Qubool Hai 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 25th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad is tensed in his home, thinking about his conversation with dilshad. zoya comforts him that dilshad would come home soon. Dilshad enters but refuses to talk to asad, and asks nazma that she needs the address of the company that she gave the doll to, as she wants it at any cost.

Dilshad is making all ends meet, and calling up people so that rashid is free from the jail. Asad enters, but doesnt say anything. She continues talking on the phone saying rashid’s hearing is in 5 days and she has to do something before that. Asad gives his mobile which has contacts from all the important people, and that she can contact anyone she wants. dilshad says that he can call himself then. Asad says that he cant favour a criminal. Dilshad says

that why cant he for once think that rashid might not be a criminal and reminds him that she had heard about the doll’s recording. She tells him that he might keep saying that rashid had hurt dilshad, but by doing this asad is only hurting her and noone else. She sys that she can bear the gunshot wound but not what he is doing today. He comes to comfort her, but she asks him not to. zoya sees this.

zoya reprimands asad for being so self centred and hurting dilshad like that. He says that he doesnt want to talk to her right now. She reprimands him saying that he doesnt consider her anyone worthy, since he’s always alone, and therefore would be alone in the testimony in the court too. asad is puzzled. Zoya tells asad that if he is an eye witness, then she too is and if he testifies against rashid saying that he saw rashid with a dead body, then she would have to testify that she didnt see anything like that. She is about to leave when she is grabbed by asad, and pinned against the wall and tells her that she wont do anything like that, and would say only whats the truth and what they saw. (MITWA MOMENT) Zoya asks asad to let go of his grip, to which he complies. she sys that she too wants to favour the truth, and that they should see the case from dilshad’s point of view, when they have 5 days fo hearing left still. She asks him to consider the case if rashid is innocent and he comes to know that later on.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia comes and says to shirin that she couldnt do anything, as feroz didnt agree as murder cant be taken easily and till there’s no hearing, rashid would have to be inside the jail. badi bi goes berserk and grabs razia’s neck saying that she forced him inside the jail, when he tried to free himself from her conspiracy. Razia jerks off saying that she didnt know about the murder and the intentions behind it, but she was always doing it for the benefit of rashid, and shirin and her kids. She says that she may try anything but rashid would have to face the punishment. Shirin says that she’s convinced that he’s innocent. razia plants the seed of vengeance against asad, creating a doubt in her mind, and reprimands ayan and badi bi for still doubting her and having faith on asad.

Shirin takes her swear back from ayan, saying that only ayan can now convince asad not to be a witness to testify against rashid and that she would be on her knees in front of asad and give him anything he wants. Ayan tries to reason with her saying that asad never favours the unjust and maybe he actually saw rashid doing something wrong, and hence took this step.

But seeing shirin’s dishevelled face, Ayan promises that he would talk to asad and convince him that he might have had a misunderstanding, and then avoid him from testifying in the court.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
As nazma and dilshad are surprised to find their carton delivered back to them so easily, the courier boy tells them that asad had it delivered by calling them up. Dilshad looks up at asad, but the ladies are surprised to find that the doll is missing. Asking nazma and zoya to search in the house itself, dilshad gets tensed and starts rummaging through the packets of the courier again. asad comes and asks her to come out of her dream bubble as the doll also is a false hope, even if they manage to find it. Dilshad again reprimands him for thinking like this. She says that she’s convinced that the doll will prove rashid innocent. Asad says that he would still say what he saw in the court and would see that rashid gets the punishemtn for this crime. Ayan hears him saying this.

Ayan asks asad if he thinks that rashid made a mistake yet he’s their father. Asad says that rashid’s only ayan’s father and not his. He says that he can give his life, but not what he wants right now, as he would see that the person who tried to kill dilshad wont be spared. Ayan says that he has promised that he would get rashid back. He says that if something happened to rashid, shirin would not be able to live. asad says that if rashid comes out, then dilshad’s life would always be at stake. Ayan tries to convince that rashid is incapable of doing this as he has always and still loves dilshad. Asad tells him that he has only seen rashid’s insensitivity and hence would maintain her stance in the court. He apologizes by keeping a hand on ayan’s shoulders saying that he is leaving empty handed for th first time, but brushing it aside, ayan asks asad to think, whether he is taking revenge for the fact that he left them 17 years back, or actually giving him punishement, for what he did. Saying so, he leaves.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad and ayan’s residence
While asad remembers ayan’s words, shirin is upset to see ayan with a bowed head, understanding that he wasnt successful in his attempt to convince asad. The screen freezes on both the brothers’ faces.

Precap: In a religious ceremony being performed at dilshad’s house, razia thinks that this would be the apt time to find about the doll. Meanwhile the servant’s daughter is playing with it. Haseena almost reciognises razia behind her veil, but she clenches her hand away from haseena. Dilshad, hearing this looks in razia’s direction.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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