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Scene 1:
Location: Picnic Spot
Begum and armaan are having their tussle, when imtiaz comes to take a family pic. Wehile all smile, armaan walks off. Begum wonders whats going on, and whether her comment shall worsen matters. imtiaz doesnt let go of begum. he suggests to play hide and seek. she complies, and asks him to go and hide, while she shall start counting, and he shouldnt be out till she comes and finds him. he rushes off to hide. She is again frustrated at the boy.

Meanwhile, mahira stands atop a cliff, tensed and serious. Armaan comes and tells her that being happy isnt a crime. She turns around to face him. he says that there are several ways to be happy. She asks if he knows why the flower that she holds is called th flower of love, as it dries in an hour, but its fragrance

stays alive for long hours, and draws an analogy to azad’s love like that, which shall be with her. She gets to go, but he holds her and says that this is madness, as she can see the love of a dead man, but not the one, who is alive but dying due to her rejection. she says that this isnt love but adamanace, that makes him want her. She says that there are lots of ways to be happy, but when pain becomes fun, its love, and she knows living like this is difficult, but their true love is enough to sustain her remaining painful life. begum sees them from a distance. he asks her to do whatever she wishes to, and even give her life if she so wishes, then so be it. he walks off. she remembers her moments with azad, and turns to find armaan gone. mahira watches him tensedly. Her foot slips and she falls over the cliff. Begum rushes to her, and screams at mahira. begum screams for others to come and help. They all are shocked to see him like this, while ehsaan asks her to hold on. Armaan comes last and finds her stuck like this. He asks her not to worry. he is shocked and rushes to her help. He finds mahira barely hanging on a by a thread catching hold of a boulder. he tries to go down, but the people stop him, especially, begum that he needs to save mahira but not at the cost of his own life. Mahira meanwhile struggles badly to hold on, and lets out a scream when she isnt able to. He is shocked to see this. Ehsaan rushes to get rope, while armaan asks her to hold on, as the rope is coming. Ehsaan comes back with the jeep, and they hurriedly pull out the rope, and armaan throws it down to mahira, asking her to clutch at it, whiel connecting the other end to the jeep. as they all watch anxiously, she is too scared to let go, and hold the rope. They scream at her to hold the rope, while she is frightened. Finally after mustering up much courage, she pulls on the rope, terribly scared. They watch as she clutches at the rope. he asks her to hold on tightly, while asking them all to back off. they are tensed but comply. On armaan’s signal, ehsaan starts to pull off the jeep, and armaan asks mahira to come up ahead slowly. But the tie clasping the rope to the jeep, loosens and the rope falls off, and due to the opposite jerk, armaan falls right behind too, inside the cloff. while begum clutches onto one end, armaan comes to mahira, and asks her to hold onto him. After an initial reluctance, she holds on. They start to pull the rope and begum tries to pull them up. His body gets bruised in the process and it starts bleeding profusely, but he keeps mahira safe from bruises. Ehsaan rushes and helps them pull up. after much struggle, they finally manage to get up. he starts to reprimand her as to what was she thinking and if she has gone mad. he says that there’s a difference between love and madness, and why was she attempting something like that. He says that he knows that this is her life, but there are other lives attached to it too, and if anything happened to her today, how would he have been alive. They are all shocked, while mahira is stunned. armaan gets dizzy, and mahria finds a tear in the place where he had gotten heart surgery done. he collapses and falls right on mahira’s shoudler. all are shocked and apalled, as mahira composes him.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
the family waits outside, anxiously while armaan is being treated inside. The doctor comes and Mahira asks if he shall be okay. the doctor says that due to the heart transplantation and him having sustained injuries close to the heart, makes it complicated but they shall try their best. he goes in. Mahira is apalled. she says that to save him, he risked his own life. begum is apalled, and comes to her, saying that her hatred is more than someone’s life, but in his heart, his love for her, means more to him, than his own life. mahira says how is this possible, as whenever he has met her, she has always shown hatred, then how can he be so loving. Begum says that he saved her earlier too, and maybe she doesnt know, but they do, and she wishes mahira can realise how much he loves her. mahira remembers her moments with him, where he had been loving, and she was anything but loving. Ehsaan and others wait on, as the surgery continues for long hours. Finally, the doctor comes out and says that they have stopped the bleeeding, but the stiches around the transplantation area, are becoming a complication, but they need to operate a little more. he asks them not to worry. mahira asks how long. Ehsaan asks her to relax, while she says that she cant, since she is responsible for his condition. The doctor says that they shall try their best. mahira says that he has to try everything, as he has to save armaan. begum composes her. Mahira says that he has to get well, as armaan has to be alive. Begum is happy to see her concern. The nurse tells them that only one family member can stay with him in the ICU. ehsaan and mahira volunteer together. begum presses ehsaan’s hands to ask him to back off. He complies. mahira decides to stay back. The nurs eleaves. ehsaan asks mahira to call, if she needs anything. Begum asks mahira to take care. She thinks that destiny plays strange. She thinks that if armaan’s life cant generate love in mahira’s heart, maybe his threatened death attaack does. she hugs mahira.

Scene 3:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Tensedly, ehsaan and begum come back, and his mother asks how is he now. He says that he is stable. begum says that she has full faith that he would be okay. She says that there is great blessing in a mother’s prayers. She asks about Imtiaz. begum is frustrated thinking that she left that child in the park only. Ehsaan is shocked saying that he thought he was with her. Ehsaan turns to begum and asks if she knows where imtiaz is. She says that she left him at kainat. they are relieved. ehsaan decides to call kainat. She says that he neednt do that as she shall go and get him. he tags to come along. She says that she is to be his mother, and she asks him to let her take responsibility for imtiaz. he smiles and agrees. She hopes that she finds him now, or else there would be a huge problem. she leaves.

Scene 4:
Location: Hospital
mahira waits in the waiting chairs, outside armaan’s ward. She finds the nurse running around, and senses something is wrong. from inside, mahira hears the doctors’ concerned voices about his condition debiliating and she gets tesned, all the more when she finds a dead body being taken away on a stretcher. She is distraught as she remembers how he risked his life. She prays to the lord that she had anger towards him, in her prayers but she never wanted his death and if anything happens to him, she shall never be able to forgive herself. the screen freezes on her and armaan’s faces.

Precap: mahira tries to walk away from armaan’s bed, but finds her dupatta stuck in his bed. She turns and lifts his hand and caresses him lovingly. She wonders whats she doing, and then assures herself that this is wronhg, and then questions herself, that if its wrong, then why doesnt it feel lik it. then she wonders if its due to azad’s heart. She is distraught as she is in a dilemma.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  5. I do not expect any good from this show anymore… Afreen had said that she is pregnant and Azad is the father. Her child will be illegimate .. then Afreen makes her come . She will kill Mahira and Armaan. And then they will leap the show 25 years again and Mahira will take re birth and will romance Afreen son.. same old drama over and over again and again.. First it was Tanveer , Khan begum and now Afreen . Ughhhh best thing for them to do is just let Mahira and Armaan get married and live a HAPPY life for once in FREEDOM and call it a happy ending . This is what happens when you drag a serial show for 3 years plus. You run out of ideas and WRITE CRAP

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