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Scene 1:
Location: Begum’s residence
Latiof and gazalla are shocked to know of begum and armaan. By mahira’s coaxing, armaan hugs khan begum who is overwhelmed with emotions. He says that he has forgotten and forgiven everything that she did to him years back, and that he wont hold it against her anymore, as this is what mahira wants. He says that the only reason he is doing that, is out of tremendous love for mahira thats much more than his hatred for her. he says that he knows she doesnt like him and is frustrated, despite that he loves her, and even though she might not want to seen him, but he is always on his mind. Armaan says that the moment he understood his own heart, he started loving mahira, and noone can separate them now. He says that this heart was, is and shall

always be only mahira. Begum is tensed, while mahira is angry. She leaves from there, while begum smiles.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Begum is decorating the house, when imtiaz comes saying that he is very happy since he found his mothers on MOTHER’S DAY, and begum is frustrated at his sight, and wonders how to get rid of him. She jerks him away and as he gets tensed, she comes close to him, and says that if he does mischief, he might hurt himself. Ehsaan comes and asks the need of decoration. she says that she found his son, and his son, armaan too accepted him, so she is doubly happy. His mother comes and says that she is very happy to have her, and presents her a gift. as she opens it, she finds taveez from the holy dargah, and instantly her hands are shaking. She is too stunned to react and immediately it falls from her hands, but before it can touch the ground, he holds it, while they both are tensed. begum is tensed as to what to answer. her hands are burnt and she immediately hides it in her cloth. His mother asks whats the matter and if she is okay. She makes an excuse that due to this sudden respect, love and care, that she hasnt experienced since anand kumar went away, she couldnt handle herself. he says that he shall help her wear it. she retreats and takes a step back instinctively, and then says that it would be best if she wears it after marriage. He complies. she thinks that she cant continue this charade for long, and she needs her powers back soon. which can happen only when armaan and mahira unite, but wonders how.

Scene 3:
Location: Begum’s residence
Later, latif and gazalla tell mahira that kainat is in the dargah. she thanks them and begins to leave, but armaan comes and amusingly stops her way, whichever way she wants to go. She is boggled and asks whats he doing, by stopping her way, as she has lots of work to get done. He says that he isnt stopping her and asks her to finish them all by 4, since she shall go with him to the picnic at 4 o clock. She gets enraged, and says that she shall decide for her life and not him, and whats her problem. he says that she has to come, as its plan made due to her only, as she made him forgive his mother, and he is giving this picnic as a gift to her. She is tensed. he asks her to be ready at 4. She asks how is he so sure that she shall go. he tells her its because of her good nature, that wants to see everyone happy, whatever maybe the cost and that she definitely wouldnt want to spoil her mother’s mother’s day, because of her absence. she gets tensed. He says that the decision is hers but if she doesnt come, then the picnic wont happen too. She eyes him frustratedly, cursing her good nature and upbringing. meanwhile, latif and gazalla talk about how they are reminded of sanam when they see mahira. gazalla says that she shall fall in love with him in a week, but latif says that mahria is adamant too like sanam, and wont buckle so easily.

Scene 4:
Location: Abortion Clinic
Kainat goes to a hospital, where she is surrounded by pics of babies, and then remembers sameer’s mistake and insults. she is apalled and unable to do this, when the nurse comes and asks her to come as the room is prepped for her. she is about to go, when she finds sameer having held her hand. She asks whats he here for, to see the drama of their child’s death. he cries and apologises that he is very sorry. she says that she made a mistake and she cant rectify it, but can save her family from embarassment and humiliation. He asks her not to punish their child for his mistake,a nd that he shall accept her wish to give the name of his family to their child. She hugs him while he evilly smiles. she says that she knew that this child shall unite them while he thinks that he shall betray her, but at such a place, where she has nowhere to hide or run away. He says that mahira may have stopped a drama at the party, but she wont be able to stop him from ruining her and the child’s life.

Scene 5:
Location: Picnic Spot
Begum and ehsaan take a stroll, where he says that he came because of her, and not with her, when she thanks him for coming. She says that she knows, and she also knows that she unintentionally came between two friends. he says that he has no complaints, and that what she did for him and his family, is too big, and she neednt blame herself. Just then, they find mahira too who has come with the rest of the people. mahira eyes begum tensedly and then comes upto her. Armaan meets imtiaz, and they come to begum and ehsaan too. Armaan wishes her a happy mother’s day referring to her as a mother, and then giving her a gift, though imtiaz. she gets overwhelmed and then hugs him and he too responds back. Imtiaz takes begum’s hand and says that she is his mother and takes her away, to play. Armaan comments to ehsaan that he never told imtiaz of their changed equations now and he should refer to him as his brother. ehsaan listens tensedly. He also comments that now he shall have to call him something else. He walks away. Ehsaan is tensed.

Begum talks to mahria aout their changed dynamics of reklations and maybe armaan too has changed. mahira denies and adds that he may have changed but there’s some ulterior motive behind it, as she knows that whatever he is doing, he has some selfish motive, and his good behaviour is undigestible. begum is shocked to see mahira’s behaviour towards armaan. She reminds her of azad’s beating heart inside armaan. Mahira gets tensed, and continues that some people are shrewd, that they can befool their heart too and its no miracle possible that changed him overnight. Begum says that he isnt, but she is to be blamed for all that. She says that she left im for dead in this cruel world, and when people face such things, people do get mean. Mahira says that she understands their pain, but she cant replace azad’s place with armaan at all. she walks away. begum is tensed, and thinks that mahira has to get close to armaan, still she doesnt give a second chance to her life, begum herself wont get a second chance to get back her powers, and that she wont let happen.

Ehsaan finds armaan’s eyes fixated on mahira, as she mingles with ehsaan’s mother. he sends imtiaz away to play and comes to armaan, and says that he knows hoiw much armaan loves her, but its very clear that azad is still in her heart, and he also knows, when armaan doesnt get something he wants, then he accepts it anyhow. Armaan asks if he should take advice from a person who married a lookalike just because he didnt get the real one. Ehsaan tries to speak, bu armaan interrupts him, and asks him to let be, and its not necessary that they agree on everything, and this being a good day, he doesnt want to spoil it. They hug each other. begum comes and excuses armaan for sometime, and takes him away. he complies. they walk uptil the bridge, where he comments that she successfully managed to trap his best friend, and asks if she plans to leave him midway too. She asks why is he talking to her like this, as she thought he had forgiven her. He says that he did but hasnt forgotten anything, and what kind of a woman she is and what lengths can she go too. She asks whats he doing. He says that she is one of those people, for whom emotions are fun always, but not him. He tells begum that he loves mahira deeply and truly, and can go to any lengths to prove his love for her. Begum retorts back that she too isnt playing some game, and then he asks if the favour she did on ehsaan, is actually genuine. she is tensed and taken aback. but she retorts back asking if his love for mahira is genuine. he is shocked too. The screen freezes on armaan, mahira and begum’s tensed faces.

Precap: As mahira and armaan stand on a cliff, he walks off, mahira watches him tensedly. Her foot slips and she falls over the cliff. he is shocked and rushes to her help. He finds ahira barely hanging on a by a thread catching hold of a boulder. he tries to go down, but the people stop him, especially, begum that he needs to save mahira but not at the cost of his own life. Mahira meanwhile struggles badly to hold on, and lets out a scream when she isnt able to. He is shocked to see this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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