Qubool Hai 22nd July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Roshni Bar and Ahil’s residence
Ahil spots the new shaad going inside the bar and is shocked, as he follows him. The new bride comes after him, and is tensed when she finds ahil finding shaad in a totally inebriated state. He is about to confront shaad, when the new bride thinks that this shall ruin all plans, turning off the main switch and everything turns black. When the lights come back on, ahil doesnt find shaad there. just then, the item songs begin, and ahil is apalled to find shaad dancing lustily to the item songs. he finally grabs shaad by the collar and is about to confront him, when the new bride intervenes dressed as a bar girl, and a veil across her mouth, and shaad shifts away. She along with the other girl distracts ahil and engages him, while shaad

walks off. Ahil is frustrated. The new bride meanwhile engages ahil in her dance and grooves.

meanwhile, ahil calls up shaad but he gets tensed when his phone isnt picked. shaad meanwhile is about to pick up, when sanam coems from behind, and doesnt let him receive it, saying that she doesnt want to be disturbed when she is with him, and hugs him tight. She says that she is very happy she would be going back to pakistan with him. Sanam thinks that tomorrow they shall start a new, fresh married happy life. Shaad meanwhile thinks that today sanam’s destiny is in his hands, and that now its his turn to shape her fate.

Ahil looks around, The new bride eyes ahil watching them and then refrains from being intimate with him. Instead she takes the plate of peanuts and begins to walk, while ahil too walks in shaad’s drection. she takes it and throws it in ahil’s face and he starts rubbing his eyes, as they burn. Then she again goes back to the new shaad, and then opens a bracket of her heels, to reveal an injection and then in an attempt to get intimate with him, she pierces the injection in his thighs. Much to his shock and horror, he falls unconscious. She eyes him and then carries him from there. Meanwhile ahil too comes out, and looks around, whereas in the vicinity, she hides, when she hears ahil enquiring the grocer and paan shop fellow, about anyone matching hsada’s description. vut he doesnt get any clue. The new bride meanwhile ducks away when she isnt able to carry him. Ahil turns back and finds shaad on the floor unconscious. He is shocked and picks him up with another person’s help. she thinks that if this shaad is exposed, then her game is ruined. She comes and confronts ahil, accusing him of first giving him pain and then trying to salvage him. He says that he doesnt need to explain to her, and he didnt do anything. She asks him not to pretend to be noble, and if he cared about him, then he wouldnt have been in this condition. She takes shaad away while he stands speechless.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
At home, while the new bride is setting the new shaad in the bed, while he is too drunk, she notices that ahil knocks on shaad’s door. The new bride thinks that if ahil talks to shaad, then he would know that shaad didnt even drink and never went out of the house, and then the game shall end before it even begins. She thinks that she would have to distract ahil. the true shaad gets alert hearing the door knock. But sanam says that she shall see, and when she opens the door, she is boggled, and asks whats the matter. He asks if she is okay. She asks what would happen to her. he says that he thought she would be tsned for shaad. She says that she wants tensed till now, but now is due to him, and asks him not to rudely knock so late. He tries to talk, but she tells him to take care of himself and his wife, as she is waiting for him. he turns around and finds the new bride staring at him. Sanam shuts the door. ahil looks at her tensedly. the new bride leaces from there. ahil resignedly thinks why the lord is doing this, as they arent coming closer, and shaad is falling apart, and thinks that after coming to this length they and their love cant be defeated. he prays fervently. The screen freezes on his sad face.

Precap: Sanam dances with shaad, on the song, galliyan. Murtaza, in the face of the new shaad, thinks and tells shashi, that him leaving the shoes behind isnt such a big deal. the new bride thinks that before the shoes land in someone else’s hands, she should get rid of it. but as fate would have it, shaad finds the pic of the new shaad romancing with sanam, and the red shoes lying. he is boggled and surprised.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Yennatha ya nadakkuthu indha serial la….simply irritating…..I hate u..witch new bride….

    1. aama kajal enakum purila… full ah crop.. asad zoya thu thaan awesome

  2. writers come on enough is enough and we have had it this serial is not good at all why all the merry go round scripts which is soooooooooo damn confusing we had one sanam now it is two sanam we had one shad now it is two shad and the thing is the storylines are not making any sense at all they are too monotonous and nonsensical and dragging way too long all these different scenes just are very confusing and is just one thing over and over again my gosy bring this serial to an end the sanam ahil story memory loss thing

  3. At least Precap relieved Me

  4. the sanam memory loss thing is going on too long by now it makes no sense in her regaining her memory because by now she would have become someone else and the sanam 2 storyline with all this witch craft a lot of shit end the serial please


  6. sanam should get back her memory by now, plz writers do it.

  7. sanam should get back her memory by now, and shad should know about the duplicate shad…..

  8. What going to this serial

  9. kiotni khichdi pkaoge yaaar….

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