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Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Khan begum pretends to be courteous to razia, as she comments that she is more bful that she had imagined. Khan begum comments that she is more ckever than she presumed. kainat asks her if she kjnew her from before. she denies. But adds that she feels that she knows her from long back, and has a deep rooted relation. she asks about her stuff, and razia says that its in her hotel, and just came by to meet her. khan begum says that she wont allow her to stay in the hotel at all. she comments that the hotel rooms are so small that it feels like living in a grave. razia understands what she means. Anand Kumar tells them that she was staying in a hotel and he couldnt have allowed that at all. Amad too insists. razia pretends to get emotional

and complies in a yes. gazalla comments that her face seems very amiliar. Khan begum watches on excitedly. razia eyes mahira walking in the corridor of the house, and thinks that what she needs is right here and leaving this hugely precious thing, she wouldnt deram of going away anywhere. khan begum understands whats she means. She says that her love for them draws her here.

After that, Amad comes by his latest fling by the poolside, and gives her a drink. She jokes if he has mixed something in it, as he doesnt need to. he says that maybe what he is about to do, she could have denied, hence didnt want to take the chance. After taking the drink, she starts complaining of getting dizzy, and finally doses off into unconscious state. amad takes her from there, with an idea and then eyes azad’s room. he opens it to find azad sleeping on the bed. He then smiles evilly as he eyes him.

In the outhouse, she has a hazy remembrance of what happened to her, but isnt able to remember properly. she is boggled. she says that she doesnt know whats wrong since she came in the haveli, but is determined to find the truth, and prays to the lord to help her in unravelling the truth. She closes her eyes, and remembers azad trying to save her, and that he had tears. She tries to get everything clear and closes her eyes back again, and then remembers till the time, she froze and after which he had confessed his love, and how she was dying, but he saved her. his confession startles her, as she understands that he loves her. mahira then enters the house and in azad’s room to find him sleeping with the covers drawn. she eyes him, and remembers their past moments. she nudges him awake and is startled. he gets up and asks whats she doing here when he had clearly instructed her not to enter this room. She asks if he wanted that, then why did he revive her from going very far from him permanently. he says that he doesnt know what she means. she says that she doesnt know why he always talks so rudely, and pretends that he doesnt care for her, when she knows that actually she does. She goes on and says that he isnt the beast as he seems, and then apologises for the use of the word beast, as thats what he tries to project about himself. She says that she is about to say something, but he shouldnt presume that she is being overreaching. he tensedly asks whats she trying to say. she fumbles and says that she knows he isnt what he shos, and that he actually has started…..he asks what. she says that she knows that he loves her. he turns away and asks if she has gone mad. She tells him what she remembered and how he cant pretend anymore about his indifferent and not-caring attitude. he asks whats she saying. She says that she remembers everything and asks him to tell why is he doing this now, and holds his hand and asks him to confess now that she is in her true senses. he pins her agains the wall, and composes himself, saying that there was, there is and there shall never be anything between them, and what she saw was just a fantasy or a hallucination, and all in her mind. he says that he doesnt love her, and then turns away lest his eyes give away. she says that she doesnt know why he is lying, but she knows very well that he is lying, as she knows that he loves her, and asks why doesnt he want to accept it. she gets distraught, while he too gets emotional. She asks him to speak up, holding his hand, but he jerks it away, and she falls on the ground.He thinks that he doesnt know whats happening to her, and why, but knows that if she stays with him, then this is bound to happen, as he is a beast, and beasts dont have love in their lcuk, and its best that she stays away from him. He then catches her up, and then pulls her in front of the mirror. he demeans her that people cant fall in love with simpleton and ordinary girls like her, and insults that nearby there is a blind school where people might fall in love with her. she is in tears. he wrenches her by the hand, and then draws her to the gate. He then asks her not to enter the room and get near him again. She is tensed and apalled, and turns to go. Just then, amad’s friend turns in her sleep, who amad had planted beside azad, under covers when he was asleep, sleeptalking and babling in her inebriated state. Mahira is shocked to see this. Azad stands thoroughly boggled and outraged too. She asks him if this is the reason he wanted her out of the room, so hastily and hurriedly. He thinks that he doesnt know this girl landed, but right now she would act as the perfect example to draw mahira away and unfortunately he wont get a better chance at drawing mahira away from him forever. he is btensed and speechless, boggled himself too. She says that she wants to know who is this girl. he turns away as tears well up in his eyes. With steely eyes, he turns around, and says that he doesnt know the name nor does he want to know. She asks if its so casual for him to get any girl in his room. he rectifies her callously that not in his room, she lies in his bed. he asks her to have a nice glance at herself and then the girl, and asks if she still thinks that he can love her of all people. He asks her to get the hell out, as he has to spend more time with the girl, and she stands as a disturbance. she is hurt and leavesapalled. He thinks that he is extremely apologetic for what he did, but hopes she never forgives him as that anger shall keep her away from him, and safe. meanwhile he understands that amad is behind this disgusting act.

