Qubool Hai 25th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Qubool Hai 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: The doll factory
Tanveer is too stunned, while seher goes on a rant as to how they all tried to tell him the truth, but he didnt believe anyone. Seher then identifies herself, and then explains the entire story, everything right from the beginning. tanveer asks him not to fall prey to the sisters’ trick, and are using rehaan’s death as a bait. She expresses to be hurt, but ahil says that he loves rehaan but he loves her more, and he wont believe anyone. Tanveer is relieved and thanks him. sanam asks him to come inside, to see his father, but he says that he shall only listen to tanveer. He asks tanveer that he believed everything she said, but what about what he saw, and tells about the broken heel that he saw even before she claimed that she arrived, after

hearing from latif that she is here. He asks how the heel came here, and tanveer is stunned. He says that he is hurt, that the person who he considered a goddess, is lying to him, and that he is going inside with sanam, and for the first time, he shall pray that his father isnt alive, as if he is, that means sanam told the entire truth. tanveer is shocked and tensed. Sanam and seher are relieved and take him inside, while tanveer stands. She then calls out to him, saying that he might believe his wife more, then she shall herself take him there.

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As they go inside, tanveer pushes him inside, and ahil is shocked. He is unable to believe what she just did. Tanveer locks ahil inside, and herself too, while sanam and seher are left outside. Ahil finally comes to see tanveer’s true identity, as she aims the pistol, and asks him to stand exactly where he is, or else she shall fire. He is emotionally distraught at his mother’s, his idol’s betrayal. Ahil is shocked, and says that she could have asked for anything, and he would have happily given anything to her, at one order of hers. she is frustrated and irritated. Outside sanam is extremely tensed for ahil, but seher asks her to compose herself and find a way out. They find a broken phone, and decide to call the police but find that it isnt working. Seher says that they know this, but not tanveer. They come up with a plan. Inside, a voice calls out to him as his son, and begging tanveer to let him go for god’s sake. Hearing this, ahil turns around, shocked to see his father alive. they both emotionally eye each other. He understands his mother’s entire betrayal. Tanveer is frustrated. Ahil and nawab catch up on old times, when he apologises for the way he spoiled his son’s life, by giving him a monster of a mother. Ahil asks who is she. He reminds how she used to take care of him. Nawab says that it was just her greed, and she didnt even spare her own son. tanveer says that she neednt explain her love to rehaan. She tries to take amusement at the plight that both the father and the son are tied up. They both beg to die first, as tanveer is amused. She happily comments on the love between them. Seher screams from outside, that she has called the police from outside from her phone. tanveer says that this would be repeated, as just like the mother died, the daughter shall die too. she decides to take care of sanam first, before getting back to them. She leaves the room, and goes out, with the pistol, locking the room. Tanveer says that sanam and seher tried to befool her, and she wont spare them. She locks the room, and then goes ahead threatening them that they shall meet death today. Inside, ahil laments at their ill fate, while the nawab says that he isnt at fault, and noone knows or identifies the true side. He again profusely apologises for the harsh treatment that he gave him since childhood. He says that he shall save him even by dying. Ahil asks him not to speak so, as the lord would show them a way.

Meanwhile, tanveer threatens them that they wont be alive for long. she asks them to come out themselves. seher and sanam stealthily move around, signalling each other, and they try to distract tanveer’s attention by throwing things around. she fires a blind shot, scaring ahil and nawab. ahil starts screaming for sanam if she is okay, and is extremely tensed for her and tries to set himself free from the bondages. Tanveer is irritated, as she keeps pointing the gun haywire, from wherever the sound comes. They are able to throw the gun away from her hand, distracting her a little. But she regains her composure, irritated and frustrated with seher, more than sanam. She gets to finding them yet again. Seher intentionally starts stomping her foot in a direction, to lead tanveer there and then leaves. But tanveer sees her leaving and smiles evilly. seher tries to escape through another route, she is confronted with tanveer who has a pistol aimed at her. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Ahil, nawab along with seher and sanam, walk out, oblivious that tanveer creeps from behind. tanveer stealthily comes and sets the cannon ball to fire, aiming it at the four of them. But she is boggled, to find the cannon ball changing its direction. She is shocked to see zoya’s apparition standing before her, with an aura around her, of bright light. Zoya says that she shall never understand that one day evil shall definitely be over. tanveer is stunned.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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