Qubool Hai 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 24th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya is tensed as she remembers mamu’s words. Tanveer intentionally collides into her and teases her to be cautious, reminding her that there’s walima for her ahead. Zoya retorts back saying that asad is waiting for her in her room. Tanveer teases that she should hurry, so that the date of walima isnt extended. Zoya says that one night is enough for that. tanveer says that she gets restless if she doesnt do anything, and she knows that asad is waiting impatiently, and maybe he isnt able to wait till the timke she reaches to the room. Zoya angrily asks what she did this time. tanveer tells her that she has mixed sedative pills in asad’s water and he would be asleep by the time she reaches. Zoya gets frustrated and rushes to their room, while

the servant carries the mixed water to serve to asad. Zoya rushes in and asks if he’s okay. he says that he is. She thinks that itv was just Tanveer’s gimmick. But when she turns around, she finds asad getting dizzy. While he lies on the bed, zoya rushes to get someone, but is angry to find Tanveer standing at the door, smirking at her.

Later, after asad is asleep, she goes to the window and wonders at the peculiarity of life, where strangers may be close, but her condition is ironical, that she doesnt even know eher her father is, but wherever he is, he is very close to her heart and hopes that wherever he is, he places her too close to his heart. she remembers mamu’s promise and is hopeful, as she takes the dollpiece in her hands. Zoya thinks that the lord has tested her enough and this is the biggest exam of her life, and that she has been tortured much for her father and prays that she gets to see him this time, as she maynt be able to wait any longer and prays that this wait is over this time. In the other room, humaira too takes the dollpiece remembers her father’s warnings about haider and haider’s hasrh words spoken to her. she cries incoherently. she apologises to her father, for having hurt him so badly, and thats why she is being punished, as her father was right and she was wrong, in marrying the wrong guy for her, and isnt a good sdaughter also and has lost the right to come close to him. They both emotionally listen to the music box, each thinking of their father.

Zoya talks to her elder sister on the laptop, who tells her that they looked very beautiful in the wedding pics, and is happy that she got everything that she desired for. zoya says that she too is happy and gets nostalgic. Aapi asks whats the matter. zoya says that even her last and desperate wish is also coming true soon. she says that she wanted them to be here on her walima. Aapi says that due to her husband’s heart condition, they cant go out. She excuses herself to go and give her meds. Before logging off, she tells zoya an important piece of information. Zoya is puzzled when she gets to know that the orphanage that she was adopted from, couldnt retain her record file, due to a fire in their record room, but they have managed to salvage an old pic of hers after all these years. zoya asks her to upload it instantly.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Haseena is mortified with the thought of lying on the floor, and laments on her situation. Badi bi comes in asking if she’s very much in trouble. haseena nods. badi bi asks her to pick up ther sheet on the floor. She is about to lie on the bed, when badi bi tells her to go and sleep on the sofa. She is shocked, but badi bi manages to convince her to go out, and sleep. Haseena has no option but to agree. She leaves, while badi bi smiles. Then she goesn over to the almirah and with pleasure, eyes the locked safe inside.

While sameera is asleep in the kitchen, she gets uncomfortable, and gets up finally frustrated with her sitaution. she is surprised to find haseena snoring on the sofa and thinks that now she would undersdtand whats she going through. she goes over to the fridge for cold water, and turns around to face nikhat, standing there like a ghosdt. she remembers that she had done the same to nikhat when she was supposedly alive. She says that this cant be. sameera tells nikhat’s ghost, that she is alive and that its a trap thats similar to the one that she had played with nikhat, and that nikhat is very much still alive. She tells nikhat, that she isnt scared of her and she would prove it today definitely, and moves forward stealthily, to touch her and prove that she’s for real. Just then, badi bi comes and reprimands her whats happenning. By then, nikhat disappears, and sameera is surprised. Badi bi accuses her to stealing. Sameera is about to blurt out the truth, but haseena comes in just in time to distract badi bi’s attention and sends her back to her room. after she is gone, haseena takes her to farhan and they both reprimand, when she starts talking about what she saw. They dont believe her, and send her back to the kitchen to sleep. After she is gone, haseena tells him that they have to do something about her, and probably she was better off in the basement. both are tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
The pic gets uploaded. She remembers recognises it as the same girl that she had seen in the pic that she had given razia considering that it was humaira with mamu. She wonders what she was doing in mamu’s lap. She thinks that this means mamu knew her since childhood. She wonders if this means and then is too stressed to finish her own sentence and the scary thought that crosses her mind, that he could actually be the answer to all her wait so far. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Tanveer is about to knock on thed door, when zoya opens tyhe door, and she gets a little flabbergasted, at seeing zoya is a western knee length skirt. She gets a little disappointed. Zoya teases her asking why is she waiting here for so long, as she has to do the walima preparations today. tanveer leaves frustrated while zoya smiles. Meanwhile, Razia says to tanveer that she knows mamu very well and that he would do what he has resolved to do. tanveer says that she too is like that, and that tomorrow evening, all of that would happen thats been promsied to her by tanveer herself. they eye mamu venomously.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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