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Scene 1:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Armaan lovingly sits beside her bedside and eyes her, as she sleeps, and promises that that they wont separate ever, and noone shall come in between them. he says that he shall protect her from all troubles, and be the ideal husband that she wants. he takes off her slippers, and pulls the drapes on her. Meanwhile, munna rangeela actually turns out to be amad. Amad eyes mahira’s pic viciously saying that she is his dear mahira, and that times may have changed, but his adamancy to have her hasnt, and that he has come to get her, and so he shall, at any cost. He says that she is only his.

As mahira wakes up the next morning, she finds armaan in front of her, and apologises for having dosed off, waiting for him last night. she is about

to go out hurriedly for breakfast, when she is plesantly surprised to see him with his grand spread of breakfast for her. He goes onto comment about how he would make every day of his special. she teases that she didnt think beyong imagination that he could be so romantic. he says that he too thinks like that. she hesitantly comments that she doesnt wish to have azad and his memories in her life now, as she wants to move ahead with happiness with him. They amusingly start thinking as to how they should address each other now. he gets seriouus and comments that he loves her so much, that he can give and take someone’s life too for her. Amad comes in just then and finds them like this. mahira sees him and moves apart. as mahira sits in the bed, amad comes and hurriedly takes her hand and asks her to come out with him rightaway, and almost drags her out weith her hand in his, but armaan stops her with her other hand just then, as he eyes them tensedly. mahira is torn between the two and is in a dilemma as to how to handle this situation. amad and armaan confront each other. he asks amad to take off, asking how dare he come in like this. Amad asks her to come along, as there is something important that he wants her to see. he takes her hand again, and armaan comes in between. they both eye each other angrily, while mahira tries to calm him down. he pacifies and then leaves. mahira is tensed and rushes after him, while amad eyes them evilly.

Scene 2:
Location: At the dargah
The next morning, granny looks on while the peer baba prays. she begs him to show a way, while he says that she has been chosen to save herself and her family. She distraughtedly thinks that nothing happens before begum’s power, then what to do. he says that the lord inside her is more powerful than any evil spirit, and asks her to be fearless. he produces a taveez, while she is surprised, as she eyes it. She takes it as he gives it to her. he says that this taveez contains the power of the world, and she can consume that much power as she wants, and that this shall work only as long as she has faith on god’s powers and miracles. Adding responsibility, he says that she can use this only to prevent the dark soul, as the day she uses it for herself, it would have a reverse effect. She prays and when she opens her eyes, the peer baba is gone, and only his cloth remaining behind. she clutches at the green cloth and treats it with reverance.

Scene 3:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
granny returns back with whiskey, while begum intentionally and leeringly flirts with the stranger, to irk her. ehsaan comes and gives him his wallet that he forgot, and he takes it and leaves. Begum then asks him to go and clean the room. he silently complies and leaves. Begum then hollers her to get her drink, and she is amused, as granny complies. She takes the first sip, while granny eyes the taveez in her hand, glowing green. granny starts muttering something and stands up, and begum looks back shocked, asking her whats she doing, and asks her to stop it rightaway, while granny continues her chanting. begum takes a knife and it stands midway, away from her hand, and infact follows her as in whichever way she goes. begum is boggled, and asks whats she doing and whats all this. Granny holds the knife, and says that time doesnt wait for a change soon, and says that her power is more than hers, and that she wont spare her. Ehsaan comes out, and begum asks him to come and take the knife away from granny. he comes and does what he is told, despite granny protesting. Begum then asks him to kill granny. Granny begs him not to kill her. He is about to raise for a fatal blow, when begum stops him, and asks him to give the knife, and he complies. she excuses him and he leaves. begum asks her not to think that she had sympathy, and that she shall definitely die, but only by her hands, and eyes her confrontingly. begum says that she doesnt know how she got this power, but she knows that she shall now enjoy playing with her. begum leaves. granny thinks that ehsaan is her weakness, and that her magic wont work on ehsaan, and hence for the magic to work, ehsaan needs to be away.

Scene 4:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Latif and gazalla comment as to how armaan doesnt get angry anymore. he comes just then, telling them that heis going to the office, and by the time he returns, then amad should be out, and if he isnt, then they should see themselves out by then. As mahira arrives in a dark room, lit by a chandelier, amad comes with a mask on his face, as he goes on a rant of poetry, and asks if she liked his act. he continues to talk about the importance of love, and then springs up behind her. He leans in to whisper in her ear, taking off his mask. Amad tells mahira that this is love itself that makes a person go mad, and change himself completely and resides in every artist that can make him do anything, as it can make or break a man, turn him into a romantic or make him a vicious betrayer. Mahira is boggled, as he hugs her from behind, with his mask. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: mahira wakes up but doesnt find armaan anywhere and goes on searching for him. Mahira comes looking for armaan, but doesnt find him anywhere and then finds a note, reading which he is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. a big big crap!!! what a rubbish storyline..plz stop this torture..


  3. don’t fight MUKHTAR..it’s just my opinion..
    the best season was that of asad and zoya …

  4. hey guys plzzzz …aahil n sanam was d best couple ever …no 1 can take their place …yeah I agree dat all actors r also gud bt aahil n sanam de r just wow…

  5. Yeah… I also support Aahil&Sanam… They were sooo cute…!!!

  6. hey friendz,asad-zoya and aahil-sanam they both were best from thier place with different types of chemistry totally different from each other.so we can’t compare them.avinash and surbhi are also doing their best.surely they have a comendable chemistry as they r brilliant actors.but the story is totally going crap.they have such good actors and chemistry that they can do much much far better but gul is worsening it now really.waiting when gul will utilize the fantastic chemistry of armaan-mahira.

  7. hey friendz,asad-zoya and aahil-sanam both were best with their different types of chemistris totally different from each other.so they can’t b compared that who was much better.avinash-surbhi also r doing their best.surely they share a comendable chemistry as they are such brillient actors.they hv such good actors and chemistry that they can do much much far better.but gul god knows what is she doing?she is really worsening such a chemistry.waiting when gul will utilize such an wonderful chemistry…

  8. AsYa &Sahil Sehan r best:-* ❤❤:-* ?

  9. Hey I’m new to comment but I love aahil and sanam….. but avinash is doing nice…..

  10. Taped 12 episodes and delete all. Just couldn’t bring myself to watch this show. Wouldn’t be able to get back my precious time by watching this bs

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