Qubool Hai 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 26th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad is sitting by the fire in the garden, when zoya gets coffee for him and sees him upset like that. She breaks into her impromptu poetry to cheer him up:

Aap ki hansi ne odha hai gum ka libaas,
Jab pankaj nahi hai aap, to kyu hain udaas.

She offers him coffee. When he refuses the coffee, zoya tries to cheer him up saying, that there are two ways of living life, first if they let the sadness overpower happiness, or with the happiness, decide to struggle with life’s sadness, as it may not solve the problem but definitely give courage to face it.(MITWA MOMENT) Just then, the fire aggravates, which upsets zoya reminding her of her past memories. She throws away the coffe, feeling very distraught and leaves from there.

Asad is confused at this behaviour.

Dilshad gets shirin’s call, who doesnt say anything, but dilshad recognizes her silence at which shirin breaks down.

Zoya gets nightmares of her as a child screaming out to be saved from the fire. Nazma, dilshad and asad come to her room, and try to calm her down. dilshad says that earlier also she had nightmares like these and asks the reason. Zoya avoids to talk about it. dilshad respects her descision but asks her to come to them if she needs anything. Asad remembers her strange behaviour earlier.

Asad gets coffee for zoya, who’s sitting in the lawn, saying that he had an extra difficulty making her sweet coffee compared to the black one that she has to make for him. Asad gives the same advice to zoya that she had given him earlier. He asks her to share this with somone to relieve her heart. (MITWA MOMENT) She tells asad that she’s been having nightmares since she was a kid, about being trapped in a building on fire, and thats the reason she behaved like this earlier, as she’s scared of fire. When he asks if he’s been through something similar, she sys that she doesnt remember. When he asks if her parents told her anything, she tells that she has always been alone, as her mother left her when she was just a kid, and that she never met her father, and just 2 years back she got to know that her father is alive and in bhopal. She says that she doesnt know if her father would accept him, if he sees her now. She also tells that she doesnt remember her mother too clearly, as nobody ever told her anything about her mother. Asad remembers how he had tore off the paper with the contacts when he was angry at zoya. She says that she doesnt even know where her mother is buried to be able to grieve. she says that she has never shared iut with anyone, as she never felt she could, but today she did with him, since she felt he would understand. He recahes out his hand to hold her by the shoulder, but then refrains.(MITWA MOMENT)He leaves from there. She turns around to find him gone. Zoya is confused, as to how could asad do this, when she’s sharing her pain with him.

The next morning, asad asks about dilshad having done her breakfast, from nazma, who says yes. Zoya comes and deliberately ignores asad, and just wishes nazma. Asad asks zoya to pass the salt. she gives it to nazma and asks her to pass it to asad. Nazma is confused at this. Asad, nevertheless says thanks. He eats and leaves. Nazma tells zoya that there’s a religious meet and that they have lots of arrangements to do. She tells zoya to tell asad also about this, as she has important calls to make.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia says that they are safe till the identity of the lady who was murdered that night in the doll factory doesnt come out. Mamu expresses doubts about the doll that dilshad says is an improtant piece of evidence. razia says that dealing with dilshad wont be an issue before she reaches the court. She tells her not to take it lightly as it must be their voices only that would have been recorded in the doll, talking about the identity of that lady, who they had killed.

The next morning, haseena comes to razia pretending to be very hurt at the fact that rashid has been arrested. Razia asks her to stop the drama and tell her the real reason of her visit. Haseena asks what would happen to her prestige if the relatives come to know of this. Razia retorts saying that she should call off the relation then, and leave the car keys. Haseena immediately changes her attitude and tells her that she has to go with her sister in law, to a ritual in somebody’s home who she personally knows. Razia is surprised to know that it is actually dilshad’s house where haseena is going.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s and ayan’s residence
Asad tries to talk to ayan, but he refuses to talk to him, remembering what asad had told him and cancels the phone. Ayan throws away the phone. He then gets an SMS from asad which asks ayan to meet him. He wonders why asad wants to meet him now.

As asad finds zoya on the door, he asks why doesnt she ever bother to knock. She retorts back saying that he should keep the door locked if he wants it to be knocked. He asks her whats wrong with her, that she is behving like this with him. She instead asks whats wrong with him as he’s always finding fault with everyone. Then he is snubbed off by zoya too who reprimands him for being emotionally challenged and cant feel anything. She sys that she hadnt shared her life’s secret with anyone, as she thought he would understand, but instead he just walked off. She says thats because he doesnt have a chest on his stone, which asad carefully reminds that its wrong and that the correct thing to say is that he doesnt have a heart in his chest. He is again rebuked for finding faults in everyone, with zoya saying that he might find fault with everyone, but never stopped to wonder that he might be the problem. As asad tries to talk, but zoya asks him not to make the effort and leaves from his room. asad is tensed that both ayan and zoya are behaving like this. To top it off, she again comes back in the room, just to say that she wanted him to realise what it feels when someone wants to talk and the other person just leaves. Saying so, she exits. The screen freezes on asad’s hassled face.

Precap: In a religious ceremony being performed at dilshad’s house, razia thinks that this would be the apt time to find about the doll. Meanwhile the servant’s daughter is playing with it. Haseena almost reciognises razia behind her veil, but she clenches her hand away from haseena. Dilshad, hearing this looks in razia’s direction. From dilshad’s room, razia finds the girl playing with the doll. But she hides when she hears footsteps in the room. She finds dilshad entering the room. she tries to be super quiet. Dilshad, sensing something, turns around.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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