Qubool Hai 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Shaad’s residence
Sanam is shocked at her thinking that misbah is in the tank. Meanwhile, shashi asks misbah to extend her hand, as she wakes up finally. she complies. But before, misbah can be pulled out, she slips back again in the tank. Sanam rushes to shaad and asks him urgently to check out the terrace first of all, and he finally listens. they rush up, and shaad begins to give instructions. Sanam eyes the stairs leading to the tank, and then takes them, and finally lifts the lid off the tank, and takes a peek inside, but doesnt find anyone. Shaad notices her and rushes to her, while actually shashi has misbah trapped, where she wasnt able to see her in the tank. Sanam asks him to come up and check for mosquitoes here. she comes down herself. inside the tank,

shashi has misbah in her grasp, while she desperately tries to struggle herself free from her grip. Shaad finally lifts the tank opener. Sanam is tensed. He says that he cant see anything, but still he would get the meds put here too.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Naazia says that she cant do this, as she wont let the new bride play with his destiny anymore. The new bride says that she shall decide what needs and doesnt need to be done. she asks her to go through the pregnancy test, while she shall claim its hers. she blackmails nazi that while ahil is insulting her, he would understand that nazia is pregnant out of wedlock, and how he would be grieved and shall hate her forever. Nazia is tensed. the new bride says that she may hev ruined his life, but after knowing this, he shall turn his sister’s life to ruins. Nazia is scared.

Meanwhile, ahil downstairs, is thankful for them coming at such short notice, and says how guilty he is for having misbehaved with the mother of his child. On ahil’s signal, the lawyer asks her to confirm her pregnancy. she is tensed but answers that she would get her reports. the lawyer says that previous reports shall not be considered. she asks whats the matter. He says that he shall have to take it rightaway. she says that she isnt feeling well, while the others tell her that it wont take much time or hasssle. Ahil amusedly watches. the nurse hands her a pregnancy kit. She takes it and leaves. He thinks that this shall be her winning stroke. She goes to the bathroom, and hollers for nazia, and when she doesnt find her there, she is furious that the girl betrayed her. She wonders where nazia went. Meanwhile, in the roomn, ahil apologises to sanam’s pic, that she is always in his heart and would search her anyhow, and for that not just the new bride, even death cant stop him. he says that he shall get rid of this girl, before sanam comes back. he says that she should pray to the lord, that he is successful in today’s task, as if he fails today, then everything would finish. Outside, nazia hears this and is apalled.

Later, the new bride comes and says that she cant do this. Ahil is amused when the new bride is nervous as she says that she isnt feeling well, and asks if nazia is around. he asks her not to be nervous as they have done this before too. She says that she needs someone from the house. ahil sends her with gazalla to take the test. the new bride is tensed, but doesnt have a way. in the bathroom, the new bride is tensed, and is increasingly irritated at gazalla’s rant, as to how her trap is faklling on her only. she shooes gazalla away with a slap, and wonders whats to do. All start getting impatient, while ahil amusedly waits for the new bride to come out. he assures them that she shall be out soon.

Scene 3:
Location: Shaad’s residence
Misbah places a call to some people, asking them to deliver the parcel. Then sanam comes wondering where misbah is, and then comes across the big box, that shashi has ready for parcel, and accuses her that she wont be able to fool anyone, as she knows that she is trying to send misbah out through this huge parcel, for dispatch and says that she wont let her do so. She asks sanam not to underestimate her enemy, and that she doesnt even know her trpaap and is being presumptuous. Some people intentionally come in, saying that they are immigration officers, and have got to know that there are some people who have come as illegal immigrants from India. They are shocked. Shashi remembers how she had seen Bhopal’s address imprinted on sanam’s ring and connected the dots and placed the call. the immigration officers check everyone’s address, and then ask for sanam’s, and she isnt able to answer, and when they find that its memory loss, as they take it as an excuse. Shaad however assures her otherwise. He asks her to have faith. the immigration officer understands her accent. she asks him to tell everyone, but he asks her to continue having faith. Shashi notices that the parcel is leaking water and is tensed, that noone observes it. The immigration officer reiterates that she is an Indian, and if he isnt able to prove otherwise, then they shall have to take him. she stands speechless. The lady officer comes and take sanam away, while she keeps protesting her innocence, and shaad is outraged. but they succeed, while shaad and aftab stand boggled. The fake misbah watches amusedly. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Sanam tells the officers outside not to mess with her, as her husband is an army officer. She is shocked as they point the revolver at her. Meanwhile, Ahil is shocked when she finds that the new bride’s tests have come back positive, while the new bride watches amusedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Only evil wins in this show!!
    Are the writers gonemad???
    After such a long time tanveer was out, now her daughter who is much more clever and evil.
    The witch and her witchcraft its unbearable…when will she get caught?
    now soooo many Questions arise…
    When will witch get caught?
    where’s Seher?
    when will saahil scenes be there again?
    when will shaad find abt Shashi?
    And more about Shashi’s mom tanveers truth…nazias truth??
    these people dont solve problems day by day the number of problems are increasing..

  2. this serial is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much shit end this now

  3. fed up with these evil stories, they would have ended this show with zoya and Assad, at least when tanvir is dead , even to think there is a show like this feeling yuck now

  4. Reallly….f.a.l.t.u……pls show smthng positive

  5. i think should go off air because its of tme to see the serial i think even the writters also dont know how to take the serial thats why they are writing all the shit!! they are thinking that people are fools

  6. f**k off u a*sh*les band karo Yeh bakwaas kamino

  7. What’s going on
    I’m really fed up with this drama
    I love ahil and sanam but they spread
    What is this
    Pls do something

  8. I hve to say dis . Quboolhai is f**ked up

  9. Oh my word this story gets worse by the day. REAL CRAP

  10. This foolishness is still on the air.I have been out for awhile and thought this crap has been ended.They have spoiled this story line with too much of evil and all kinds of unwanted screen play.This killed a show that was really good and promising.Finally I will stop viewing this one as I did with some others.

  11. Can’t wait for ahil to find sanam
    Guys Wat happened to seher

  12. This drama should not be telecast.Writer thinks that he is a great guy Keeping Audience in Suspense. Old people will get heart attack. Where is the Indian culture lady trying to lest man. Lady saying lie that she is pregnant. Husband is an idiot can’t he observe that wife has period time.Fake Misbah handles Revolver as she likes. Army officer is in the same house like a Eunug. Assured. We close this drama. Unbearable. Don’t make the audience fools

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