Qubool Hai 25th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Tanveer walks past dilshad, and she breathes a sigh of relief. Seher is dressed as a bride, whil ereminisceing the romantic moments spent with rehaan, and thinks that she always wanted to be rehaan’s bride, and bride she did become, but not rehaan’s, someone else’s. She is distraught. She prays to the Lord to give her strength to finish the task she came here for, and leave, and that she doesnt want to hear anything else. She is about to drape the dupatta over herself, when dilshad snatches it from behind, and she is shocked, when dilshad says that it isnt her right but her sister’s. Seher is shocked and boggled too out of her wits, as dilshad eyes her stoically, throwing the dupatta on the bed. She recognises dilshad as

the person who she saw in her semi-conscious state last night. Dilshad agress and identifies herself, as her grandmother, and eyes her overwhelmingly. seher is confused, while dilshad caresses her face, saying that she is the granddaughter who she lost years ago due to tanveer. Dilshad tells seher about her family, and her relation to them, and how sanam is not her lookalike, but her twin, while she is shocked, dressed as ahil’s bride. She tells her about her parents, saying that she isnt sunehri, but seher. Seher is shocked beyond belief. Dilshad hugs seher tightly, while she is in a confused state as to whats happening. dilshad tells seher the entire story, about Tanveer’s massacre of their family, that seher listens to her in dazed state, and then how tanveer blackmailed sanam into marrying ahil for three months, for the sake of property. Dilshad resignedly turns around, saying that razia spoiled her and rashid’s life years back, and tanveer ruined zoya and asad’s life. She says that due to these two, their whole family was destroyed and ruined. dilshad turns around and says that Razia is now using both the sisters, for her profit. she says that if seher marries ahil, sanam wouldnt be able to live, as if she has been given a life again, that means, he wants them all to fight together, and destroy their thinking, right in the budding phase. she begs seher not to do this to sanam, while seher is confused. then she breaks into a huge guffaw, while dilshad is shocked. Seher taunts her for her fake story, and what a good script writer she is. Dilshad says that noone fakes a story for their oown children. Seher says that she herself does it, and so can she, and she doesnt know why she is after her life. Seher says that from childhood, one concept is clear for her, that she is an orphan, and asks her to present a solid evidence if she can, or get lost and not waste her time. Dilshad is tensed, and asks how she doesnt even see that she is ruining her sister’s life, and she doesnt trust her, or her tears, as she is blinded by the glamour of money. Seher says that she doesnt believe her, and when she believes that she is an orphan, then why should she believe that she has a family now. She says that this emotional track wont help her, as she has grown through hardships, and craving for a family, that led her to believe that she is actually an orphan. Dilshad defiantly asks that her blood group is o+, and seher is shocked, but manages her composure and says that sanam also must be o+, and calls it a mere co-incidence. Dilshad says that it might be, but this isnt a co-incidence, that her right leg has a birthmark. seher is stunned and sits down. As dilshad lifts her lehenga, and chceks her leg, she finds the mark, getting seher very nervous this revelation. dilshad tells seher that she knows that when life gives pain again and again, belief goes out the window, and specially her, who has grown in turmoil, but she begs seher to believe her, that she is her grandmother, who made her play in her lap, and has cried for several years, in her ememory. Dilshad breaks down crying inconsolably, at her knees. seher is shocked, and then finally retreats her hands from under Dilshad’s. Dilshad is shocked, as she finds seher staring tensedly, barely able to control her tears.

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Scene 2:
Location: In captivity
Sanam says that she cant let ahil marry her twin sister, and decides to get out anyhow. she finds the goons having food, and then washing their hands. her eyes fall on the pistol in the back pocket. sanam makes a mad dash for escape, as she snatches the pistol, and at gun point, she tries to rescue from the hooligans. They ask her to keep the gun down. She gets through the other side of the door, but before she can escape, she finds another gun aimed at her, by their head, who drags her by her hair. Sanam is forcibly bound in a chair, and much to her horror, she is injected with a heavy sedative, that drags her to unconsciousness.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Seher gets up, asking that she didnt try to search her, or find out if she is dead or alive, eaten anything or not. She says that Dilshad thought she was dead, and how she used to complain that she didnt have any family, while dilshad is hurt by those words, as she too recounts the horror. she asks dilshad continuously if she didnt try to search her. seher breaks into tears too. Seher breaks down frustratedly screaming why didnt she try and search her before, and couldnt she tell her that she is her grandmother earlier. Dilshad gets up. she starts fighting dilshad, as she tries to hug her, but finally dilshad forcibly hugs her, and she gives in her embrace, and seher hugs her tightly, breaking down into tears on her shoulder. Dilshad too gets emotionally distraught. the tears soon turn into tears of joy. seher apologises that she didnt she was doing this to her own people, as noone told her, and that this is her own house, and that she wont let anything happen to sanam. Dilshad says that she doesnt know where sanam is. Seher says that she knows raziua’s hdieouts and there they shall search for her, and asks dilshad not to bother. seher assures dilshad that she has come back, and that now she would set everything straight. the screen freezes on Seher’s face.

Precap: The goons discuss, as to how razia had instructed them to give sanam half the bottle to douse her, while they gave her a full bottle. Sanam starts having fits of convusions, and doses in out of consciousness. Azhar’s parents excitedly tell tanveer that it looks like sanam escaped, as they saw a dupatta hanging down the window. tanveer is overjoyed. Seher reaches where sanam has been kept captive. Seher starts screaming for sanam desperately, and then is shocked at what she finds.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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