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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Seher wakes up dizzy head and with a bad hangover, as she hazily remembers what she did last night, inebriated. she then lies the sroom strewn around, and the dupatta on the floor, and taking in her hands, she finds it wet and smelling of explosives. Before she can deduce and understand, ahil comes in and asks what happened to her last night. she says that she doesnt know at all. when he says that she embarassed them all, she hasily apologises. he asks her not to worry, but asks her if she has any concernes at all, about their relationship and their marriage. seher remembers rehaan’s feelings about her, and then razia’s callousness and then eyes ahil tensedly. She denies having any doubts about the marriage, and that she feels she woulod

get every happiness in the world, by marrying him. He asks her to get ready, while he does his prayers. he leaves happily, while she is tensed.

Dilshad finds rehaan, going out, and thinks that if she tells him, about Sanam’s trouble, he would definitely help her. She goes after him, but before she can catch up with him, he leaves with ahil for the dargah. Dilshad is tensed and distraught.

Inside, seher thinks that this is the biggest day of her life, when everything she ever wanted would come to her, but she still feels that she is losing everything today. she is tensed. dilshad comes inside and finds her tensed. She starts shouting for seher. She finally is able to hear and turns around but is unable to see dilshad, as latif comes in the way, surprised to see dilshad, for the first time. Seher leaves from there. latif is unable to identify her, but then does, and is shocked that she was befooling them with her paralysis, and betraying them all just like razia. dilshad is tensed. Latif starts lamenting about the extra work that she had to put in. She hands dilshad the broom, and asks her to get to work, or else she would report to tanveer. dilshad gets scared and says that she would do whatever is asked of her.

Tanveer comes and congratulates seher, while she eyes her angrily. Tanveer tells sanam, that she is a tough life, as she shouldnt have been alive today and that there’s someone who is responsible for saving her, even if she doesnt know how she got saved. Seher is tensed, as she remembers the dupatta. she also has faint memories of someone caressing her face, and crying over her. tanveer asks about the special person, while seher gets angry.

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Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Rahat is searching for his purse, when haya gives it to him. he thanks her, and she says that it isnt needed. faiz sees them conversing. She says that he needed help and hence she did. Rahat tells haya that maybe the relation has different meanings to both of them, but she would forever be his responsibility, even if she likes it or not. She begins to leave. rahat stops her. Rahat asks haya if she cant give another chance to their relationship, and if her love for him, has totally died. Haya eyes him with teary eyes. faiz is irritated. she says that she doesnt know that, but knows that its lost somewhere, and that there was a time when she could give her life at his asking once, but now her heart is in so many pieces that she doesnt know where’s the haya that could trust him blindly, as she cant even trust herself now. She leaves. rahat is tensed.

When guests come in with gifts, they find haya crying, and start taunting her, as to how she being a newly wedded wife, is already in tears. haya says that its nothing like that. But faiz comes in asking why is she crying, as her face clearly shows that something is wrong, and that they can easily be shared with this secret. rahat too comes in. the guests ask haya to openly tell whats troubling her, and if rahat misbehaved. she denies. rahat asks how come they are here so early. The guests comment on haya crying. rahat covers up for her, saying that they dont need to be tensed, as he is there for her troubles, and more than her own husband, her brother in law cares for her, indicating at faiz. She senses the tension, and takes the guests inside. rahat warns faiz that today she tried to malign the name of the family in public, and if its repeated again, he wont tolerate it. faiz is fuming with anger.

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Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Seher sarcastically starts taunting tanveer at her failed attempts, and says that there definitely is someone who wants her not to win, and doesnt want her to get harmed, and is ruining all her traps, and its the lord himself. She says that tanveer still doesnt understand, that all her attempts to kill her shall fail. tanveer says that she forces destiny to change its course, and remembers the massacre that she had created. seher is tensed, as tanveer asks her not to misunderstand her momentary win as her victory as her detiny can betray her anytime. she caresses her and then leaves, while seher fumes with rage. Seher thinks that anything can betray, but not her destiny, and once she gets married, then she would be way out of her reach and she wont even know when she becomes a blind beggar. Dilshad rushes out, and hides behind a pillar, whens he finds tanveer approaching her, and while tanveer walks past her, she senses someone’s presence, and stops, while she is scared. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Dilshad tells seher about her family, and her relation to them, and how sanam is not her lookalike, but her twin, while she is shocked, dressed as ahil’s bride. meanwhile, sanam makes a mad dash for escape, as she snatches the pitsol, and at gun point, she tries to rescue from the hooligans.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  4. common haya stop your whining and make up with rahatt before sicko faiz does something you will regret. sanam get away from those goons shoot them and run for your life to make your way back to ahil. dilshal stop being black riding hood and get out of that wheel chair and turn tanveer and razia upside down throw them out of that house which does not belong to them. haya you know you truly love rahatt and rahatt truly loves you give him a second chance he has asked you to forgive well do that please………………… it is about time you consumate the marriage and show faiz that love conquers all so with that faiz pack your bag and head out of town on your motor cycle faiz you have lost with all the attempts you made to break haya and rahatt up you ugly son of a gun, you sicko you you wicked so calle brother with a brother like you who needs an enemy.

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