Qubool Hai 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 21st March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia is tensed with mamu’s stance of confessing on zoya’ walima. Tanveer comes in teasing that she doesnt look good crying. She says that maybe mamu is right and that she should confess. But tanveer instigates her against it, saying that she still has a way out, and that there has to be murders, of not others then about mamu. Razia is shocked and reprimands her. tanveer says that he is like the spoilt part of the body that needs to be amputated. razia is shocked, but seeing that she’s giving it a thought, tanveer is evilly amused.

zoya gives coffee to asad and says that she’s very happy that rashid would be okay soon, and more happy that rashid would be there with them on their walima, just like everyone else, with each being very

happy. Asad just nods. This gets her furious saying that he’s always involved in his work. zoya reinforces him that he doesnt even care what walima is, and she shouldnt bother too. Zoya gets into a pillow fight with him and he shoves her onto the bed, and then comes on her, saying that now he understands a little about when the walima has to be done. (MITWA MOMENT) Before they can consummate their marriage, a servant comes in asking for the business files. Asdad gives them and asks him to get another one instead. He doesnt understand and Zoya goes onto do it herself, and asks asad to finish his work while the time she’s back. Zoya collides into tanveer who again reminds her about the fact that she doesnt know about her father, and that only tanveer can help her in that. Zoya says that

Tanveer says that neither the walima would happen, nor she would see her father. She leaves. As zoya is going with the files, she finds mamu’s american visa, that says that he was in america, in 1991, the year that she was born. She wonders if all of this, and his presence at the wedding is a big coincidence too.

Zoya confronts him with the doubts about the passport and her presence at the wedding. mamu is speechless.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Sameera consciously runs from one place to another and then stealthily calls on farhan. As she is about to step in his room, badi bi comes in asking what was she doing at this time of the night, and accuses her of being infidel. sameera to prevent herself, says that he had called her for some work. To prevent himself, farhan says that she’s lying and that he was about to be angry on her, when she just came in. Badi bi asks her to go to the kitchen to sleep on the floor, and sameera is shocked, as farhan also agrees with badi bi. She irritatedly goes. Nikhat and badi bi give amused looks to one another.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya says that she wants to know them right now. Zoya is boggled and overwhelmed when mamu tells her that there are somethings that are a father’s responsibilities towards his daughter, and he has to fulfill them and that he promises that she would definitely meet her father on her walima. He throws some papers on the ground and when she bents to pick them up, he blesses her to be happy always. when she asks what he said, he says that she would know everything about her family on her walima and that she would meet her father on her walima. He leaves. Zoya is shocked. she wonders how can someone look so dear and near when while being a stranger.

Meanwhile, Razia says that she has waited a long time to get rid of this problem continuously and that now she’s tired of running around this matter. tanveer in her mind, thinks that she never tires, and that this bet would throw everyone off the guard, including razia. She tells razia that she would definitely get freedom. razia is filled with a venomous rage. Razia says that time and accident, makes near and dear ones strangers too. While zoya wonders if she could have any relation with mamu, razia thinks that whatever relation she had with mamu, she would now sever it compeletely and finish it forever. The screen freezes on zoya’s tensed face and razia’s determined face.

Precap: Zoya talks to her elder sister on the laptop, when she gets to know that the orphanage that she was adopted from, couldnt retain her record file, due to a fire in their record room, but they have managed to salvage an old pic of hers after all these years. zoya asks her to upload it instantly. The pic gets uploaded. She recognises it as the same girl that she had seen in the pic that she had given razia considering that it was humaira with mamu. AShe thinks that this means mamu knew her since childhood. She wonders if this means and then is too stressed to finish her own sentence and the scary thought that crosses her mind, that he could actually be the answer to all her wait so far.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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