Qubool Hai 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
As Tanveer and azhar’s parents wait for the explosion, dilshad wheels in rushedly, inside her room, and is shocked to find seher’s dupatta afire. she is distraught as to what to do. She tries hard to speak and screa, seher to wake up, desperately trying to make some noise that wakes Seher, and finally she gets her voice back, and screams out fiercely. she is herself shocked at having gained her voice back. She wheels to her bedside, and tries to nudge her awake, but in vain, as she horrifyingly eyes the increasingly getting closer flame. she eyes the water, kept in a flower pot, to douse the fire, but in unable to reach out to it, from her wheelchair. In a bid to save her granddaughter, she desperately prays to the Lord, for help, and

then gives every ounce of energy and is able to stand on her feet, while she tries to reach out to the flower pot. She is shocked at having being able to stand on her own two feet. outside, azhar’s parents are scared as tanveer tells them to go and check, why the explosion didnt happen yet. tanveer is frustrated, and sends latif to check on sanam. she complies. Meanwhile, Dilshad grabs the pot and taking the water, she douses the cracker flame, dragging herself step by step to the side of seher’s bed. She throws thje dupatta away, and then collapses by seher’s feet, in relief. She tries to wake her up, saying that she is her grandmother and caresses her head, while seher wakes up with dizzy eyes, and is quizzical. As she is partly conscious, dilshad again reiterates their relation, oblivious of Latif’s increasing footsteps. Latif gets a call from tanveer, and she tells tanveer that sanam is lying on the bed, and tanveer is boggled, and then asks about the dupatta. latif tells her that the dupatta is on the floor, wet. She is irritated and slams the phone. latrif leaves. Dilshad then opens the door of the bathroom, thinking that tanveer and razia can come anytime and hence she would have to leave. she prays to the Lord to keep seher safe, and then caressing her lovingly, she leaves.

In her room, tanveer vents out her frustration, in front of gazalla and razaak, as to how all of her plans are failing, and how sanam escapes every single time, anything against her is plotteed. gazalla tries to speak of some supernatural power, but tanveer in her fit of rage, gag her only. Razaak tries to tell her not to lose temper, as then she wont be able to stop their marriage tomorrow. Tanveer thinks that now only one person can stop this marriage and thats ahil himself. She is enraged.

Eyeing the moon, ahil is disturbed by sanam’s behaviour earleir in the party, wondering why she did like this, as what was lacking in his love for her. tanveer comes instigating him, that if there was any lacking, then there would have been a solution, and that sanam couldnt digest the fame completely. He tells her that sanam isnt a servant. she immediately apologises, saying that she understands, and his love cant be the cause of their family’s insult, which is beyond her toleration, and that she accepted this marriage, only for his happiness, but she also knew that sanam would show her true colours. he is tensed, and says that sanam isnt like this, and that she has self respect, ad never asked for anything. she says that when sanam is getting everything, without asking for it, why does she need to ask. She tries to poison him, about Sanam’s evil intentions for marrying him. he gets tensed. She says that she just wants him to think with a cool mind, as if once the marriage is done, he wont be able to do anything. He reminds her of his promise to sanam, and she says that she respects his descision, but asks if he can marry a woman, who insulted her and the family in front of everyone. She tries to emotionally blackmail him. He gets tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: In a captive shed
Sanam desperately hopes that ahil denies to get married, as its based on fraud. Sanam getting overwhelmingly emotional, desperately hopes that ahil doesnt get married tomorrow, as that would spoil three lives, hers, ahil’s and her own sister seher’s. She hopes he doesnt accept the relation that god doesnt even will for, and stop this.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While ahil is tensed, tanveer says that she just wants sanam to understand what responsibility it is to hold the post of Nawab’s wife. rehaan comes saying that if Sanam isnt responsible, then there’s noone else. Tanveer is tensed. He apologises for interfering, but says that its wrong to judge her on pne wrong thing. tanveer again reminds them both as to what happened today at the party. Rehaan tells them that he agrees, but before accusing sanam, they should first try and understand the reason as to why it happened, as it was clearly evident, that she wasnt in control and was inebriated. He insinuates that maybe someone mixed something in her drink, that caused her to lose control. tanveer is frustrated. Ahil is forced to think. She tries hard to compose herself, and asks him why would someone do this. rehaan curtly replies that there maybe someone who doesnt want this marriage to happen. tanveer is tensed. Ahil asks him who can it be, who doesnt want this marriage to happen. tanveer interrupts saying that sanam isnt the right choice, and that he should postpone the wedding. Rehaan tells ahil that sanam is the completely right choice for him, and that they are meant and destined to be with each other. he says that he would pray to the lord that they both are happy always. Ahil hugs rehaan, emotionally. The screen freezes on tanveer’s tensed face.

Precap: Rahat tells haya that maybe the relation has different meanings to both of them, but she would forever be his responsibility, even if she likes it or not. Rahat asks haya if she cant give another chance to their relationship. Haya eyes him with teary eyes. faiz is irritated. Tanveer tells sanam, that she is a tough life, as she shouldnt have been alive today and that there’s someone who is responsible for saving her. Seher is tensed. Later, Dilshad rushes out, and hides behind a pillar, and while tanveer walks past her, she senses someone’s presence, and stops, while she is scared.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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