Qubool Hai 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 25th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Mamu is walking around as the walima preparations are on in full swing. He gets tensed hearing the music box playing, and finds an extended hand with it, and ultimately sees zoya. Mamu gets emotional to see her as she descends down the stairs and walks towards him, with teary eyes. She comes upto mamu, and calls him Dad, and hugs him, saying that she searched for him everywhere, and was pained so much, and even though he knew, he always remained ignorant of her pain and asks if he never felt to call her as his daughter and hug her tightly. Mamu too starts crying and says that he madea terrible mistake. Zoya asks him to promise that he would never leave her and would always be with her. But mamu looks away. She gets tensed and asks why, as he has

met her after such a long time and cant he promise this much and asks the reason for it. As he begins to clutch him, the dollpiece falls and mamu gets to pick it frantically, and finally wakes up from sleep. Mamu says that he cant promise as he doesnt know if he is to be blamed for that day, but every crime has a punishment and he too shall have to get it, and maybe his entire lifetime falls short for it. He says that he would have to go to leave her. Mamu calls up the lawyer, and says that he wants to change his will and divide his property equally amongst the two daughters, hearing which the lawyer is surprised too. He asks him to come tomorrow and make the changes before the walima of his second daughter.

Meanwhile, razia and tanveer eye mamu from above. Razia says to tanveer that she knows mamu very well and that he would do what he has resolved to do. tanveer says that she too is like that, and that tomorrow evening, all of that would happen thats been promsied to her by tanveer herself. they eye mamu venomously. She tells razia that she shouldnt let her emotionsd override her plans as tomorrow is the day when mamu would forever be gone. razia is tensed.

In her room, while asad is asleep, zoya apologises to him saying that she couldnt stop him from drinking the water and tanveer changed the bet, and tomorrow also they wont be able to have their walima. She asks him to forgive her. as she turns around, she finds the water undrunk and understands that asad was doing drama all along. as she turns around to confront him, she almost collides into him. She asks whats wrong with him. Asad says that nothing is wrong and everything is right, and caresses her face. He gets romantically intimate with her, when zoya surprises him by picking on his wish eyelash and asks him to make one. He places the wish lash, on her hand and asks her to wish instead as the wish that he had, of her being his, is already fulfilled and after that he doesnt need any more wish. she smiles at him. She says that she also doesnt need anything, as he is there to fulfill everything, but then casually jokes about wanting Dhoni and sale. He humours her by asking her to wish. she complies and makes the wish. He asks what did she ask for. She says that she cant tell him. He suggests tyhat she had wished that they stay together forever. She is surprised how he knows. He says that he knows her well enough and that today is not to dream but to fulfill the dreams. She is about to speak, when he shushes her and gets romantically intimate with her, finally consummating their marriage and validating their walima. The next morning, asad and zoya bask in the glory of their love and having consummated their marriage. (MITWA MOMENT) They both say that it was an unforgettable night. They hear dilshad’s screams for them, and zoya is embarassed as he continues to tease her. finally zoya sends him to the bathroom to freshen up. Zoya finds tanveer’s silhoutette against the door. Tanveer is about to knock on the door, when zoya opens tyhe door, and she gets a little flabbergasted, at seeing zoya in asad’s kurta. She gets a little disappointed. Zoya teases her asking why is she waiting here for so long, as she has to do the walima preparations today. tanveer leaves frustrated while zoya smiles.

Later, asad compliments zoya on her beauty, as she buttons up his shirt. They have a romantic conversation, as zoya asks him to hurry up, while he continues to tease her and keep buying more time with her. she keeps making excuses, but he doesnt pay heed to any of them. As the door is knocked, they find nazma tensed for their father. They rush after her.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Farhan finds sameera dishevelled and asks why is she like this. she blames him for this. He says that its only for a short time. She says that badibi wont go till nikhat comes back, and till then they should just take the money and get out. Farhan says that it would take time. she asks him to hurry up, before nikhat kills everyone one by one. He gets angry and leaves. She leaves too. Meanwhile, nikhat and badi bi go onto concoct their next plan, as badi bi asks her to have full faith on their plan.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
In their room, rashid talks as if to shirin and is shocked when he finds that he is confronted with dilshad and is actually taken back to the time when shirin was with him. They rush to find rashid behaving strange while dilshad tries to compose him. they confront him and are shocked to find that he talks to them like strangers and doesnt recognise any of them. He is shocked to find the doctor too, and as he continues to rant like a madman, he is given a sedative dose in injection and finally dozes off. dilshad is unable to see his pain. Asad asks the doctor whats happened suddenly. He tells that paralysis sometimes affects the brain too, and would be back to conscious by the evening. He leaves, while all others are tensed. Asad tells that everything would be alright as they all are with him, and hopes that he gets well soon. He says that he loves his father and kisses rashid’s hand. He tries to compose dilshad too giving her the same assurance. Zoya thanks the lord, that he made asad unite with his father and tomorrow she too shall meet her father. the screen freezes on zoya’s emotional face.

Precap: Asad is concerned for rashid, and expresses it to zoya, when they are alone with rashid in the room. Zoya asks him not to bother, and continue with his work, promising that she wont leave his sight at all. after he leaves, zoya gets mamu’s call, who asks her to come to the Dargah, as she wanted to meet her father always and today that day has come, as her father is waiting at the dargah for her. she gets emotional. But later, she is in a dilemma and wonders what to do now, as she cant leave rashid alone.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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