In her room, razia tells kahn begum that even the worst of people come in handy, just like out of her wildest imaginations, her brother came handy for her too. Khan begum says that she has just come, and the work still remains to start. razia says that everything shall happen. Khan begum gets berserk and says that her condition is debiliating, and that she cant afford to spend a single minute, and that they shall have to act fast. razia asks whats bothering her the most. She says that there are numerous issues, as mahira has seen how she couldnt break the black magic encircling her. razia asks her to relax and says that mahira doesnt remember anything before that, and just remembers from when she got revived back. Khan begum is relieved. They both find mahira walking in the corridor distraught, and think that she is coming out of azad’s room disturbed, and maybe he said something that upset her so badly. Khan begum is worried whether she is leaving the house, due to their fight and what shall they do then. razia asks her to stop being scared of small losees, if she wants to win the bigger game. Razia says that there’s one way to keep mahira in the house forever. Khan begum asks what. She asks khan begum whats the biggest foolishness of youth. Khan begum isnt able to, and then razia says that its love, and if they cant hold mahira back in iron shackles then they can hold her back in the chains of love. khan begum is outraged at what she is insinuating. razia says that she wants her to get azad married to mahira. Khan begum is shocked. the screen freezes on her and mahira’s faces.

Precap: Azad finds mahira with her bags pakcked and loading them in an auto, ready to take off from the house. He is distressed and sad that she is going. Nevertheless, he thinks that mahira shall have to rightfully go very far away from him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. Mahira knows azaad’s love. But What’s going on? So complicated. Why amad always aginsed to his brother.

    1. Prashant Searwar

      Ahmad is always against his brother because Azaad once took his love away. A girl whose name was Afreen. Because of that Ahmad hates him a lot and promise to take revenge by snatching everything that loves in his life.

  3. Very sad for azad and mahira…. Azad more hurt then mahira… Wow what an acting .mahira and azad… Awesome

  4. Eid mubharak frds.

    Very touching episode. No azaad don’t act like that.Pls don’t hurt mahira,yourself and also ourself. Finaly razya you did good work. Unite azhira.

  5. ohh god wats happng…plz unite azad nd mahira…we dnt want any twist in dis beautiful love story.,writers for godsake dnt bring that amad in btw azmah

  6. Oh god yaar…Azad should confess her love to mahira…they should unite

  7. Oh god! ! Plz unite azmah and plz don’t want any twists in this love story.

  8. Super!! at last Azad and Mahira enter the path of love. Mahira should save Azad now from whatever event it will bring them closed no ? antidote for each other waoh!!!! it could be exciting …

  9. Azad should not have hurt mahira…

  10. The writer should change this show name to (unsolve mystery) cuz the plenty unknown things need to be solve
    Since when razia have a brother and this mrs khan dont know that razia is from her past life
    It so complicated

  11. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Ncy love story.amad creepy .as for razia excatly how many lifes does she have??lol…slow moving thoug??

  12. Eid Mubarak friends this show is so complicated.may u guys enjoy the rest of your day.

  13. Seriously……khan begum does not know her husband sis but her kids do!!! So lame…….. And how old is raziya by now?? Maybe a century by now!!!!!! Lol lol lol lol……

  14. Tanq rani for ur replay in sterday

    1. U r welcome @kavi

  15. What is thename of azad and maharia song plz

  16. This show already had 2 leaps. So what is the year this show running. Is it still 2015.

    1. the year could be 2057 .. because qubool hai started in october 2012. it took the first 20 year in 2013.. so 2012 + 20 year leap + 25 year leap = 2057 .. so it could be 2057 they are in . lol

  17. Asad and mahira ‘s conversation was so sad and emotional but I want it to happen that way, I mean I didn’t want asad to confess his love for mahira infornt of her because i want her to leave the house so she may scape from these evil woman’s trap and even asad may get the clue about what is going on in his house

  18. by the way its going good but azad fell in love with mahira so soon

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