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Part 1

Ahil looks around the Gudiya factory. There are pieces of glass lying near where his car stops. Ahil is walking on the steps to enter the factory where he spots Shoe soul. Flashback shows Tanveer struggling to free herself on the steps. Inside the factory Seher-Sanam are tied up as Sanam-2 almost dozes off keeping an eye on them. Ahil looks around the factory.

Tanveer enters a chawl asking for address. A woman says no idea but thereafter a man points Tanveer to a certain direction. Ahil enters the factory and look around, its vacant. Tanveer look around the chawl and recollects Jailors words of how Jamila her friend had taken her daughter away. Tanveer self thought, Allah doesnt do injustice, he has brought me to my daughter.. i will meet her and tell her all and take her to the

mansion. The dreams i saw for my son, i will fulfill with my daughter.Tanveer is walking towards the chawl when she looks around.She finds 13-batta-40. She knocks on a door and it opens. Its Daima. Tanveer tells her.. ur Jamila. She asks her about her daughter. Jamila says.. she was born dead. Tanveer says i know the truth.. tell me the truth, where is my daughter. I have killed many and i wont stop to kill more.

Ahil is walking further inside the factory when he collides with some bamboo rods and they fall. The noise alerts Sanam-2 and Seher-Sanam. Ahil looks around but Sanam-2 spots him and so does Sanam. Sanam tries to call out to her but Sanam-2 points gun at her forehead. Ahil walks further inside. Sanam-2 warns Seher-Sanam that if they say a word, she will kill them.

Tanveer asks Jamila where is my daughter. Jamila says i sold her. Tanveer is shocked. She fumes on her and says.. the daughter i am dying to meet, u din fear selling her off. Tanveer asks her to whom she sold her daughter. Jamila says i dunno, never saw her face. Tanveer says.. u dunno where my daughter is then u have no point staying alive. Tanveer strangles Jamila. Flashback shown of a lady paying money to Jamila and leaving. Right then she drops a card and she picked it up. Jamila tells Tanveer and goes to get it. Tanveer prays to Allah that let Jamila tell me the truth ..then i wont ask for anything. She gives Tanveer the card and Tanveer decides to go to Gudiya Factory again.

Ahil is still looking around the factory as Sanam-2 leads Seher-Sanam away from where Ahil is. Sanam takes a chance and flees from there but Sanam-2 casts an evil eye on her. Ahil is looking around at the factory as Sanam too is running looking for Ahil. Sanam is standing near the edge when Sanam-2 comes and uses a stick and breaks it to make Sanam trip. She throws the stick and Sanam turns around to find Sanam-2 point a gun at Sanam. Sanam runs from there. Sanam-2 casts her evil eye again and Sanam trips. Sanam-2 smirks, after such a bad fall, she wont dare to ever get up. Ahil is on his way out of the factory. He gets in his car and rives back just as Tanveer’s car enters the place. Ahil misses spotting Tanveer and Tanveer misses spotting Ahil.

Part 2

Sanam reaches to a corner where she finds a man kept prisoner. She hides as she watches Tanveer arrive there. Flashback shown of the man (who is Nawabsaab) threatening Tanveer about her truth and Tanveer shooting him. [In the flashback, its shown how Nawabsaab had found out that Tanveer had fooled him and made him name all his property on her name and hid that she has an illegitimate son. Tanveer shown mixing something in Nawabsaabs drink and shooting him]. Sanam recognizes him as Nawabsaab, Ahils dad and wonders how is he alive.

Part 3

Tanveer tells Nawab that she did a favour to him by keeping him alive but this is how he repaid that favour. She asks him again where her daughter is. Nawab tells Tanveer that she snatched his property, his life and his family from him and kept him tied up for 20 years for her own selfish motives but now she will realize the pain of losing her own. Tanveer says she is already feeling that pain as her son Rehaan is dead. She says the only reason for her to stay alive now is her daughter and asks Nawab about her daughter again. Nawab tells her that Allah is watching her and that she will pay for her sins. She has won till now but now she will lose the most important thing. He tells Tanveer that she has given many wounds to people and those wounds did not heal and she will feel that pain too.

Ahil is driving away in his car and rues that the visit to gudiya factory has only compounded the matter. He rues that Suleiman told him he will find answers at the factory but he did not find anything. He suddenly recollects stepping over broken yellow glass pieces at the Gudiya factory and then earlier before leaving from the mansion. He thinks that its not a coincidence and realizes that Suleiman had told him that someone from the family is a killer. He realizes that the killer must be still frequenting his home. He decides to take a turn back to Gudiya factory.

Tanveer tells Nawab that if he doesnt tell her about her daughter she will kill Ahil. Nawab says no one kills the hen who lays golden eggs. He says that the fact that Ahil is still alive proves that Tanveer could not outwit the will that Nawab left behind. Tanveer says she already has taken Ahils signatures on the will and his wife is in her custody. She says she can take Ahils life in a moment. Nawab tells Tanveer that she cannot fool him. Nawab says begum sahiba do all u can but u cant make me spill anything.

Precap — Sanam tells Nawab that she is Ahils wife and that he thinks he killed his own father. Nawab tells Sanam to rush to Ahil and tell him the truth before Tanveer traps him again. Seher comes face to face with Tanveer and she fires the gun at her. Seher falls on the floor.

