Qubool Hai 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 25th July 2013 Written latest Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya is warned by tanveer that she cant do anything about this. zoya says that even if she gives the papers, she wont be able to hide it. Tanveer says that she just needs the reports or else it wont be right for her. zoya is unfazed saying that she doesnt need the papers to prove her crimes. She asks tanveer where would she search for her stolen thing. She tells tanveer that she would try every place except for her room. tanveer is surprised at this and zoya gives her the reports. tanveer is boggled at getting them so easily. zoya says that she doesnt need them as the truth would be out. she says that when god does his plan, then all plans of humans fail. She throws off the papers in the air, and is about to leave, when tanveer stops her. she

says that there’s noone in the house, and she would have to wait for soem time, before she spills out the truth. Zoya says that even if she doesnt say anything, her truth wont be hidden for long. Zoya says that she might be happy for some more time, as once the family comes, she wont be happy anymore. Zoya excuses herself to go for breaking her fast. tanveer is highly upset and frustrated too.

As zoya gets ready for the namaaz, tanveer comes to her and giving her some ashes of the papers , she says that just like she has spoilt her dreams, tanveer too has done the same to her. zoya says that she didnt need these papers as it is, and god is always known for miracles. zoya says that there might be a miracle that she herself confesses her crimes. Tanveer mocks her that she isnt a fool. zoya says that she would be forced by God to do so, as the good always triumphs and maybe this is the last night of her crimes. Zoya begins with her evening prayers. tanveer comes with a can of petrol, saying that its the last night of her life, as noone can save her now. But zoya is unfazed. She closes her eyes and starts her prayers. As zoya is busy in her namaaz, tanveer tells her that its no use praying now, as she would finish her and her story for sure today, all the while spilling petrol around her. she says that she may want to tell asad the truth, but she would burn her and her dreams today. She says that zoya has a tough life, as she remembers all her murder attempts, and says that today she wont be able to save herself. She says that its good that she would die praying, as she would straight go to heaven. Just as she is about to burn zoya alive, by throwing the candle in the kerosene, her hand is stopped by asad holding it, and shocking her, when she sees that asad is there along with dilshad and nazma. they are all shocked at tanveer’s evil face, while zoya finishes her prayers, opens her eyes and the lights are back on too. zoya thanks the lord for this. Zoya gets up relieved and turns to face tanveer, to say that she had told her about the miracle, that would force her to confess all her crimes. Asad frustratedly says that now, finally he has come to see her true self after such a long time. tanjveer is speechless, at being caught red handed.

Scene 2:
Location: At the temple
Humaira is tensed when she sees that the priest is referring to a child as a Vikram. She is sad and tensed and asks about Vikram shukla. While the priest is boggled, humaira goes on to search for the husband. Ayan explains everything to the priest, and the priest wonders if she actually is Rajni and not humaira. but ayan is convinced that this is humaira. the priest gives him blessings to be able to cope with this. Humaira comes back sad that she couldnt find him. The priest and Ayan convince her that they would let her know as soon as they find out about her husband.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Badi bi is cursed by razia, that she has to fend out for her to keep her alive somehow. She says that if they find her dead body, then razia herself would be in problem. She feeds her forcibly, and while she’s cursin g, she is surprised to hear a knock on the door. Razia is shocked when humaira walks in. Both are surprised to see each other. humaira asks if everything’s okay, as she heard some voices. Badi bi desperately tries to make an attempt to be noticed. Razia says that everything is alright, and she can leave. Humaira points out to something on the floor, looking surprised while razia is shocked. humaira porgresses towards it. She gives crazia her prayer beads, relieveing her of her tensions. she thanks humaira and asks her to leave.

While ayan and his family are discussing about family affairs, they are shopcked when they hear someone calling out for rajni. when ayan enquires from him, he says that he’s vikram shukla, Rajni’s husband. while humaira is happy, all others are shocked. the screen freezes on ayan’s shocked face.

Precap: Asad confronts tanveer that she tried to kill zoya, and had this not been the pious month of Ramzaan, he would have killed her. Throwing off the table in anger, he asks her to leave the house and his sight rightaway. Tanveer eyes zoya with venom in her eyes, while zoya is relieved to have finally brought out the truth in front of asad.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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