Qubool Hai 22nd October 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
As afreen washes her hands in the sink, she thinks that she shall teach mahira a lesson, but before that, she hasd to make azad her own, as mahira is spending her time on azad and his family in vain, as her efforts shall be reaped by her, when she replaces mahira through her ring. she then notices her bare fingers, and wonders where it went and starts searching for it in the sink. She remembers mahira wiping her hands and understands that she is behind this. she follows mahira as she comes to her room and places the ring in one of the boxes. When mahira moves aside, afreen comes and takes the box, and asks how how dare she steal the ring from her, and actually thought she would get away with it. mahira asks if all daayan are dumb or only her.

afreen says that she has her ring now. mahira says that not the ring, she only has the box. when afreen opens it boggled, she is shocked as she finds thousands of rings inside it, all the same type. She drops the box and the rings fall on the ground. Afreen says that this cant be, unable to believe it. mahira says that azad is noble but unfortunately trapped in the soul of a demon, but now nothing can stop her from freeing azad of the evils. Afreen finds many rings and she is tensed as to which is the real one that belongs to her with her magical powers. Just then, mahira pours some red liquid on them, while afreen in horror, begs her not to do so. The liquid gets them to start glowing and finally beginning to melt. Afreen is shocked. mahira says that now she would leave no stone unturned to thwart her efforts. suddenly afreen starts smiling crookedly, and then closes her eyes and chants something, and the ring thats hers, stops melting and begins to float out of the rest. mahira is shocked. Before she can take it, the ring comes back to afreen, who holds it evilly and then wears it back again. mahira is tensed. Afreen proclaims of her powers, and asks that she is that dumb to think that she can defeat her, when being a mere mortal. mahira says that her hope isnt defeated, and that she has the trust and faith on their tru love that can defeat all powers, as she shall save her love from all that is evil. Afreen asks if taveez is the solution. mahira says that when the intention and blessings of the lord behind the taveez unite, then it does miracles. afreen asks her to wait for her miracle then, as it shall be incomplete since tonight and every nioght, from hereforth, azad shall be hers only. She says that from this day forth, azad shall spend the nights with her only. mahira says that she wont let it happen and not let azad out of her sight for even a minute.Afreen says that azad shall come so close to her for consummation, and she maybe the bride but he shall spend the wedding night with him, and she shall be helpless. She says that she shall win and give mahira her death. she turns around and leaves. mahira is tensed. She wanders in the corridor, wondering why afreen said that she wont be here and definitely she is upto something, and that she shall have to warn azad and then they have to go to a safe place. Afreen takes azad’s place in the room. mahira rushedly enters and takes him with her, saying that he has to go right now with her, to escape afreen’s trap, and then drags him out. meanwhile, after they leave, the actual azad comes out of the bathroom, after freshening up. he takes his cell phone and leaves out. Outside, mahira hurriedly takes azad, thats actually afreen while he pretends to be boggled.

Scene 2:
Location: In the fields
Begum is distraught saying that the person cant die without telling her the secret. just then the guy’s phone starts ringing and begum picks it up. She hears a person asking of the delivery. She says that the guy is sick hence the delivery got late. she asks him to come tomorrow, and take the stuff. he says that he does know impatiently. She asks him to repeat the address for her sake, so that she knows he knows it correctly. he repeats the address, and begum remembers it. She leaves from there. the person lies dead.

Scene 3:
Location: The person’s shop
Begum arrives at the said address, and a woman without looking upto her, says that the shop is closed today and asks her to come tomorrow, as masterji isnt here today. begum composes herself, and takes scissors. She then holds it against the lady’s throat from behind. She asks begum not to think she is alone as her son shall come soon now. Begum says that her son shall not come now. The lady asks if she is the same girl who gave birth to that seven fingered boy. begum complies and says yes. Begum holds the old lady at gunpoint, and asks her what does she know aout the boy with seven fingers. She says that the child was dead then. She remembers giving that fellow the child, to ask him to get rid of that child. she then asks the lady where is he. The lady says that he was blessed by the god, and that he didnt die, but was alive, and hence she cared for him and then sent him to an orphanage. begum is shocked. The lady shows a pic of the boy to begum. She finds a pic hanging on the wall, with many other kids in the picture. She is surprised and asks which one of them. she holds the lady up and asks her to identify, or else she shall kill her. The lady says that she never saw her till now, as she is blind. begum is shocked.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Begum comes back to gazalla and latif, while they ask where was she gone for so long and if she found anything. begum is apalled, and remembers her conversation with the tailor regarding the child, and then the lady telling her that the child was alive. she is overwhelmed with emotions. latif asks if they can go from here, and reminds her of her prior engagements. begum says that she doesnt wish to go and is frustrated. she remembers the lady talking about the boy being in orphanage, who was later adopted by a very wealthy and rich man. She udnerstands that latif

Scene 5:
Location: Begum’s residence
Azad asks kainat where is mahira. she says that she hasnt seen her. He wonders where is she, as she never goes without telling him, and is nowhere to be seen. An oblivious mahira sits in the car with azad says that if they stay here or dont do things hurried up, then afreen shall trap them all. she asks him to hurry up. She says that afreen cant see them together, and she doesnt know what she is upto, but dwefinitely she is planning something, and that staying here isnt safe for them anymore at all. Just then, in the rearview mirror, she finds azad talking on the phone. she is shocked, and notices the hand of the azad sitting in the car and finds its blue with the ring. meanwhile afreen starts the car. mahira is shocked and boggled. she drives off. mahira thinks that if she does anything, that might tip off afreen. Azad tells her that afreen cant ruin them. Mahira says that she has top place a call and dials the mobile. azad says that she is with him then why the phone and disconnects it. mahira wonders what to do now. azad is worried at home, where is she. kainat comes and teases him that he is already missing her, and assures that maybe the phone is off. Azad is tensed. the screen freezes on actual azad, fake azad and mahira’s faces.

