Qubool Hai 23rd December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Armaan’s office
Armaan while working in the office, starts hallucinating mahira everywhere around her, and is embarassed as he is flustered in front of his employees. His worker comes and announces that client have come for the meeting. he asks him to send mahira in. he clarifies the confusion. Armaan asks him to cancel all the meetings, as he needs to go. his employees are boggled.

Scene 2:
Location: Armaan’s residence
As armaan comes in, latif and gazalla are overly teasing him of his romantic gestures, as he carries a bouquet in his hands. he is frustrated with their banter. he gives it to latif and then walks off hurriedly. He then comes back again to take the bouquet. He leaves.

Meanwhile, inside, mahira jerks amad away as

he clutches at her. mahira asks whats he doing. He pulls her close and says that she is only his. armaan comes in just then, and is disgusted and pulls mahira away, and throws a jab at him. She says that he isnt in his senses, and that his memory isnt with him. He says that he doesnt care and he cant tolerate him at all, and asks how dare he touch her. Armaan announces that either he stays or amad does. Mahira says that noone compares to him. he says that he isnt related to him at all, and asks her to throw him out. She tries to make him understand but he walks out. She is tensed. Amad gets to speaking. She says that she doesnt wish to talk to him and then leaves. Amad asks her to go wherever she wants, but her destination is she herself, and her roads shall lead to him.

As mahira rushes after him, Armaan goes in and locks the room, while mahira is outside, asking him to stop his anger. he says that nothing is left to talk, as she had to think before choosing. She asks how can he ask her to choose, as she values him more than anything, and asks him not to create misunderstandings, as that can hamper their relation. she begs him to try and understand. He asks what she wants from him, and from whats happening, how can he tolerate him. she asks him to trust her atleast, as she only loves him, and cant even think about another man. she begs him to give her sometime. he says that she has time till tomorrow. He is tensed. She thinks that she knows she has hurt him, but she promises that she shall not let misunderstanding arise in between their relations.

Scene 3:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Begum wonders what power granny got to stand upto her, and whether she is also on her way to becoming the devil. Her phone rings and latif tells her that amad has returned, and armaan and mahira have started loving each other. Begum is happy, thinking that now their consummation isnt afar, as when that happens, the child shall give her back all of her strength and lost power. But then she wonders where did amad get here from. She goes out to explain it to him, but before she can, granny calls her from behind. she asks whats it. Granny throws a cloth at her, and asks her to get to cleaning. begum asks if she is okay, and knows what she is speaking. Granny then asks her not to refuse the elders’ talks, as she is waiting. As she eyes the taveez, something happens to begum and she bends down to pick the cloth, and the bucket falls right next to her, and she starts wiping the floor, with the cloth, as granny wanted, while she eyes her. begum uses her magic to try and throw stuff on granny, but she escapes. granny taunts that maybe today she shall udnerstand that the good always wins over the bad, and asks her to clean it spic and span. just then, ehsaan is walking past, when granny asks him to listen to her, but he doesnt. Then begum takes the juice, that he has brought and drinks it evilly smiling, and then throws the glass on the floor. She asks ehsaan to take the glass pieces and wound himself. granny is apalled, and asks him not to do it. To her horror, he does it, and blood starts gushing out. Granny tries to stop him, but begum asks him to go and get the knife now. She begs begum not to do this, while she asks ehsaan to come along and he silently complies. Granny rushes after them. she is shocked as she sees begum using a black magic to create a room, and then asks ehsaan to get in and he complies. She informs that the room shall start lessening up in air, and soon he shall die. Granny isd apalled, as in front of her, the room vanishes into thin air. she is apalled. Begum warns her not to be oversmart, or else she would lose him. She leaves. granny then again finds the room, and ehsaan inside it. she tries to open the door, but finds it closed by black magic, and uses her powers to try and get it to open. but just then, begum hollers for her, from outside, and the taveez falls inside thr room where ehsaan is blocked. She is apalled, and begs ehsaan to lift it up and give to her. he silently complies. she takes it just in time, to find begum entering who is boggled as to what granny is upto now. She asks granny to beware or else she shall kill him. Granny rushes out hastily, clutching the taveez as begum notices it. she understands that this is the key to all her powers.

Scene 4:
Location: Armaan’s residence
The next morning, mahira wakes up but doesnt find armaan anywhere, remembering his latest love for her and goes on searching for him. Mahira comes looking for armaan, but doesnt find him anywhere and then finds a note, reading which he is shocked. It reads that he is going to Delhi for office work, and hence when he returns, he hopes that things are okay, meaning that amad is out of the house, she is tensed. Just then, amad walks in with a chef’s cap, and a breakfast spread, and a full poem for her. He gifts her bracelets, as a token for what she is doing for him, since armaan should take care of this stuff, but supposedly he is least bothered and hence he decided to do it instead. She asks him not to decide what a husband armaan is and asks how could he enter the room, despite being warned the last time. she asks him to get out. he says that he didnt want to hurt her, but she throws him out, asking him to leave. he says that he is going, while smiling evilly at her. After he leaves, she is tensed. the screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Amad is asked by mahira, that things arent appropriate and she shouldnt be doing this to her husband, and then asks him to leave the house, as she has no other option. he pulls out a revolver, and then points it at her, while she is aghast and shocked, and says that if she so wills, then he shall leave and never show his face ever again, and then points it to his own head. she is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. What a fantastic serial keep it up guys i like it.

  2. My god…Mahira should throw amad out at his first mischief…how could she make armaan so insecure…she should weigh which relation is more important n then act…

  3. I really don’t like this begum she looks too young to have son. I really don’t like this begum but like armaan ans mairah.

  4. Sometimes this serial is not make it sense at all…

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