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Scene 1:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Amad questions her about the pic, lewdly insinuating that this pic means she is married to him, andif she is, then how canb she be with armaan. she isshocked and asks where did he get this pic from, and is enraged at his suggestions. he even goes onto say that maybe she married him, but loved armaan, and hence left him to die, so that she could be with armaan. He asks her if even he thinks what he speaks, and maybe he morphed it. he asks why would he do it, and that he is her husband. She tears up the pic. he says that wont change the reality as he has four such pics. She says that she never married him, but his elder brother azad and when he died, he married armaan. she continues to say that this is all a lie, while he says that he found it

in his suitcase, and maybe he has a relation not just to the house, but with her too. He suggest that its conveninent that when she married two brothers, she might have married the third one too. She gets enraged and slaps him tight across his face and says that she is trying to help him, by fighting with her husband and he is trying to pass comments. he says that he mereley wants to know the truth, and he wants to know it rightnow. She says that she cannot help him, as she herself doesnt know the truth. She asks him to go to a psychiactrist. he asks her to imagine what if armaan sees it. She asks if he is trying to blackmail her. he asks what if he sees by mistake. She says that he shall always believe her, rather than some stupid pic, and asks him to get lost right now, as she has other problems to deal with. He leaves. she thinks that there shall be big trouble if armaan sees it.

In his room, amad eyes mahira’s pic, and starts scratching her pic, with a knife, swearing to ruin her completely, saying that she might pretend to not know anything about it, but he remembers everything and he shall finish her. he getshismarriage video and sends it to armaan on his mail, saying that he shall be shattered when his trust on her breaks.

Scene 2:
Location: Armaan’s residence and Hotel
Armaan hallucinates mahira sitting beside him, and leans in to see her disappear. he smiles thinking that he is missing her bad. She wonders why and how has this pic been edited, and maybe she actually has a lookalike. Just then, she gets armaaan’s call asking for her dress size, and she is boggled. He clarifies and says that he called to tell her something. She says that she missed him too, and asks how can he be so angry. He says tensedly that he doesnt wish to speak about that. she says that ever since he went away, she has been worried thinking whether he is still mad. he assures that he cant be mad at her for long, as she is his life. She smiles. he asks her if they can start afresh in their lives, with just him and her, and no shadows of past looming over them. She smiles and complies. He then cancels the call, saying that he is catching the first flight and coming to her. she smiles.

Later, mahira prays to the lord, saying that she has always worshipped him, but today she wants her happiness with armaan, as they are starting afresh. meanwhile, on his way back, armaan checks his mail, and then downloads the video sent by amad, to watch it, as he is curious, seeing mahira’s cover page on it. Before he can see, the driver announces that the airport has come. he is distracted.

Scene 3:
Location: Sameer’s residence
As kainat sits by the mirror, she laments at her condition in marriage. she finds sameer coming and composes herself, and is about to go out, when he stops her. she begs him not to hit her, but he asks her not to be afraid as he loves her. She is baffled. he showers all his love on her, saying that he extremely apologises for his behaviour, and then hugs her, while she is overwhelmed. he suggests taking her to a place, where they can love each other. she thanks the lord for seeting everything right and goes to pack her bags. After she leaves, he calls someone and says that the trap is laid, and only in an hour, they shall reach.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Kainat expressesher happiness at finding love with himn back again, as they travel in the car, while he professes his love for her. he deserts the car in isolation, and then excuses himself to go to the washroom. she asks him to hurry up. he then gets out, and then throws his watch, his hankey andhis mobile and walks off. After much waiting, she comes out, screaming for him. then she finds a trail of his stuff, and is apalled and aghast. she screams his name and then sameer springs from behind and blinds her, while they douse her with petrol, and then are about to set her on fire, as she screams for being saved. The watchmen come and they rush off. They rescuse kainat while they both rush away. They compose kainat and then take her to safety.

Scene 5:
Location: Sameer’s residence
kainat is apalled to find sameer at home, and then asks why he deserted her there. he says that he searched for her, but when he didnt find her, he assumed that she must have come home and hence came to check. She is unconvinced, saying that his phone was coming busy all night, and he says that he was trying the policestations’ number only. she tells about the attack, and he fakes his concern. She says that she is fine and goes to the washroom to freshen up. he evilly thinks that she is so difficult to die, and then eyes the knife kept, with a vicious idea. as she is surfing through the wardrobe, for her dress, and turns around suddenly, he hides the knife behind her, and says that he wanted to hug her, so that he is at peace. she smiles and complies.

Scene 6:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Mahira meanwhile gets latif and gazalla to decorate the entire house, for armaan’s return. they are super excited while she is irritated at their banter. She also excuses them for the night, as they dont have any work. With much excitement, she prepares their bed, with rose petals strewn on it, and eyes herself in the mirror. She then goes to the window, and eyes the moonlight streaming in, and feels armaan’s hands cupping her waist, while she says that she knew he wont be able to stay away, while he says that he cant stay away from his life. he then romantically throws her on the bed and leans down. just then, she hears the doorbell ring, and she finds that she has been hallucinating all along. She rushes to open it, and is overwhelmed as she finds armaan standing on the door, with a rose in his hand, amazed at the way she planned her grand welcome. Meanwhile, amad comes in and is marvelled at her effort. She says that this rose is special for her, as its gifted by him, and all other of her decoration fades away due to this. she turns to give him food, but he says that he isnt in the mood, and then carries her in his arms, with a naughty and mischievous twinkle in his eyes, while she blushes. Meanwhile, Amad says that the restlessness with which she has set up everything to celebrate this night with armaan, with the same restlessness, he plans to ruin her completely, as he lieson the petal strewn bed, and starts taking off his clothes, thinking that now that he is back, he should get back back in his past form. The screen freezes on both their and amad’s faces.

Precap: Armaan finds mahira inside, and asks whats she doinghere as he had asked her to refrain. she comes in and taking him by surprise, kisses him romantically on the cheeks. he is startled and taken aback.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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