Qubool Hai 21st August 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Khan’s residence
Mahira finds azad’s room, and then comes inside, and is very upset by the pungent smell. She is tensed by the darkness of the room and finds bottles of blood of various groups, in the almirah. Then she finds a diary, and tries to pick it up, and read it, but azad comes in just then, and snatches it from her hand, asking her to get lost. She is scared and shocked at this intense reaction. she is about to go out, when the door closes shut itself. she turns around boggled, to confront an angry azad. he comes and confronts her, and then opens the gate and just when she is about to step out, he finds the curtain rod falling apart, and jerks her back, just in time as the curtain drawer falls. then he lets go again, while she is too shaken. she rushes

out, wondering if that was a person, and then believes that he was a monster but refuses to be scared by him anymore. She in her own thought process collides into amad, and hastily introduces herself. he is least interested, and then asks why was she running, and she explains about azad’s rude and weird behaviour. he is amused, and then asks her again. when she complies, he says that he likes her. She is weirded out again, as he turns around and leaves. she is amused too that he took an interest in her.

In his room, Azad asks about the girl, and khan begum tells that she is saira and bano’s sister. He says that she came to the room. She is shocked asking how dare she do that. She asks if mahira found out the truth about him. He says that he doesnt think so, but still it posed a great risk today. she asks why if he so tensed due to a normal maid, as it wont make a problem, and that she knows whats to be done, and that he shouldnt be bothered by such a petty issue. But azad doesnt want to let it go. Amad comes and is amused, as he taunts azad, who gets furious. She stops him, as amad continues to taunt him. she says that amad doesnt need to bother, as she can handle everything. He says that of course, as he is the favourite son after all. she says that she has never diffeerentiated. But he goes that she has never loved him, and always had eyes for azad. Azad gets angry and asks him to shut up, as he wont have his mother being insulted. Amad gets into a verbal scuffle. She asks them to distance away from each other, and go to the respective rooms. They again pick up on that topic of afreen, thats a bone of contention between them, as the brothers fight it out as lovers. She stops them yet again and asks azad to listen and go back to his room. As he passes by, amad amusedly asks him if he got scared. They again get into a fistfight, and then she holds them back with kainat’s name, saying that they need to keep it together for kainat’s sake, as if the relationship is called off, she wouldnt forgive them. She asks if they still want to fight, and when they say no, she hollers at them to go to their rooms. They comply. She is furious.

In the outhouse, saira and bano are enjoying that mahira shall have to go, but they are tensed when latif comes and tells them that Khan begum is so angry that she had decided to throw all three out. they are distraught. Mahira comes in and they tell her what khan begum has ordered. She innocently tells that she did exactly what they told her, but they turn this on her. she is confused, while they go into a hue and cry. she says that she shall mend it, and asks them to keep it together. She asks them to stay calm, while she apologises.

While khan begum has her tea, and gazalla and latif cater to her service, thinking that if the maids are fired, they would have to do the work. mahira comes and then addresses khan begum. She gets angry and asks whats she doing here. Before mahira can speak, she asks gazalla if they didnt tell the maids to leave. But she refuses to listen to anything, and asks her to leave before the next morning. Mahira is distraught, as she eyes them tensedly and begins to go. Khan begum stops her and asks where shall she go, and if she has a place to stay. Mahira denies. She says that if she goes out at this time of the night, then she would have to stay on the road. mahira begs with teary eyes, but khan begum says that then she cant wait till the morning, and asks her to leave rightaway. mahira continues to apologise asking her not to punish saira and bano due to her mistake. Gazalla and latif, out of their own motives, remind khan begum that they have a feast tomorrow, and without maids it shall be difficult. She is convinced and agrees, and then tells mahira that she wont, but azad shall decdie if she stays here or not. She says that if azad forgives herm after she apologises, then she can stay. mahira is worried remembering his anger. She asks if she should go to his room to apologise. Khan begum is irritated. latif announces that azad is here. She turns around to face him, while he eyes her angrily. Khan begum is alert and tensed, as mahira progresses towards him. He turns away from her. She comes upto him. Hesitatingly, mahira apologises to azad, who says that he doesnt want to talk to her. he is furious. She continues to say that she had no clue at all that his room is out of bounds, or else she wouldnt have entered ever. She proufsely apologises, saying that it wont happen again. he says that he doesnt want to talk to her. She asks him not to punish her sisters for her, and asks him to feel what he shall if his sister is punished due to him. She apologies. He says that he can stay in the house, and she is relieved. She is asked to stay away from him, as he doesnt even want to see her face. She is tensed and worried, thinking that she too doesnt want to stay with this monster, nor wants to ever cross paths with him again. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: azad goes to the kitchen, in the dark of the night, and doesnt realise that mahira is lying on the floor. his foot collides into her, and to maintain his balance his head falls on the knife, kept on the kitchen slab and it starts bleeding. this wakes up Mahira who is shocked to see the bloodf. azad walks out rushedly, without paying attention to mahira, who is rushing after him, saying that she saw he got hurt and is badly bleeding. she places her arms on his, and he jerks her away with such force, that she hits her head on the sofa chair, as she falls on the floor. she is shocked and disgusted by his reaction, while he is terribly tensed and upset too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. What a long pricap

  2. Nice episode but I feel main lead selection is very disappointing
    Both karan did a fabulous acting with Surbhi jyothi
    But I feel now the main actor is not so perfect for Surbhi

  3. I agree, surbhi in those goofy glasses and braces make her look TERRIBLE!! She needs an epic makeover!

  4. I 2 u agree sunaina. I am also didn’t like surbhi’s outlook. I like this episode

  5. Mahira is super I laughed so hard when she said she doesn’t want to cross path with the monster hhhhhhh

  6. Repetition repetition.

  7. Thank god tat harshad dint opt tis crap.

  8. I disagree with your comments that he is not is not a good lead. He is a very talented actor and he is doin an amazing job. And surbhi looks so cute wearing glasses. It isn’t a glamorous role that’s why she I simple. And it isn’t important to be pretty by face simplicity is beauty. And love doesn’t happen with looks it happens with the heart so face doesn’t matter.

    1. EXACTLY. THANK YOU ! People are so damn obsess with this ‘ You have to look pretty etc etc.. ‘ I think this teaching a lesson that looks and wealth mean nothing in love. Once both hearts are tied thats it.

  9. crap!!! its repitition n repitition only.
    Plz get a bettrr lead n change story line. we have already seen this before. ….

    1. Yea….. I know ryt??
      B4, ahil cudnt stand sanam n now azad can’t stand Mahira….
      B4, sanam didn’t remember anything about her past n now Mahira doesn’t know anything about her past lyf……
      B4 ahil cudnt stand a word against tanveeer ( his mom) n now a ad can’t tolerate anything against sanam ( his mom) .
      Crapppppppppp!!!!! I mean how many tymz are we supposed to watch the same thing over n over again???
      If they can not get something original them end the show already coz we are getting tired of the same things…

  10. N I also forgot to add, what the he’ll!!!!! Wot is qubool basi turning into??? Indian twilight love saga??? Gimme a break!!!

  11. This episode is very nice

  12. I actually like this new season 🙂 excited for upcoming episodes, eventhough i miss Sahil

  13. I also miss kvb and his acting….

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