Qubool Hai 26th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Armaan’s residence
As amad watches the pic, naked from the torso, he awaits their arrival, as he wants to see the surprise on their face, when they see this pic. due to the wind, the pic flies off and falls right on the doormat. armaan, oblivious to all this carries her in his arms, right to their room entrance but then walks ahead. mahira asks where is she being taken. He says that he wants to go somewhere where only they both are there. she asks who was in that room. he says that their past is in it, which was troublesome, and he doesnt want to start his fresh life in that room. she says that she decorated it with much love, and he says that he has a lovely idea for her effor and takes her along. He then brings her up to the roof, when she finds a decorated bed

and she is shocked to see it, and asks how he managed. he teases her, while she says that its no room, but a rooftop. he says with a twinkle in his eyes, and says that this shall do. A romantic embrace and eyelock follows.

Meanwhile, amad waits impatiently and wonders why they didnt come yet. he then comes up to find them romancing each other, and is disgusted and leaves. he then eyes her pic with armaan and burns it, swearing to ruin them, just like she ruined his life completely, and he shall never let them unite. he eyes with vicious rage, as the pic burns down.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Begum is fixed in her chair, by granny’s magic as she and ehsaan confront her. sdhe tries to her magic, and begum starts slapping herself, while she is outraged. then granny uses the magic to twist her legs around, so that she winces in pain. He says that now she would understand what it feels like to be betrayed. Granny says that she is a Daayan and she knows how to deal with one. He says that he always thought of her as Tarana but she never became one. begum screams that she cant become Tarana and didnt want to, but it was very easy to befool him. they are surprised. begum then tries her chants and black magic, and cold wind starts gushing around, as she goes on venomously, with rage in her eyes. they turn around to find whats boggling them. Finally, she is able to untie herself, while begum gets up angered and then they find themselves surrounded by evil spirits, who ask begum why she called them. Begum says that they want to kill her, and if that happens, they shall be defeated. The leader says that they cant kill, but they cant take this lightly. begum says that they need to kill them. the leader says that they cant, but can do worse with them. They say that if granny and ehsaan want to save each other, then they have to submit either one of the souls to them. they are aghast. they both start arguing, as ehsaan says that he cant afford to lose her. they continue to argue, while finally ehsaan finally wins, and says that she can take his soul. The devil starts her chants and captures his soul in a fiery ball, while granny is apalled. Ehsaan lets out a scream, while all watch shocked and tensed. the leader eyes it viciously, andthey all leave. Granny then turns to ehsaan and asks him why he did so, as he stands stunned and shocked. begum smiles and comes to him, saying that now he is the devil too, by selling his soul, and then taunts granny that she lost. granny says that she shall bring him back and thats her promise. Begum accepts and says that she shall see.

Scene 3:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Just as they are about to get close, mahira starts sneezing and he gets tensed. Mahira is brought inside the same decorated room by armaan, while she desperately sneezes and then apologises for ruining their night, while he asks her to rest or else she shall worsen. he goes to freshen up. When he comes out, he doesnt find mahira there and then hollers for her, but gets no response. Then he finds a tap from the behind. Armaan finds mahira inside, and asks whats she doing here as he had asked her to rest. she comes in and taking him by surprise, kisses him romantically on the cheeks. he is startled and taken aback, as she confesses that she loves him, and hugs him. he then caresses her, while she is shy qwith nervousness and anticipation, running a shiver down her spine. she shys herself away, while he holds her. she sits on the bed, and they bask in the glory of their new found love, as he starts to romance each other, when he begins to get physically intimate with her, while she shyly closes her eyes, ashe kisses her around the nape of her neck, her earlobes, sensitising and arousing her. they both lie on the bed, and clasp their hands to gether, when he gets atop her, and leans in to kiss her. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: armaan finds a clue that reads that he has a gift for him, but to see that, he would have to open up all the windows of the room. He rushes out and complies. Meanwhile, Amad says that he has a gift, but its for ehsaan. armaan comes in to find a photo frame lying the other way, which is actually amad and mahira’s wedding pic, and is about to take it, when mahira comes in with coffee and asks whats he doing. he says that he wishes to end this last part of the game. he says that he needs to see the last clue, and then says that he shall just see the pic and end it. mahira is tensed as she didnt do anything like that.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I hate this amaad. …. worst episode

  2. So much of negativity n black magic. Where is that chirping series of AsYa gone.. Really miss that. I m just hoping if this disgusting black magic era ends n directors bring back the truly magical love like AsYa..:(

  3. Oh!Again this black magic.plz bring some reality and Romance

  4. Seriously. This show has taken a tumble. It is long gone. Lost all its essence. Surbhi Jyoti doesnt fit this show anymore. Her role is weird.. It was way better when Sanam , Aahil , Seher and Rehaan were alive. This show wouldve been lovely . But no. They just love to spoil it all. And Amaad is under a misunderstanding . Do you guys remember the night when they had Razia and Khan Begum ( Sanam 2 ) had a double wedding for Mahira and Azad and Amaad and Mahira look alike . ? The look alike was actually Afreen who is a witch can transform into anyone. So Amaad is stuck with this misunderstanding

  5. So Boring..How many men Sanam is Sleeping with?

  6. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Ridicilously dumb…tym to end ?????? Amaad out of the zoo???

  7. it is going to sound so silly but where the hell did Amad come from I thought Afreen killed him
    so confusing

  8. just hate this serial from the core of my heart. kash vo asad aur zoya vale din vapas aate . kitne logonke saath jodo he use directors zoya sanam aur kya kya. saali ki koi set pe sabke samne chudai karde . gaand me das lund ek saath dalde. 38-30-40 ki nangi choot saali

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