Precap: mahira holds up a knife against azad in the open fields where people are watching them. she threatens that she shall kill him. Just then, two lady constables come and take her, despite her trying to protest. they decide to arrest her for threatenign to kill herhusband. azad watches amusedly, while mahira tries to convince them that the person isnt azad but a adaayan, but they think that she is mad. Azad meanwhile watches remembering that she had told that by nine tonight, she would make azad hers forever.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Pls unite azad and mahira kill afreen

  2. Too intresting. I think 7 finger boy was kb and saif’s child.

  3. Too intresting. I think that the boy who had 7 finger was kb & saif’s child

  4. I guess 7 finger boy is new lead actor for surbhi …. Pooja s role is little … Everytime she is converted to someone

  5. i think the boy with 7 finger is azad

  6. I love Azad in that white skirt.. so white it suits him so lovely

    1. Yes mile, azad was too nice in white shirt.

  7. Repetitive, last season it was billoo rani who was in search her illegitimate daughter, now we have KB on the search for a lost boy…not surprising. Apart from the good looking actors in all the seasons (well mostly the guys as Surbi is in all anyways), this show is about repetitive stories with a twist

    1. Agree! Just that this time useless supernatural powers

  8. in khan begum house cant anyone search amad?

  9. I think azad will save her n 7 finger boy is sameer

  10. need to see wat’s hapenin next too interestin. one thing is sure only mahira will unite with azaad

  11. How can they all be so happy and planning wedding and Anand Kumar and Amaad is missing ??? They are supposed to know that by now.. they are supposed to be having funeral and prayers and mourn for them. I find it very disrespectful !

  12. actually is no one
    missing amad?

  13. Too much interesting…

  14. It was nice. Just worried for mahira, what afreen will do with azad! Worried about that. N hope azad will save her.
    And I think when mahira will get arrested the new actor avinash will take entry to save her. or like this also can happen that 7 finger boy would be avinash! Who knows! Just waiting for tomorrow’s episode n upcoming episodes! 🙂

  15. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    N now whos wedding???
    Whos Azads dad?
    I dnt watch just read all updates n ofcourse uls comments lol….qh is same dialouges n same story lines only tis way dat way name change….
    not a another guy for Mahira plsssss
    AzMA is gud…..

  16. avinash is the best for mahira.if new entry will avinash then I’ll start to see qubool hai after kvb I’ve stop saw the show.I think now it’ll be interestig. avinash n mahira will be good pair

  17. O Allah I was afraid if afreen may take mahira to the cliff and throw her there in form of asad

  18. There is nothing that portray Islam in this seriel not once have they prayed.with too much evil that is not acceptable in Islam.writers pls get a grip

  19. Cant believe this story with all the twist ans turns is still being shown..

  20. Yes i am correct. 7finger boy (Avinash) was kb-saif’s child. Avinash entry too good

    1. I have said earlier that 7 finger boy is the new actor! 🙂 my guess was correct

  21. If avinash is kb ‘s and saif’s baby, then who is azad ??
    Who are parents of azad ?

    1. That we will see what the writers r upto. They just keeps us in confuse n brings new twistes. So till then we have to watch the serial 🙂

  22. I have feelng KB adopted Azad cz of his powers nd maybe inreturn sold her child… nd I hope mahira nd Avinash dont hv a love scne cz AZMA wre meant to be… also sometimes this show is sooo confusing you dont know who the real person is:/ I just hope AZMA unite… but seeing Mahiras tears in todays precap showed that she us just fedup… cz azaad also hugs Afreen!

    1. Azad hugged afreen coz he was just pretending to be Romantic in front of mahira coz afreen had done black magic n brought him under her controll! But good news is that both azad n mahira will trap afreen n destroy her n cuts afreen’s topknot which is filled with evil powers ! So we have to see what’s happens next ! 🙂

      1. Shumi, r u sure ? I saw a video that Azad is dead in hospital , what is going on ? tell me

      2. I know but mahira doesn’t know that right… she might think that this is wat her husband does behind her back! But im happy if they unite! 🙂

      3. N Sara mahira won’t think like that Coz mahira knows that in her absence something afreen will do to azad n that happened!
        afreen had told everything to mahira that she will do something with azad n azad will be afreen’s forever! So I don’t think so mahira will doubt azad n hates him! 🙂

      4. Mile i don’t know the news about azad accident but I hope it will be a rumour. If something will happen then we have to watch the coming episodes! N don’t worry for now nothing will happen to azad ! 🙂

      5. Sara just go to metromasti site. U will get the news! 🙂

    2. Sara ya mahira will be confuse n she will try to stop azad n azad will shout mahira n throw her away but azad was just pretending to be Romantic with afreen. N that time mahira will cut afreen’s topknot which is filled with evil powers n afreen will become weak in front of them! So we have to see what actually will happen, will afreen will die or not. N wait for next Monday 🙂

      1. ok shumi, thanks and have a nice wiken

      2. hmmmmm hopefully!:) where do u get all this gossip from? 😉

  23. The precap was awakward.plzzzzzzzz axad save mahira from the constable.

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