Qubool Hai 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Shaad’s residence and on the road
Shaad is apalled, as they take sanam away. Shashi is tensed. later, when shaad calls the immigration office, he is shocked to know that they have no info of any such raid, or sanam being taken away by some unit. He is outraged and asks them to check and get back to him. Shashi overhears this from outside, and remembers how she had planted goons as officers, and then asked them to take sanam way and wait for her further instructions.

Meanwhile, the jeep stops at a halt, and sanam gets down at an isolated location, along with the hooligans. She is shocked as to why they have stopped here, when there’s no police station around, and then understand that they arent goons. Meanwhile, shashi calls them, and the goon ask what

to do. She understands that its shashi on the phone, who was after this plan all along, and hollers at her, that she would teach her a lesson. But shashi waives it off, and says that she should be killed. Sanam tells the officers outside not to mess with her, as her husband is an army officer. She is shocked as they point the revolver at her. before they can pull the trigger, She distracts him and rushes away. They run after her.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil waits anxiously and is amused when the new bride comes, with the pregnancy test, hoping that now this girl’s evil plans shall be exposed. But he gets a shock, when he asks the doctor to check on her test. Ahil is shocked when she finds that the new bride’s tests have come back positive, while the new bride watches amusedly. He is tensed, but doesnt show it to the people, or else he be misconstrued. he asks if double checking by the doctor is required. She asks why is he doing this and what he trying to say. The doctor checks her and says that she is three weeks pregnant. Ahil is shocked and double checks, as he remembers last time, she had said she was five months pregnant. he says that the child isnt his. He reminds them of the press conference which was a month back, then how can she be three weeks preggers. The new bride says that she lost the baby when he was unconscious, and when he came back to senses, she shyly mentions that he had physical relations with her. The reporter take their own swing, asking if he is trying to implicate that she has alleged affair with someone else. The police asks him how can he doubt such a woman, who forgave him for having shot her. He says that every doubt has a reason and that he wants a paternity test. she pretends to be outraged and hurt, saying that she did everything to save their relation, even though he still loves sanam, and he shot at her, but she didnt say anything, and points out all that she has done and silently suffered, and then takes the people there in her confidence, saying that insetad of taking this disgrace, she would rather die, and even after she saved him from guilty, but when that same person doubts and insults his wife, and then asks the reporter if a lady is a thing to be used. Gazalla and razaak marvel at her emotional turmoil. The police warns ahil that he can arrest him on ground of mental harassment, for domestic violence. the reporters assure that they shall expose him completely. The doctor reprimands him for being so callous to put his pregnant wife in stress. Ahil is severely tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Gazalla and razaak are highly curious and ask how did she pass the maternity test. she says that she is indeed pregnant. They ask the new bride who’s the father. She says that she doesnt need to tell, she can show them. They stop at a restaurant, while she stands in front of a person reading the menu. when he puts the menu down, its revealed that the person is Saif, who hugs her. gazalla and razaak are shocked to see them from a distance. The new bride thinks that she always knew saif, as the trapped person, who got nazia pregnant, and shall be her victim. she remembers paying saif a load of money, saying that she knows saif was after this money only. She then gets him to do this work for her, with much more money. He happily complies. After they are done, saif asks why the pretense and drama, if they have already consummated. gazalla and razaak understand that this was their plan all along.

Scene 3:
Location: In the jungles
Sanam hides herself under a pile of dead leaves, so as not to be seen by the hooligans, who search her in all corners. right where she is hidden, the gang leader alights a cigarette, and then carelessly throws the matchstick on the leaves, and walks ahead. After he is gone, sanam gets up, and is shocked to find herself engulfed in fire. The screen freezes on her distraught face.

Precap: Meanwhile, ahil finds the new bride’s mother, who informs him that she is a witch, who once traps someone, there’s no way out for him. Meanwhile, Shashi kapor comes and stands in front of shaad and sanam, and takes off her veil, revealing herself. They are shocked. She says that after unveiling, no one has stayed alive, having seen her face.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Villains are soooo sick devil.rly hate that.i guess everyone is hate qh now.it is no longer like it used to be.so qh teams,it’s time for u to make changes and makes happy for the viewers. Bring sahil backkkk.everyone wants that.

