Qubool Hai 23rd July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s and shashi’s residence
While the door is locked, the new bride wakes up a drunk shaad, who lustily leers at her. she shoves him away and then reminds him to stick to his work, and not act smart, as he should remember that its because of her, that he got this face, and should understand what all she is capable of. he asks her to please his heart while he pleases her brains and its plans. He tries to get intimate with her. She pushes him on the bed, while she says that first he shall have to go out, without showing anyone his face. Later, while ahil is downstairs mingling with the guests, the new bride stealthily sneaks out the new shaad, but they both are shocked when they find the real shaad walking with a smile towards ahil. the new shaad eyes him amusingly,

while the new bride is scared that her game might be up. The new bride hides with the new shaad, while the real shaad turns ahil around and wishes him a HAPPY EID, and he responds back boggled, remembering last night. He whispers and asks what was he doing last night at the bar. shaad is shocked, and says that he was here and infact was searching for him only. ahil tries to recapitulate, while shaad says that he doesnt have a clue what he is talking about, and jokes whether he is folling him. Ahil wonders why is shaad lying. Shaad wishes him and leaves. Ahil wonders if shaad is embarassaed of his behaviour last night.

In her room, sanam gives gifts to latif for Eid, when shaad comes in and they both wish each other too. She hugs him, while he is uncomfortable, but smiles. she asks for his gift. he says that he shall give it in the evening, at the function, and asks her to wait for some more time, as she has waited this long already. She agrees and then says that she is okay, as she got such bful bangl;es, that the new shaad gave her, while he remembers showing no interest in buying bangles deliberately to push sanam away. She says that its more bful since he himself helped her wear them too. he says that he really doesnt remember completely boggled. She says that it isnt that long back. Latif says that she has proof too, and shows him the pic, while shaad is completely confused. Sanam asks if he remembers now. Shaad is shocked and wonders who is he. Sanam thinks that he is inebriated and jokes about it. he smiles but is shaken from inside, as he eyes the man in the pic. He wonders who is this lookalike.

Downstairs, ahil gives everyone gifts, when nazia comes in asking for her gift. He hugs her and says that this is her first married Eid, and then gives her the gioft, and says that she should have all the happiness in the world. She too wishes him the same. Shaad and sanam come too, while ahil eyes sanam, and she is uncomfortable, but complies. nazia asks how can they not hug while wishing. sanam is tensed, while ahil waits for her reaction. finally they hug, while sanam is visibly at discomfort, while ahil is in heaven. sanaam is again reminded of how her heart yearns for ahil, and she goes ina dream sequence with shaad, baring out her romantic feelings for him. Sanam dances with shaad, on the song, galliyan. As she closes her eyes for a second, she remembers her intimate moments with ahil, and is boggled yet again. when she opens her eyes, she finds shaad gone, as she wanders around aimlessly, and finally finds shaad through the mist and runs and hugs him, as they romance yet again. She is brought back to senses, as she remembers ahil professing his love for her. She retreats herself away with a jerk, and excuses herself.

Meanwhile, shashi is shocked to see murtaza as the shaad lookalike, while murtaza leers at shashi and the new bride. The new bride is frustrated with his leers, while shashi asks him not to worry, as by the time he replaces shaad, he would have totally emulated him, in face as well as habits, and gives him a CD to understand his mannerisms, clothing style and personality completely. Murtaza asks whats wrong in his dressing sense, and then looks down to find his red shoes signature mark gone. he remembers leaving them in the room only. the new bride is tensed. Shashi asks him what shoe is he talking about. Murtaza, in the face of the new shaad, tells shashi, that him leaving the shoes behind isnt such a big deal, but is tensed that he left them in ahil’s house. the new bride and shashi are shocked. Shashi reprimands him, while he says that he doesnt listen to high voices, and rubbishes off saying that it isnt a big deal. shashi asks him not to underestimate the enemy, as one mistake can ruin everything in their game. the new bride thinks that she needs to do soemthing. the new bride thinks that before the shoes land in someone else’s hands, she should get rid of it. but as fate would have it, shaad finds the pic of the new shaad romancing with sanam, and the red shoes lying. he is boggled and surprised. The screen freezes on both the shaad’s faces.

Precap: sanam and shashi, in her young avatar, dances to a peppy number. shashi arrives with the new shaad at the masquerade bash wearing a face mask. Shaad is shocked to see them and he too wears it. shashi says that now the game shall become interesting with the introduction of this new player. Shaad complies.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Much better episode

  2. writers please what do we have to do for you to bring this serial to an end we already said it is making no sense and that it is utter nonsense we are loosing tract of everything with all these sanams and shaads and tanveers and all the shitty storyline cannot you writers understand WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE THIS SERIAL IS JUST NOT MAKING SENSE ANYMORE END IT NOW

  3. pls help viewers not deceive viewers, don’t portry ur country in a wrong form pls, sanam2 has much power & d whole kept repeating itself same thing happen wit zoya & Asad, repeatedly happen to sanam & ahil. & it seem as no better actor than Billo rani(shashi- Tanveer) or Razia. oh poor producer/Director now making nice shaad vodoo
    stop making fool of ur viewer,
    my producer/ Director money is not important than self respect, stop fooling those that entrust Qabool Hai as foolish to a better stage or end d show for good bcos we aren’t expecting much from any more
    sorry don’t mean to rude

  4. Honestly I am lost !!!! Cannot keep track of the storyline coz it keeps changing and too many characters running around unnecessarily.. I mean , seriously ? Two Shaads ? Two Tanveer ? And Voodoo Sanam… I tell you, good daytime serials are so hard to find these days !!

  5. please end this serial right now – a lot of rubbish and hogwash . Shame on the writers for making a mockery of relationships

  6. Not characters negative characters and what amaze me is that those positive characters have no senses at all and are so lame take for example a ahil ‘ s sis nasiya she doesn’t even undestand what is in fort of her eyes she is so dumb and ahil he claims that shaad is his friend and he trust him but couldn’t understand the new shaad that he in counter number of times and even look suspicious about the new look and behaviour what rubbish and he is the lead role he suppose to be extra caution I love qubool hai but plz makers try to make logic a laminate those all negative characters accept shashi and razia and bring seher Back to show and that too this idiot nazia

  7. the only thing that is making the serial worse is the sanam 2 story………. otherwise it could have been quite a good show

  8. wat kind pf rubbish serial is dis…fed up of this serial 2 Sanams first two tanveer next and two shad also now..this and all wont happens in muslim community nikaah kisi aur k sath aur usko pata nhi ke uska husband kon hai wat a stupid story s showing ..aisa konsa caste mai hota hai yaar shadi kise aur se aur romantic songs pe dances and hugging wit another man serial mai na twist na story kch nhi oly unecesray charcters involved y all are enemies of sanam and ahil oly yukk fed up of ds..serial ke start se lekar abhi tak bhi wahi hai….its a disrespect of it…bht bakwas serial h yar and wat s dat between black magic hahahaha wat a superstitious ds s hhahaa….end ds bldy serial now… bakwas hogaya hai bht …

  9. Stupid story, pls end this show now

  10. so when is this show ending?

  11. Please End The show!! Őr throw out New sanam tanveer and sanam and aahil also!!!

  12. Its getting even more stupid by the day it was sooooo much better before

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