Qubool Hai 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Hotel
All panic, while the new bride wears saif’s shirt, while he too rushes out in the bathrobe. Saif finds a load for laundry and eyes it for a dress change. In the commotion, sanam and ahil find each other and are shocked. both ask the other what are they doing here,. while ahil is surprised at her clothing. she says that she came here to check on him, if he is at home or not, and hence the attire change, and asks whats he doing here. Ahil stands tensed. He finds saif too and is shocked. he asks whats he doing here, if she came to test him. she says that she brought saif along, before he can reply, as she didnt know the route to the hotel. she asks why he came here. Ahil says that he came here to meet his friend, who needed legal help, as he is tackled in a complication,

and he didnt want to say so, so as to relieve stress from her, being five months pregnant. he says that he had to come due to his friend, and apologises. He asks her to hasten up, as the fire alarm is still on. He asks saif not to mind this. he looks at the new bride lovingly. He says that she can do anything for him. she wonders what are these papers that he is hiding from her.

Scene 2:
Location: Shaad’s residence
Shashi is happy with her win over sanam, saying that its easy for her to fool anyone. she eyes shaad arranging for security. she says that she shall get rid of shaad from her way but what jannat did today, would be fatal for her. She descends down the stairs in the backyard, and then opens the water tank, and finds Misbah inside, drowning in water, with an oxygen pipe in her mouth, to keep her alive. she closes the drum back again.

The next morning, Sanam descends down the stairs, and all are tensed, as they wait for her to join them at the breakfast table. sanam comes and apologises profusely, for her basless allegations against her, and how her hallucinations got the better of her, and how maybe shaad is right that she needs some time off. Shashi sits tensed. Shaad asks misbah not to turn away and instead forgive jannat. she complies, and hugs her. she asks sanam whats this new drama now. She smiles and says that she is just acting along like her, and what she started, shall be finished by her instead. she says that she shall win as she knows the true misbah is here only, and that the real misbah cant escape from this house, and she would find her completely, and when she resurfaces, what about her. Misbah pretends to smile while she is fruistrated at her. She eyes her curtly.

While shaad was concerned with shashi’s last call from the house, sanam comes in with fake mosquito bites. She asks him to contact the pest control people rightaway. she thinks that this would be the perfect way to get to the location of the true misbah. Shaad gets to calling them.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While ahil and the new bride are asleep, she wakes up stealthily, and then opens the wardrobe to find out the file. she rummages through his stuff. When she finds it, she finds that ahil wants to open a trust for their unborn child. Before she can read completely, he takes the file from her, and says that it was meant to be a surprise, but her doubtful nature got the better for her, trying to emphasise how imp their child is to him. she says that its very good. he leaves to see the lawyer. she wonders why is ahil in love with their child suddenly, and decides to find out.

Later, gazalla and razaak come to the new bride, and tell her that its a plan to trap her, to confirm her pregnancy reports, and till now, they havent consummated their relation, hence it would be a trap waiting for her to step foot into, in the name of the trust. The new bride is shocked. She knows that this is ahil’s way of taking revenge as she had insulted ahil in front of everyone. She goes out in anger and takes up the knife in fury, and begins to walk towards the hallway when she finds lots of people in the hallway, whom ahil has gathered. She hurriedly hides behind the curtains. Ahil tells the people that he shall get his wife rightaway. she is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Shaad’s residence
As shaad instructs the pest control squad to get to every nook and corner of the house, Misbah is confused. she asks shaad whats going on. Misbah gets to know that jannat ordered for a pest control, as she has rashes due to mosquitoes. She understands the reason behind it. Misbah finds sanam getting the pest control people to search every corner. She wonders where has the fake misbah hidden the real one. Sanam goes out and asks shaad to look at the work, while she goes to wash her hands. When he enters the room, misbah is tensed, as they hear that the next destination is the terrace. she worries that her entire plan shall be ruined, if they go to the terrace. she comes to shaad and says that it isnt needed. Shaad says that he would get the entire house done, for jannat’s safety. Sanam enters the bathroom, wondering where has the fake misbah hidden the real one. Meanwhile, shashi goes up and tries to wake misbah, but in vain. While using the bathroom, sanam hears a gurgling sound of air passage through water, oblivious that the tap is connecting to the oxygen pipe in the tank thats sustaining misbah. She tries to get a clearer sound, and places her ear close to the tap. she deduces that the noise is from the tap. she wonders if misbah is in the tank. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Ahil is amused when the new bride is nervous as she says that she isnt feeling well, and asks if nazia is around. he asks her not to be nervous as they have done this before too. Shaad gets upto the tank. Meanwhile, inside the tank, shashi has misbah in her grasp, while she desperately tries to struggle herself free from her grip. Shaad finally lifts the tank opener. Sanam is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Isn’t this story repetitive of Zoya and Tanveer. Remember how Zoya always suspected Tanveer of wrongdoing and Azad never believing her then Zoya pretend to be nice to Tanveer to get the truth out…oh well, I guess the audience are suppose to have short memory or just be stupid to watch this all over again….well I don’t watch it anymore, but reading up is just as bad now!!

  2. for me I find his storyline to be shit with this shashi Kapoor story and misbah writers
    you know what qubool hai needs to come to an end there is toooooooooo many shit storylines for instance the sanam 2 imagine faking a pregnancy and you have a knife lodged in your belly all this set of witch craft all of a sudden before when you did not have a handle to your name all of a sudden you big in the game knowing to do all this simi dimi witchipoo craft and these storylines do not have good endings is just jumping from one script to the next without any explanation sanam 2long toenail killed the doctor and up to now his death was in vain for nothing and no one was held accountable so come on writers it is making no sense prolonging qubool hai end it now we the viewers are not enjoying the serial anymore it is toooooooooo much shit

  3. I so miss asad and zoya I really loved qubool hai wen it started I only stopped liking it wen asad and zoya died in fact I watched from the first ep up to till dey die like 3 time on YouTube

  4. And I noticed dat tanveer was pregnant since she was introduced in the series up to till gid know wen
    Weird neh

  5. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    dis shashi kapoor track is lyk a childs cartoon chee




  9. This show is getting worse day by day. ALL the actors are wasting their talent specially Surbhi and KV. i was the VERY BIG Fan of QH, but now I can’t see all the crap going in this show. This show is giving VERY bad massage to the society and actually misguiding about muslim community. Please unie SaHil and end this show.

  10. What the shit z happening in qh frst tanveer and now her stupid dgtr shashi the show is going worat day by day

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