  2. This Indian society complain when a woman gets abuse and yet (though it’s a show) a woman can blame a man for whatever she feels like accusing him of and yet he can’t ask for evidence to prove his innocence…what are they teaching people with this crap. In reality people can ask for paternity test, who the hell are doctors/cops/reporters to dictate someone’s personal life…get real!!!

  3. I pity sanam …… Bechari! Whole of her life she is working hard or struggling. though she is rich by birth( in India).. She is poor naukrabi n cook. Though she has two husbands no marital bliss.

  4. Where is seher ? Usse bhi bhoolne ki bimaari ho gayi hai kya? She does not have ghar ka address of ahil ? Huhh

  5. Now where is ahil’s father? After putting his son in trouble with new bride what is he doing? Was his role limited to only retaining new bride?? Huhh

  6. Dear all for a Break from qubool hai story read on following

    Who are MEN?
    Woh jo Narak mein bhi mile toh kahe..
    “Abe !!
    Yamraj ki Beti dekhi ?? Aag hai Aag “!!

    Who are Women ??
    Woh jo swarg mein bhi mile, toh kahe

    “Apsara Dekhi..
    No Dressing sense at All”..

  7. i don.t like qubool hai

  8. like I said this serial is utter shit

  9. Dear glory
    Read my pj …… Much better than qubiol hai story glory

  10. This show actually teaches the younger generation to lie, do eveil deedS and they will get away scott free. Writers…are those the moral valueS that you all are trying to instill in the minds of our youn and vulnerable children? SHAME ON ALL OF YOU…AND MORE SHAME ON ZEE TV FOR TELECASTING SUCH FILTH.

  11. Nazia saif and sanam 2, it’s the same story of najma rehaan and tanveer

  12. writers what kind of cart before horse script you giving us now in Thursdays script you show where longnail sanam took saif to a hotel in order for him to get her pregnant and he was acting against it like he did not want to do anything with her now all of a sudden long toenail is three weeks pregnant for the same saif and you are showing in todays Friday script that she bought him off before and he is all lovy dovy with her I do not understand this you writers keep writing shit and expect us to take it without letting you know what we observe you think we would bypass what we observe without mentioning it could it be explained how these two scripts came in all of a sudden and please we are fed up the gazalla wazir and long toenail scripts they are not making sense if you are trying to make it funny with these two characters well let me tell you it is not funny but boring nonsensical shit so end the damn serial now

  13. qubool hai the meaning of it is I accept well I do not see anything here in this serial to accept this serial is way off base no substance to it anymore in the beginning yes but now we do not know what simi dimi crap you writers are giving us it is from one shit script to the next just prolonging a whole lot of shit tata too too end it now we had enough damn it

  14. Where is seher yaar plz bring her back to the show and also a male lead against her

  15. Actually they should have stopd this seriel soon after zoya’s deliVery…..then such stupid track wouldnt have come…….n i don wanna see such gr8 actor like KVB acting in such stupid seriel……or else they must unite ahil-sanam….unless no one gonna lyk the seriel

  16. N wot did hapen to sanam…..i guess she didnt used english words much when she was with ahil….n oh my god…i wonder that wen a person looses his/her memory then they speak english……n one more thing b4 she used to get some glimpses of ahil….n wot hpnd now??whether the writers decided to seperate sanam frm ahil….or r they gonna stick in sasikapoor?…..let me say ….such a stupid seriel…….i wanna see sahil together only for wot am watching the show at present ……..pls end this pakistan track as soon as possible…..missing sahil moments…


  18. I THINK THIS FULL SEASON 3 IS OF SANAM IN PAK…and the story still going the same….

    😉 😉

  19. Ufff!!!!Bring something new or close it…….

    1. Nooo don ask them to bring new….then they may take sanam to afghanistan…..its better to close it ….

  20. Compleete shit story
    I donot know how actor act such immoral script

  21. I all ready hate this qabol hai

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