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Scene 1:
Location: Armaan’s residence
As mahira stands tensedly, amad bids a sentimental farewell to latif and gazalla, who ask him where shall he go. he says that he is a Banjara and can go anywhere. Mahira says that if he doesnt have a place to live, then he can stay here, but within boundaries, as as he cant forget that this is armaan’s house. Latif and gazalla are excited and take him back inside. She is tensed wondering what to do, as she cant handle the forgetful amad, nor the fiesty armaan. Amad thansk him and leaves with them.

In his room, amad opens up his suitcase, to reveal some stuff about mahira, that she has carelessly thrown about, and he has grabbed them. then he eyes mahira’s pic and kisses it, and then opens the folded pic to reveal armaan’s

pic too which he vehemently tears off from mahira’s pic. then he eys the revolver kept.

In her room, mahria continuously tries armaan’s number, and wonders whats she doing, as she had resolved that she wont let his past interfere, and she is doing exactly the same. She decides that she cant break this promise, or hurt armaan at any cost, and she wont let anything wrong happen now. She enters amad’s room, just when he closes the suitcase. Amad is asked by mahira, that things arent appropriate and she shouldnt be doing this to her husband, and then asks him to leave the house, as she has no other option. he pulls out a revolver, and then points it at her, while she is aghast and shocked, and says that if she so wills, then he shall leave and never show his face ever again, and then points it to his own head. she is shocked. She tries to pull it off from his hands, while he threatens that he shall kill himself. After a scuffle, she takes the gun and then asks if he had gone mad trying to do this. He says that he is distraught wondering who is it, and whats his story, and who is amad and whats his connection, and that his life feels a burden on him, and doesnt have even a single friend in his life. she is worried to see his state.
she asks him not to lose hope, and keep on trying with strength and hope, as thats the only solution. She says that she is with him, and shall help him, and he shall remember everything. he is happy. She says that he needs to know that she cant hurt armaan for this, as he is her husband. he promises her that he wont do anything like that ever again, that makes her regret her decision. She leaves. He says that he promises that he would ruin her life, the same way she ruined his.

Mahira goes to the room, and then eyes armaan’s pic, and remembers how he fears neglection and rejection, and hence hates his mother. She thinks that unlucky are those who dont have anyone, but worse are those, who have but they separate. She says that she wont have this nonsense anymore. She says that she shall do this for armaan, and shall unite the brothers at any cost.

Amad comes with a red dupatta, and asks mahira whose is it, and if she recognises it. She asks where he foundit, and he says that he found it in the suitcase. she gets reminiscient, and nudges her head in a yes. He says that he continuously feels that he was married, and asks whether he was. she looks at him surprised and then responds in a yes. he asks her where is she. she says that she doesnt know, and that she has no pic of her, while he gets inquisitive and curious about his wife, She wonders where to find his bride from. he says that this dupatta gave a new meaning to her, and begs her to keep it safe. she complies and takes it. He leaves, eyeing her evilly.

Scene 2:
Location: Sameer’s residence
Kainat comes to find her husband philandering with someone else, and then insulting and taunting her, in front of her lady friends. he pushes her away, when she tries to complain. he is about to hit her, when she asks him to let be. kainat leaves from there. sameer meanwhile says that he wont be able to bear her for long. She suggests that he can get rid of her forever. he is determined as he likes the idea to kill her.

Scene 3:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Begum is searching in granny’s room everywhere, wondering where her power is. Granny comes in asking if she is finding this, and dhows her the taveez. Begum gets angry and says that she must be having a vicious plot. Granny says that she can try to take it, as she might get more powers, the same way she herself gets. Begum tries to take it, but feels a great jerk and is thrown back. Granny says that her pious powers are larger than her evil forces. Begum tries her power to destroy it, but it gets up and falls in granny’s hands. Begum is apalled, as granny leaves from there. Begum asks her to stop, while clutching the hand, with which she touched the taveez. she tries to come out, but isnt able to. She is frustrated. Granny rushes to ehsaan to try and take him out, and continues to beg him to come out, as he never says no to what granny says. Begum uses her magic to open the door, and picks a knife saying that today she shall finish this story. Meanwhile, granny tries to take the taveez’s help to get ehsaan free from the spell, and then tries to open the door, and this time her hands dont get a shock. She opens the door, and then calls him, while begum comes in just then, asking her tostop. granny is apalled as she turns around. begum says that she wont spare her today and shall kill her, and is about to stab, when ehsaan comes in to stop her, saying that its enough, and now she shall pay the price for every betrayal. begum is shocked to see this. Granny thanks the lord in relief.

Scene 4:
Location: Armaan’s residence
In her room, mahira wonders what happened on amad’s day of marriage, and who was she and where they both disappeared, and wonders if she shall be able to solve this complicated problem. Just then, amad comes, and she reprimands him for coming in again unnoticed and unannounced despite being warned not to. He apologises and says that he is tensed, saying that he feels a shadow looming around her, and asks her help. he asks her to drape this dupatta on herself, while she is boggled and surprised. he manages to convince her though. As mahira tries on the dupatta, amad standing behind her, with a pic in his hand, asks her whether his wife was an exact lookalike of her, or whether she only was his wife. Mahira is shocked to hear this. He shows her the pic, that has her pic with amad in marriage. Mahira is shocked to see this. the screen freezes onher face.

Precap: Mahira tells armaan, on the phone, that ever since he went away, she has been worried thinking whether he is still mad. he assures that he cant be mad at her for long. She smiles. he asks her if they can start afresh in their lives, with just him and her, and no shadows of past looming over them. She smiles and complies. Meanwhile, amad eyes mahira’s pic, and starts scratching her pic, with a knife, swearing to ruin her completely.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Hey I’m having a doubt… As per season 4 Mahira is re incarnation of Sanam right??? If yes did she get any flash back abt her previous birth????? Can anyone tell me plz

  2. End this crap or else create another storyline sooo boring

  3. Stupid story line & Surbhi Jyoti acting is becoming redundant. I am tired of story plots ending abruptly and new ones just popping up from no where.It’s ULTIMATE RUBBISH!!!!!!!!

  4. This serial ain’t make any sense da dead r raising its totally crap and shit coz this play has been encouraging evil.The characters have never seen happy times n they die before the see it.End it

  5. How did amaad survive the stab?????? Is he Also like azaad???

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