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Scene 1:
Location: Begum’s residence
All are shocked to see begum stepping out of the palenquin, as a bride. While all watch tensedly, Khan begum sets to dancing with ehsaan, while armaan and mahira watch on boggled and shocked. he is disgusted by her sight. After her performance, he begins to go, when ehsaan stops him, and introduces her as the reason of his happiness, and asks him how he liked the surprise. he is too shocked and stunned to respond, while begum eyes him with a smile. mahira and armaan are stranded, while all congratulate the couple. She takes begum aside, and asks whats all this. begum says that its a second chance at life, that life throws at everyone, but few like her embrace it. Mahira tells her that she was right, as life has taught her that she shouldnt judge

a person on their decisions, as only they knopw the bitter truth of life, as azad was trapped in a life in which he was sad, and she has chosen a life that makes her happpy, which she should deservingly be, and she sides with her decision. She hugs mahira. Armaan comes and tells begum to come aside, while mahira asks him to speak whatever he wants to in front of her. He still takes her aside. he says that he doesnt want any dramma. mahira says that he already is creating one, and asks him to speak what he has to. He sternly asks her not to interfere, as she doesnt know the truth of this lady. begum is scared and tells him that what happened was wrong, but cant they forget everything and start afresh. he leaves from there disgusted, begum is shocked, while mahira is boggled, as to whats this truth.

while armaan stands in a corner, ehsaan comes to him, and he vents out his frustration, that he doesnt know anything about the woman. he says that he knows everything, as she herself told him everything. He tells armaan as to how she told him everything, about his undying love for him and imtiaz, and that she knows how its so bad to betray trust and she wont be able to repay her back for his favour, and hence its better that she leaves. He says that he thought his tarana had returned, but it was all a lie, but now he wants to convert the lie to a truth, and truth needs daring, which she has. She asks if he forgave her. he says that he had come for something else, but now he doesnt hesitate anymore, and presents her the ring. She pretends to be boggled and overwhelmed. Armaan is shocked as he hears this, and says that the whole world might accept the marriage, but he wont, and then storms out. ehsaan is tensed. he comes out abruptly tells them that the party is over, and leaves. the people start leaving. Mahira hears this and wonders why is he so angry at khan begum.

In his room, armaan is tensed as he remembers his tormented childhood, just due to khan begum, and how afreen brought him the truth, about his reason for being an orphan and seeing her like this now. he asks the lord why was he given a mother at all, as he remembers begum’s entrance tonight. He starts breaking things in anger. mahira comes in and finds the room like that. she angrily arnts asking whats his problem, and how can he get on with this anger, and if he hates people for a hobby. she says that she doesnt wish to give advice to people like him, but she wants to, and thats the fact that not every person is as bad as he thinks of them, and they have good aspects too. She says that he shouldnt bother about the deal as it didnt get stuck due to begum but due to she herself. while armaan paces nervously, and frustrated. Mahira comes in and starts venting what his problem is with her, and not begum, then why is he bothering her unnecessarily, and punishing her for mahira’s issues. Unable to take it any longer, he breaks down and screams that she is his mother. mahira is stunned to hear this. he collapses on the floor, as he recounts his horrible childhood, and how he got rejected not once but twice, and for that, he shall always hate her. she comes to him, too overwhelmed, and apologsies, tears streaming down her cheeks. he hugs her and she is taken aback, but then hugs him back, while both cry. She is startled as she realises what she is doing and then with a jerk, she distances himself away. they both awkwardly compose themselves. He says that for the entire life, he has been devoid of trust and hunted for it, and doesnt want to lose it now. she is shocked as she looks upto him. She then leaves. he eyes her emotionally.

In her room, kainat continues to try sameer’s number but it keeps coming switched off. she is distraught, that all her life she thought she was incomplete, but her happiness wont be, and there must be someone to love her unconditionally, and that she loved sameer tremendouly, but she doesnt know what problem he had with her, that he did this. She gets suicidal and eyes the knife kept on fruits and takes it, thinking that its better to die than to live with the embarassment. she tries but isnt able to and again breaks into crying.

While begum is bitterly in tears, Ehsaan asks begum to give him sometime. begum tells him that armaan is her blood, and she knows him very well, and that she doesnt get sad that he hates her, but the fact that he dies in suffocation due to her, despite her loving him unconditionally, more than her life. she says that what she did was wrong, and she tried to rectify again and again, but he doesnt let her, and m,aybe she deserves his hatred. he comes and asks her to not think like that, as love triumphs hatred, and he knows armaan very much, and how to get him to agree, he knows and would do it too. She smiles and then hugs him, while thinking that love actually makes a person blind, as its good that ehsaan loves her immensely, as if he didnt then, she wouldnt have been so successful in her motives.

At the breakfast table the next morning, while armaan and mahira are eating, begum comes casually and asks how they srarted without her. Mahira tries to speak, but begum says that she knows he wants her out of the house, but unfortunately the house belongs to ehsaan too, and that she is his would be wife, and he has to accept her. She tells him that he shouldnt turn his eyes away, and she doesnt want to force him, but just wants to say that……but armaan gets up. armaan is yet again at loggerheads with begum, as he refuses to sit at the same dining table, as hers for breakfast. begum eyes him tensedly. Finally, intervening in, Mahira tells him that his anger is right and justifiably angry at begum, but he should also know, that a person has the right to take decisions that make them happy. She says that he shouldnt take away this right from his own mother. Begum is shocked to know that mahira knows about it. he eyes her tensedly. the screen freezes on the trio’s face.

Precap: Armaan says that the moment he understood his own heart, he started loving mahira. He says that this heart was, is and shall always be only mahira. Begum is tensed, while mahira is angry. Later, armaan tells mahira that she shall go with him to the picnic at 4 o clock. She asks how is he so sure that she shall go. he tells her that she definitely wouldnt want to spoil her mother’s mother’s day, because of her absence. she gets tensed. He says that the decision is hers but if she doesnt come, then the picnic wont happen too. She eyes him frustratedly./strong>

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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