Qubool Hai 24th February 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: The doll factory
As tanveer is about to leave, she finds ahil having arrived in the building. she gets frustrated and then wonders whats he doing here. She gets an idea and tells nawab that he wanted to tell about ahil, as he was close to telling the truth, and how it ended up her killing rehaan. He tells her that today noone shall save his son ahil, and today he shall die right in front of him. She frees him and takes him to the window, showing him ahil, his son. He gets overwhelmed to see his own son after so many years, and how he used to caress him, and was very affectionate towards him, even though he couldnt ever show it. She taunts him that his son is so tensed for her, wondering whats she doing here, having seen her car. She blackmails him that if he doesnt tell

about her daughter, then she shall kill ahil rightaway. when she aims the pistol, ge gets scared and says that her daughter is with his friend, in safe custody and says that he shall give the phone number. She is relieved. She finally dials that number out in the open. She sends a voice message finally, after she isnt able to get through. she says that she is her mother, and how she had been separated at birth, but now destiny brought her with her again, and asks the girl to call her, once she gets this voicemail, as she wants to meet her. But she is shocked, when she finds ahil calling out to her. He asks whats she doing here. Tanveer pretends to be relieved, saying that she was very scared and hence came here to see him at the doll factory. She hugs him, while he is still baffled. he asks whats there is this factory, and whats the secret that she never wanted him to be here. She continues to make an excuse. But he is sure that there is something, some secret, and talks about suleiman’s letter. tanveer asks him not to believe, and again tries to mislead and misguide him, away from the truth. She asks him not to be involved in stupid stuff, as she has already lost one son, and she cant afford to lose another. she drags him out, but her legs give away due to broken heel, and starts limping.

Meanwhile, Sanam comes and stands in front of nawab. she tells him that ahil feels guilty of having killed him all these years. He expresses his helplessness due to tanveer. She tries to untug him. He says that he is okay, and asks her to go and save ahil as otherwise tanveer shall kill him. She says that she cant leave him like this. Nawab tells sanam to go and tell that he is alive to ahil, when she overwhelmingly tells about her identity, and save him from tanveer. she rushes out. She comes face to face with the new bride, who tries to stop her, but she throws her away, and then leaves. The new bride is shocked to find her head hurt.

In the ground, a voice calls from behind asking them to stop. Ahil turns around and is shocked to find sanam. Tanveer is angry at her problem. He rushes to sanam and asks whats he doing here. She says that tanveer would give him the answer to all the questions, as she had kept her captive. Ahil asks her to stop this nonsense. She says that she knew he wouldnt believe her. She says that the truth is that her mother is such a criminal, with a very long list of crimes, and that this is the woman, who killed her parents, and who kept her away from her twin sister for 20 years. Ahil is shocked to hear this. Tanveer comes and asks how can she kill them, as she never knew them. Ahil tells about how he saw the picture together. She says that it must have been the pic, of her giving gifts. She reminds him how she had told sanam that she doesnt know sanam and ahil. She blackmails him saying how could he doubt her, and if this is what he shall get for all her sacrifices. she brands her as a liar, and about a twin sister, and instead turns it against sanam asking why she never told him this. sanam says that she wanted to tell, but wanted to get solid evidence, as he worships his mother and wouldnt believe anything against her. Sanam says that she wanted to tell this all along, that the woman who jilted him at the altar was her sister. He remembers the weird behaviour that seher used to have with him around. Ahil connects the dots, and is baffled and boggled. Tanveer asks that sanam should have brought her sister in front of her. Sanam says that he was in a mode of not believeing her then, despite her trying to tell him time and again. sanam and tanveer enter into a argument and counter-arguement, in which ahil finds it baffling who to believe and who not to believe. Tanveer pretends to be hurt as to how ahil, for whom she sacrificed his whole life, isnt saying anything to sanam, who is falsely accusing her. Sanam says that she used her own sister, to burn ahil’s diary that could have led him to exposing tanveer. The new bride is shocked to see all of them, and thinks that if tanveer places the blame on her, she would lose ahil forever. She decides to leave the place.

Meanwhile, seher finds a log of wood, with nails in it, and tries to set her handcuffs free. She succeeds and then tries to unlatch the door, thats locked from outside. She finally is able to and then rushes out.

Tanveer asks sanam why has she called him here. sanam says that she wont say anything, and she just wants him to come inside, to see the truth, the biggest truth of his life, hie father’s truth. Ahil is shocked, and tanveer tries to nullify her agreements. Sanam says that its a lie and that the truth is that his father is alive. She tries to convince ahil otherwise, but sanam asks him to come inside. Sanam tries to drag him inside, while tanveer says that there must be some danger inside. Tanveer meanwhile eyes someone, and says that she feels someone is coming, whose footsteps, she can sense. They both turn and are shocked to find seher standing there. tanveer is relieved to have distracted him. While ahil confronts tanveer and sanam, seher too comes and stands beside them. Seher tells tanveer that the criminal always a loose trail behind. She says that she came with naked feet, then how did she hear her footsteps and her arrival. tanveer is at a loss for an answer. She says that the truth is that tanveer didnt hear her coming, but saw her coming. tanveer is shocked. the screen freezes on ahil’s and tanveer’s shocked faces, one of having known the truth, and the other of having the truth revealed in front of others.

