Qubool Hai 23rd September 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Outside Khan begum’s residence and Razia’s hideout
By the effect of the tears that azad sheds, which fall on her hands, mahira starts coming back to senses, as the stone effect fades off. Azad is shocked to see her miraculous recovery. he is relieved and overwhelmed with emotions, as he isnt able to believe his good luck and the lord’s immense blessings on her. mahira opens her eyes. Azad remembers the peer baba’s words. He wipes off his tears, while mahira gasps for breath and then doses off again. He picks her up, hugs her and thanks the lord immensely, for giving his mahira back to him. Mahira stays unconscious in his arms.

At the same time, razai’s corroded body too starts to revive back, much to khan’s begum’s shock

and surprise. She is relieced that razia is alive. razia gets up boggled herself, saying that someone saved mahira. Khan begum is shocked, and wonders what powerful force could cut that powerful black magic that they did on mahira. Just then, she gets a call, from gazalla who tells her about mahira’s recovery and her arrival back in the house with azad. she is frustrated, and says that azad saved mahira this time around too. razia is boggled. khan begum asks what to do now, as if they cant kill the girl, then how would she get her powers back. razia says that mahira is more powerful that they presumed her to be, but she is very valuable to them, as a key to the black magic world, and that dark forces too need the good nature to survive on, and says that mahria shall live on, but as their pawn only. Khan begum says that if this girl is as precious, then she wouldnt let mahira be out of her sight and her house, for even a minute. She says that she shall stop mahira, but how shall they use her as a pawn. Razia says that she would see to it that mahira plays to their tune. khan begum asks how. razia says that they cant play from afar now, and hence now they shall have to enter the battlefield. Khan begum is still boggled. She asks khan begum whats the battlefield right now. she is boggled and answers maybe her house. Razia then clarifies everything and her plan further too. Khan begum hears intently.

Azad gets mahira in the outhouse in his arms, and then puts her on th bed, and caressingly drapes the covers over her. he eyes her longingly and lovingly, as he takes off her specs, while she lies asleep. he caresses her forehead out of love and the kisses her on the forehead, but just before that, he stops himself, reminding that he cant go near mahira, as whenever he has gone, there’s someone who has turned its enemity towards her, and that he wants her well being, and wont let any daerk evil force to hamper her and her health. He says that he shall protect her from afar, and for her sake, he shall have to stay away from her. he is tensed thinking that if mahira is near him, then she would always have the risk of finding the truth, and hence for her protection, she would have to be sent very far away from this house and himself. he leaves the room.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
The guy who saved kainat, gets her in his car to drop her off, while she is still scared and worried. he assures that she is safe and nothing shall happen to her. She thanks him for his help. he asks her to thank the lord, that nothing wrong happened. she says that she wouldnt have bothered him to drop her, as her driver went missing, and she had no other option. He meanwhile thinks that he wishes to talk, but then wonders how to initiate the conversation. she sits quietly. He asks if she needs water, and when she complies, he gets down to get a bottle of water. Akram comes and eyes kainat from a distance, who is oblivious of his presence. he then comes, and gags her mouth from the window, and then asks her to stay quiet if she wishes to live. The guy meanwhile returns with the bottle, and finds her gone. He is tensed and worried, wondering where she went. he hears her screams and rushes following the sound.

Meanwhile, as akram drags her, she screams for helpa nd prays to the lord, saying that her life and death is in his hands. Just then, akram’s foot slips, and he falls down the landslide. Just then, the new guy comes and kainat rushes to him. Akram faces him angrily. the guy says that its good he is here, as he shall finally teach him a lesson. Akram begins to hit him. they enter into a scuffle. kainat watches them tensed and worried. finally, the guy overpowers and throws akram on the ground. But to their shock and horror, akram’s body vanishes from there. Scared, she embraces the guy, who too is boggled.

Scene 3:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
As mahira descends down the stairs, she wonders what had happened to her, as she didnt remember anything clearly, after how she had turned into stone, and wonders how she landed up here from there. she comes and confronts azad, who is tensed in anticipation of her reaction. they awkwardly face each other. she says that she has a hazy remembrance of what happened that he was fighting for her, but nothing in particular. she thinks that she wishes this half dream was a reality. he thinks that he had become restless even at the slight thought of losng her, and didnt know that he was fortunate enough to be able to love someone so badly. He laments that he cant even be close to the person he loves. She wonders why isnt he talking about what happened. he says that she shall never be able to remember, and he shall never be able to forget. He thinks that the moment shall never come in her memory, and never leave from his. He eyes her and then leaves. She is about to call him, when amad distracts her by asking how is she. she hastily says that she is okay. he continues to engage her in banter, while she gets restless. he finds that she has left abruptly, and goes after her, to find her going after azad to his room, but azad locks it from inside, and she stands out, saying that she wishes to talk to him. but he doesnt respond. Amad wonders whats the bful love story, as generally he is after girls, but now, a girl is after him. he says that he shall make sure that this door always remains closed.

Downstairs, anand kumar thanks samir, the guy profusely who got kainat back safely in the house. he asks samir about his acting prospect. The family listens intently. Anand kumar offers samir a role in one of his remakes. he smiles. Khan begum too thanks and compliments him immensely for his act pf bravery. Samir says that he doesnt feel stranger to kainat, and thinks that he knows her from ages. kainat shys away. samir leaves. Anand Kumar etlls them a stranger may have saved kainat, but it was someone of their own, who brought her till home, and they still need to thank that person. Amad interestedly asks who is it. Anand Kumar asks her to come in. As the door is opened, and a lady comes in, all are surprised as they turn their eyes to see who is it. It turns out to be razia, surprising Khan begum too. he says that this is razia, his old sister, as she had gone long back to dubai, leaving india, but just returned today. the screen freezes on razia’s face.

Precap: Anand Kumar tells them that she was staying in a hotel and he couldnt have allowed that at all. gazalla comments that her face seems very amiliar. Khan begum watches on excitedly. razia eyes mahira walking in the corridor of the house, and thinks that what she needs is right here and leaving this hugely precious thing, she wouldnt deram of going away anywhere. khan begum understands whats she means.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Oh so sweet…

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  3. I love this episode. Anyone knows Ameer’s real name

    1. Hi dear Ameer real name is SHUBHASHISH he was last seen in channel vs twist wala love he now making his entry in qubool hai as kainat love interest he will be playing a simple guy romancing kainat

  4. ooh its complicated

  5. Azad has to save mahira from razia and lovable ammi

  6. To all my qubool hai fans I have some news to tell you. Firstly guys afreen is alive and she is coming back for azaad and amaad. But the interesting thing is we don’t know who she likes that is going to be a mystery. Also afreen is going to be sameer’s sister the guy who saved kainaat and he is going to fall in love with her. The interesting thing to see is what will mahira do about afreen. It is surely a very intresting track and I hope you all are enjoying the show because I am. I hope this news gets you excited. I read it in spoilers so I thought to tell all you fans.

    1. Are u serious!!! But I just hope Mahira nd Azaad End up together!!! Amaad nd afreen are good for eachother!;)
      Thanks foe the info:)

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      1. Your welcome guys my pleasure.

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