Qubool Hai 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Witch’s hideout
begum puts armaan to sleep till the morning, while he is unconscious in the chair. as the devils, rejoice this great night, wherein they shall succeed, mahira curses them that they shall be punished by the lord for this heinous sin. The witch’s leader says that now they need to start preparing for the sacrifice. begum says that she wont feel pain, when she sacrifices her daughter, as she shall be turned into a devil first. mahira says that this shall never happen, as she believes in the lord. Amad says that the lord shall not come to protect them, and what they wish shall happen. mahira says that she and her belief shall win. The leader says that they know she is adamant, but they have defeated the best of people. The leader gets begum a bowl

filled with cxoloured liquid, and they together chant, for some ritual, while mahira too closes her eyes and starts chanting. finally, their magic wins over, and she collapses by the side. When she again wakes up, she is in a trance. They all wish her welcome to the devilish world. She eyes them resignedly. Armaan wakes up meanwhile and tries to struggle free from the binding ropes, but gets dizzy yet again. he fights and then gets back to struggling to untie himself. he gets back dizzy.

Mahira is taken away to some other location and made to sit, as she sits sternly and emotionless. the leader dips her hand in the red coloured liquid bowl, and then annoints her with it, on the forehead. she does the same with another bowl of white liquid. then she hands her a covered pate, while mahira accepts. she comes dressed along with the others, wearing the black signifying evil and devilish aspect. the leader makes her wear a tiara, saying that they are indeed fortunate as they never thought that they shall be able to witness this night. begum comes and is overwhelmed to see mahira in the devilish avatar, and asks her to come along, so that she can take her to the new master. she silently complies. she is taken to a secret place, where amad waits for her. begum signals her, and the witch’s leader leaves. begum tells mahira that to perform the devilish rituals, she shall have to consummate her relationship with amad. she nods in agreement. he says that he too has been waiting, for the day, wehn mahira trule becomes his. he makes her sit on the bed. begum begins to leave, but mahira stops them. Mahira says that she was made to choose between armaan and the child, and she chose armaan. She says that now its amad’s turn, and he has to select between the baby’s sacrifice and mahira herself, as both are equally important, but noone, not even the devil gets the cake and eats it too. begum is surprised that she is asking amad to choose, when she is a mere mortal without powers. mahira says that she was mortal, and now she is a devil, and hence selfish like them, and then asks amad to choose between her and the baby. begum understands her prowess, and hence asks amad to comply and then choose. mahira eyes him tensedly, waiting for an answer. begum asks him to hurry up. Amad says that if he sacrifices the child, then the daayan shall become powerful, and if he gets mahira, he shall become powerful. begum asks whats he decided, as either ways, he wins, even by giving powers to the witches, they shall make him their master, as per their promise, and the other way too, and asks him to hurry up. he says that he has decided, and asks mahira to get ready to sacrifice her child. begum applauds saying that he has taken the right decision. he says that he shall take this journey towards being the prince of devilish world, along with mahira, and after sacrificing the child, he can have his life with mahira, so that he has the best of both worlds.

Later, someone caresses armaan’s head, and armaan wakes up, as his ropes unclasp themselves. He is shocked to see who stands in front of them. Its begum with tears in her eyes. he asks why is she going against her own people. begum asks her not to say so, as a mother can give even life for her son, but cant take his life. she says that when she was called, and told the reason, she was happy to have gotten the chance to revamp everything, and particulary stop her grandchild from being harmed. He remembers how she had made them promise to her, that they would do exactly whats told. she says that its happened exactly what they had thought. armaan is tensed.

meanwhile, the other devils wrap the baby in red cloth. One of them tries to caress while others stop her, not to get emotionally attached and let the good take over. She is shocked that the baby shall actually be sacrificed, but she is warned by others not to get soft. One of them, says that they have ardently waited for it for many years and shall not it go in vain. they take the baby away, when the weak one, kisses the baby, and realises her good self, and is about to take the baby away, when the others take the child, and capture her. the leader comes and guffaws, when the good devil begs to be left alone. the leader says that they both shall have freedom, in their sacrifice, which shall begin with her. She puts her hand on her brain, and her head bursts with pain, as she winces. With her magic, she finishes the lady. She says that she cant risk losing the baby, and says that from hereon, no one shall touch this child. she takes the baby in her arms, and smiles evilly.