Precap: Tanveer locks ahil inside, and herself too, while sanam and seher are left outside. Ahil finally comes to see tanveer’s true identity, as she aims the pistol, and asks him to stand exactly where he is. Ahil is shocked. A voice calls out to him as his son, and he turns around, shocked to see his father alive. they both emotionally eye each other. Meanwhile, when seher tries to come inside, she is confronted with tanveer who has a pistol aimed at her. she finally fires, and seher falls on the ground.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. OMG ๐Ÿ˜€ Finally truth came out!!! bt sad seher going die i think ๐Ÿ™ soooo sad.
    Plz bring rehaan back plzzzzzzzzzz its a request 4m sehaan fans.

  2. FINALLY!! Tanveer is exposed! All we can do is hope this isnt another freaking dream

  3. Full of twists and turns…. Happy that aahil gets to know the truth…. Sad that seher will die…. But hope ALL IZZ WELL ;… Hope seher will be alive and Rehaan will make a heroic entry….. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Renuka sulania

    Plzzz sher ko maat marna


  6. Awesome finally we getting somewhere

  7. Dont show tanveers daughter also evil,its a kind request..and bring back rehaan in a new style for zehar..

  8. Praveen tripathi

    Ab story leap legi and sanam pakistan rhne lgegi aur kuc new entry bhi hogi and tanvee ki death ho jyegi

  9. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu

    i weep for Saher hope she is not going to die

  10. Seher may be unconscious but sure she won’t Die. She will come back at rgt time to save sanam. The guy in luv with sanam will be paired with seher. It is possible that seher may pretend like sanam and goes to Pakistan to find out the truth. Hopefully ,nawab doesn’t die and accept tanveer daughter as his and sanam 2 to be chucked out.lets see Wat happens.

  11. good to see some progress in this serial it is starting to move along please writers do not let seher die and please bring back rahann tanveer and long toenail your days are numbered happy riddance LOL

  12. Finally tanveer is revieled before ahil . Thank you soo much but dont ever let seher to die . like ahils dad is alive now reehan should also be alive. Anyway i am happy now .

  13. All I feel is like to laugh ๐Ÿ˜€ ..
    Stupid serial

  14. Finally this serial id making some progress! ! Yaay!!โ™กโ™ฅ but dont kill seher n let rehan make a heroic entry! โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜… for the progress. hopefully progress will go on

  15. Finally ahil sees tanveer for who she really is n plz don’t let seher die also I’m glad ahil gets to meet his father

  16. After such a long wait. Poor Ahil lied to all his life. That Tanveer must have both her eyes dug out for all the pain she caused to so many people!

  17. what an interesting way to start and end a show am sooooo grateful.

  18. quboolhai4ever

    Thanks a million times better than the former happenings
    Thanks going to gul khan and her crew for making sensible action and making me stay as a qh fan forever….



  20. Ok, the f*** is going on. I am stupid can anyone let me, that Ahil parents are? And can anyone tell me who is Saman/Seher parents? Ok I though that Ahil was the one who was murder by Tanveer,but than another episode is that the twin sister were separated . So just one question, I hope that twin sister are not blood related, like step brother/step sister. So Aashiqui we can see, that slowly the truth is coming out , the two face evil person that Tanveer is , that ROUGHT. Peace Out.

    1. Ahil father is Nawab Ibrahim and Tanveer is Ahil step mother. Sanam and Seher are blood twin sisters and their parents Zoya and Azad kiled by Tanveer. also Tanveer killed Zoya’s father and Azad sister ( who is Haya’s mother). Rehaan and Haya had a same father. Tanveer young days she was dated and slept with Haya’s father but he never married to Tanveer. ( Tanveer married to Ahil father for his wealth)

  21. Awesome at last we get lil justice but plzz don’t let seher pay for tanveer

  22. I am confused here?????how come tanveer is asking navab about her child? He has been her prisoners for last twenty years, how did he know she is pregnant in jail and how could he have arrange for his friend to take the child? He was captive with no contact with ouside world. What did I miss here?

    1. I think may be Sulieman. He is the only one knows Tanveer past. Ahil went to the doll factory becuase of sulieman letter. I think Sulieman knows Tanveer kept Ahil father in the doll factory.

  23. Guyz.. remember once I told you that one of Surbhi’s roles would be taken away.. which means the time has come for Seher to die.. Thatz gonna be the worst part of the story now :/

  24. Writter plz sub ka mashrwa mano or seher ko zinda rakho plzz dono sisters ko sath rakhna plz

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