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. New twist ahil’s dad is alive mjhe koi herani nhi ho gi agar writter zoya or asad ko b zinda kar de huh

    1. If it is possible for tanveer to get her eyesight back after so many years and getting away with all those murders then even this is possible.

      1. Hahaha she got eyesight by getting operated at home anything is possible in this serial

    2. hahaha :p

  2. But seriously writter g jo zinda hai un ka to kuch kar lo mare howe log ko zinda kr re ho ahil ki sisters khn ha ayyan kahan hai haider khn ha wo zinda ha un ko asa lgta jse mar dya or nawabsahab jo mare the un ko zinda kr dya

  3. Raahat was shown dead he came back… Nawab was shown dead he is alive….. Now showing seher will die…. But hope tradition will continue, so that seher and Rehaan will be back 🙂

  4. Hi what happened to Rimjhim updates!

  5. tanveer doing tooooooooooo much evil and is not getting caught and now she has another accomplice long toe nail sanam 2 who has joined the bunch doing evil acts what next personally speaking I find it is about time that tanveer be brought to justice this serial is prolonging tooooooooo much and this makes the serial uninteresting and boring so writers please hurry and bring this serial to an end

  6. I think seher will be dead.tragic stupid story.

  7. Come on people, the story is sooooo far out and unrealistic and childish ( even children will laugh), this is 21 century, there is really no moral to the show and if the purpose of the show is entertainment we are getting none. every body is over acting and dramatic that make the show very boaring to watch. By the way navab is really clean shaven and looking good for some one being held captive and tide up for twenty years.

  8. No seher wont die,tanveer wil die n then d rebirth n then again revenge then againg death n rebirth,story hai ke chewing gum??
    Rebirth mein bhi shakal same,harkateh same revenge bhi same!

  9. this show only getting corrupting n confusing everyones is dying except for tanveer it like she will always win

  10. Move satan move let me pass.Tanveer and new wife are the satans.What is happening ?.Are we seeing incarnation before us?.Nawab died so long and he is back again.What are these writers thinking,do they believe that anyone will holdfast to this crap.What I am thinking now that if this Nawab died did no one identifide the body to make sure it was him.Even though he was shot or burnt to death where is the autopsy or Dna evidence to prove it is him.Are these writers living in the stone age to be still writing as though people are so idiotic that they cannot read through the lines.Before writing all this mess ,just kill Tanveer and Sanam 2 bring back all the dead people and start a new show with them now or just end this foolishness.It is making no sense to me.

  11. This is crap yaar!! I mean sanam 2 n tanveer r just not getting caught or dying!! Its getting boring n uninteresting!! Can you please finish this serial!!

  12. Wth is going om now

  13. If nawaabsaab is alive that means zoya & asad also alive…story is getting pathetic now..bad winning over good


  14. Seher cannot die.maybe surbi takes a break in acting dual roles. Maybe Seher is shown dead. But she will be saved by someone for sure. During that time sanam moves to pakistan to search for tan veer for daughter. For sure Seher will come in climax at correct time to save sanam and the guy who is in luv with sanam will be paired with seher. So finally ,sanam 2 will be chucked and nawab may return in climax again accepting tanveers daughter as his and may haya get to no abt rehaan is his own step brother. Let’s see wat happens .sanam 2 might save seher as she may think sanam might return back and ahil can think seher as sanam and think she is dead. Wen everything get alright, sanam will come back to take back her luv ahil. Lets wait and watch the twist.

  15. I liked charu’s comments. I hope this show get happy ending with Aahil and Sanam reunite in the end…..

  16. LOL, Tanveer’s thoughts of god not doing injustice to her is hilarious…I don’t understand why they writers/directors think it’s suitable for her to even think of god when her character is pure evil

  17. Since nawab is alive, zoya n asad too r alive, it’l come @d end of d serial. Stupid show, end it please cos it meks u writers look dull.

  18. this story sucks now

  19. I live in the USA, and had a very hard time watching the show online, please email me if you live in the USA and had a hard watching the show online. So instead I read the show. Email me. [email protected]

  20. I think new sanam is tanveer daughter,

  21. OMG !!! i think seher will go after Rehaan

  22. I have send b4 also dat if REHAAN is no more thn SEHEr wil also b no more .Both 2gethr in paradise without TANVEER’S disturbance

  23. Charu I lykd ur twistd cmmnt

  24. this is very cruel . No story will hav such a villian character as tanveer . How could evil owerpower good . i will stop watching qubool hai if tanveer is going to win . And i cant accept that rehaan is died. Please stop this.

  25. @vivian, I’m in USA too and watch all the shows online. You can watch all the episodes at http://www.desitvbox.com 🙂

  26. stupid show
    why dont they end this

  27. remember the qubool hai which was amazing to watch
    azad zoya ayaan…….

  28. this play is getting worse by the day…they should just end it instead of dragging it with absolutely no sensible story …how on earth can dead ppl be alive…with not even a scratch…wasn’t one villain enough they had to make new sanam evil?totally not worth it…I hated it the minute they killed rehan.

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