Scene 2:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Gazalla wakes up with a nightmare, regarding the baby’s murder, while latif calms it down, saying that its a bad dream, and if they see someone dying in the dream, then they live longer in actual life. She is tensed. Gazalla comments that they never seen such a black night, where godliness seems far away, in this ominous blackness. latif says that they arfe blessed by the lrod as a lover couple, and that their love shall win, and all three shall be back safely. they toss a coin to relieve themselves of their misery. As they flip, they are tensed of the outcome.

Scene 3:
Location: The witch’s hideout
amad addresses them all, saying that tonight is the night that they have been waiting for ages, pf the biggest sacrifice of a child by her own mother, when begum becomes the greatest devil of all by the sacrifice of this young spirit of light and then the evil shall always and forever be hoped to have had succeeded over the good. The witch’s leader says that now they are ready to become the greatests force of evil to be reckoned with. Amad says that when the time comes for sacrifice, mahira shall sacrifice her own child, with the sword. mahira eyes them helplessly. the screen freezes on the baby’s face.

Precap: Armaan grabs a witch and asks her where is mahira and the baby. She responds curtly, that they are at the sacrificial grounds, wherein mahira has herself decided to sacrifice her child. He is shocked. he comes to the grounds, wherein he enters into a scuffle with amad, who manages to physically overpower him, in the duel, until finally he is stabbed with the knife, from the back. all are shocked, including mahira and armaan. as amad turns around to see the murderer, he is shocked to see begum, with the blo*dy knife in her hand and tears in her eyes.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Amazing scene n veryyy emo to tat Khan begum kills his son amad to safe her another son Armaan !!!! It shows tat Khan begum loves his son Armaan coooo much !!!! Lovely to c tat love

  2. Fab kb in positive role??? And she kills amad? ??? Lovely episode

  3. Precap is superb but it is highly stupidity of wasting the last episodes of qubool hai with this backwass dayaan, sacrifice etc…..

  4. Pearley hobaichan

    Nice episode

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Wen is the show ending????
    Silly blackmagics mst end now…

    1. On 25 th January. Go on google . Type in qubool hai and select news tab and you will see lots of websites mentioning it

  6. Baqwàassss….they ruined the show….????

  7. I dnt care how the show ends …. Just end it ….it was one of the best shows now its utter nonsense

  8. Finally black magic hai is coming to an end


  10. Awesome episode…..,:-)

  11. I think begum knows wat she is doing

  12. Avinash sachdev I really miss you. See u soon in another good serial in lead hero

  13. I am sad to see this show ending but its for the best. Because this Gul Khan woman always ruins a good story. It was seriously the BEST when Aahil , Sanam , Rehaan and Seher alive… Also the excessive black magic and pure evilness ruined this show. They say this is a muslim oriented show. But they promote drinking alcohol , getting drunk , stealing peoples husbands and wives away . Abuse to women. Emotional abuse . Child abuse . Physical abuse. Oh come on.. Muslims dont do this sort of crap

  14. whaaaaaaaaaaaatttt!!!…..wht heck just happened?

  15. Shraddha Sharma

    Update last episode fast….

  16. Wat happen jst 3 days it will be going to finish
    then y cant u update fast Admin pls update sterday n todays episode

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      The show ended today….. i dnt get why admins do not update the shows on time….
      Update fast admim

      1. where are the last two episodes????????

  17. Please update . 22 nd and 23 rd written updates are missing

  18. Omgggg this show got finished by sterday 😮
    I didn see fri n sterday episode
    Meri sasuma telecasting on jan 26 so I thought qubool hai will be finishing by tumrw
    If qubool hai is finished then I think tumrw they going to telecast Mahasangam episode sarojini n kala teeka 6.30 to 8pm

  19. Hey come on pls update last two episodes

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