun falls away from her hands, and she is shocked. sanam turns in the direction, and finds seher standing there. Sanam picks the gun. seher asks tanveer how is she shocked, to see her alive, after her attempt at having killed her. she says that she was saved by the power of truth, that overpowered her lies and hatred. she tells how she woke up, after having collapsed on the floor, and finding that the bullet went through the taveez that was there around her neck. tanveer goes and pushes seher, and she falls on the fllor. while seher recovers, sanam screams at tanveer. the sisters recall their promise made to dilshad. Sanam begins to progress towards tanveer. She stands in front of her, and slaps her tight across her face, saying that she has talen advantage of her and her helplessness enough, as she is neither helpless nor weak, and asks tanveer to stop it now. Sanam wrenches her hand, as tanveer winces in pain. sanam recalls all the torture that she had put ahil and sanam through. She lets go of her hand, and tanveer crushes her head against the wall, causing an injury. sanam then recalls what she did to rehaan, while tanveer asks her continuously to let her go. Seher is shocked to see such ferocity in seher. Sanam grabs tanveer by the hand, asking even if she realises how many lives she ruined and spoiled, as she recounts the massacre that she did with her and ahil’s family. she continues to pelt tanveer with one wound after the other, while she gags for breath. seher gets emotional seeing such an outburst from sanam. She is shocked, to see sanam standing in front of tanveer, with the pistol for the first time, aimed at tanveer, saying that she would free her from her life today, so that she cant ruin anyone’s life ever again, and she would have to pay for her sins, by dying today. Ahil comes in the middle, and begs sanam to save her. sanam keeps protesting, while ahil tries to emotionally and physically overpower her. He says that he doesnt want sanam to turn bad to kill bad. Tanveer gets up frustrated. Seher and the nawab are tensed. Sanam is shocked, as ahil says that even if she never thought like that, but she is his mother after all, and that he doesnt want her to stain her hands with someone else’s blood. sanam bursts into uncontrollable tears having an emotional outburst. Nawab asks tanveer to thank the lord, that she got saved due to ahil today, or else he had just one hope to see her die. tanveer is frustrated. Ahil composes her in his arms, while she is crying.

Ahil, nawab along with seher and sanam, walk out, oblivious that tanveer creeps from behind, with ahil and sanam eyeing each other emotionally. tanveer stealthily comes and sets the cannon ball to fire, aiming it at the four of them, thinking that till she is alive, she would win and sanam would lose, and this shall be her biggest and the most deadly victory so far. But she is boggled, to find the cannon ball changing its direction, and moving away from its aim. She is shocked to see zoya’s apparition standing before her, with an aura around her, of bright light. Zoya says that she never did and shall never understand that one day evil shall definitely be over. tanveer is stunned. they both see ahil caressing sanam. The apparition vanishes, and tanveer scaringly eyes the cannon ball burning alight. Finally, the cannon ball sets off, and explodes the building on which it was aimed, shattering the whole factory. ahil, sanam and seher too feel the impact, which causes tanveer’s head too to hit against the cannon machine. As ahil, seher, the Nawab and sanam turn around, they are shocked, to find tanveer on the floor, with a massive head injury. Ahil screams out for his mother, while tanveer winces in pain, as blood gushes out from the head. sanam and seher watch in shock, as tanveer clutches at her head. The screen freezes on tanveer’s face.

Precap: As tanveer lies dying in ahil’s arms, she says that her daughter shall avenge her death. Just then, somewhere her daughter is shown to be getting ready, in a brothel like atmosphere. meanwhile, Ahil tells the new bride, that she knows very well, they would never have a husband and wife relation, and hence its better that she leaves very far away. the new bride is tensed and distraught. Later, sanam tells ahil that love shall correct everything, and they can solve the biggest problems together. She assures him, and he says that they shall never be apart till the end of time.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. plz updare fast

    1. Good episode at last tanveer got what she deserved.


    2. can someone preach and make tanveer her repent because she has just 1 hour to live.

  2. Ah finally something good and great is happening in the serial…

  3. pls be fast with the update.

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  5. Even in her last dying moments she didn’t feel guilty. What Is Wrong With Her?!!! Still an amazing acting tanveers character has!

  6. Thanks to the writers they heard us ATLAST

  7. hope they also get to knw d b.magic of new bride and thrw her out by not waiting 4 tanveer daughter to patch wid new bride by ploting aganst d rest and agan d same old revenge story gona start vch is not worth watching agan

  8. Hmm…the next evil in the serial is tanveer’s daughter….no doubt that she will be more devilish than her mother…I expect that it would be another candidate rather than d same tanveer as her daughter

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  10. Will this story never come to an end?? First, tanveer wanted to kill ahil for his money, now tanveers daughter will come?? Plz give them a happy ending. ……. end of story

  11. Nice episode, glad Seher is alive, plz bring Rehan back and send them together to Dubai to live happily forever. Get rid of Sanam 2 also …

  12. Thank you for giving tanveer a great blow . She must know the feeling of loosing . I am criticising the character only not the actress. Anyway i think that the.story must end otherwise i wont be studying for my exams

    1. qubool hai ure so funny u mean u wont b studing for ur exams bcos of qh ha ha ha me too

  13. At last tanveers end came update fast

  14. I’m just hoping Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta) isn’t the same person playing her daughter she’s a great actress but i think it will be tiredsome and rather annoying to see her again portraying the same evil role…writers need to give another actress a chance at their career if so be the case i won’t be watching anymore

  15. Dear story writer,
    1)Where r nazia aand shazia (ahils sisters) ?
    2) where is azhar and aasma ? ( kala kalu’s betabeta and honewali b bahu)
    3)where is badi begum ? ( ahils grandmother)

  16. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu


  17. I am extremely happy with this episode.Tanveer is finished.finished,finished.Good because evil cannot prevail over good no matter what happens.She was so evil her body should be thrown to the wild animals.This is what she deserves.WOW.Let me see what the writers are going to bring now.Good episode!

  18. nana khadeejah

    Story writer seher and sanam should sa y what is on their minds about tanveer and is it true that nawab was not killed at all

  19. Loved zoya’s entry

  20. Luv u SURBHI 🙂 :*

  21. Loved the episode very ncyly written

  22. Loved Zoya’s entry.. was very emotional 🙂

  23. Sanam 2 Shd b thrwn out Widout ado…
    Den it wd b wrth watchin

  24. Glad the evil tanveer is out n gone. Pls bring back rehaan and please end this drama on a happy note by getting sanam n ahli,and seher n rehaan married and together. I feel this drama should end now no need to bring tanveer’s daughter in

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