Qubool Hai 24th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Khan’s residence
While mahira is working on the laptop, for her newspaper article, she feels sleepy and doses off.

In her room, khan begum finds her feet decaying away and she losing her activity in the foot, due to her losing her powers. as she falls while trying to grab a glass of water, azda rushes to her help, apalled and distraught while both are tensed of her decaying condition. azad goes to the kitchen, in the dark of the night, to grab water for her, and doesnt realise that mahira is lying on the floor. his foot collides into her, and to maintain his balance his head falls on the knife, kept on the kitchen slab and it starts bleeding. this wakes up Mahira who is shocked to see the bloodf. azad walks out rushedly, without paying attention to mahira,

who is rushing after him, saying that she saw he got hurt and is badly bleeding. she places her arms on his, and he jerks her away with such force, that she hits her head on the sofa chair, as she falls on the floor. she is shocked and disgusted by his reaction, while he is terribly tensed and upset too. He leaves. she is boggled.

When azad comes back to the room, they both discuss as to how apalling her condition increasingly is becoming. She talks of the Kajnaar flower, and azad tells her that the flower that blossoms every four years, and then wilts away, he shall surely get it this time around. Then all of their problems shall be solved, once she returns back to her former glory. They are both tensed.

Later, while mahira walks in with a phone call, about a query needing her future foretelling skills, she maintains that foretelling is nothing but hoku,, and instead the girl should just focus on hard work for success, rather than astrological solutions. Then she finds kainat, who instantly takes an interest in her astrological work, and mahira talks to her at length, about how people make their own fate, and belief in astrology is just for the weak. She eyes mahira’s hand marks, caused by azad, of which she is oblivious and suggests that she can get one of Azad’s miraculous potions, that heal wounds much faster. But mahira is scared of him and refuses her to go to him. kainat looks at her paralysed hand and finds herself weak. But mahira gives her an inspirational speech and tells her about it, as in how she can convert her own weaknesses into strengths, just like she did, with her glasses and specs. kainat is immensely happy with her, and then she asks her to be by her side when the guests come in the evening. she agrees.

In her room, khan begum tells kainat that she needs to move over the past, and make a fresh new beginning as she is sure that this time around, she shall be selected and then things shall be rosy and romantic for her. kainat too smiles. just then, anand kumar comes in and rudely asks khan begum to give him his red scarf. She too retorts back, and he gets angry. But kainat intervenes, and sorts it out. Khan begum gives him his scarf, and he walks hastily. She gives kainat a bful dress to get dressed up in and then leaves, blessing her.

Downstairs, mahira talks to latif, when they discuss about how royal and elegant the khan family is, when mahira mutters except for azad. She then cracks a joke about his birthday being on Independance Day, given his name. Latif gets scared when she spots someone, and signals it to her. when she turns around, she finds azad glaring at her angrily. Latif escapes. mahira however confronts him saying that he needs to calm down his look, as she isnt scared of him and his monstrous look like everyone is. She then is tensed about her blurtung out about him being a monster. He eyes her sternly. the screen freezes on her, as she hides her face.

Precap: After the grooms’ side is gone, mahira suggests to khan begum that this guy isnt right for kainat. all are shocked. Khan begum and azad reprimand her for even having the audacity to speak in their internal matters, and how dare she talk like this, when she doesnt know of the khan’s family background and their royalty, and the relations that they have with other people. Azad asks her how dare she ruin this for kainat, when for the first time in her life, she has got this happiness. kainat seems upset too. mahira still manages to have guts and replies that since its kainat, thats the exact reason why she is so vehemently saying this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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