Qubool Hai 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Shaad’s residence and office.
Shashi is shocked to find sanam and misbah together, while sanam attending to misbah. She wonders how she reached here, and remembers sanam bringing a veiled woman, who she didnt want to see the face of. She wonders how can she be so foolish, that the couple are taking risks, the husband is out searching for shashi, while the wife is ruining her plans. She decides to teach them a lesson.

Meanwhile, wazira and shaad continue to try and search the location and get the signal somehow, by tracing the last call, and it is found that shashi placed the last call from his very house. both are shocked.

While shashi tries to come out, misbah hears a car honk and gets up along with sanam. Sanam says that she shall go and see who

is it, as if its shaad then they wont have to hide and shall expose the fake misbah. misbah says that she too shall come rightaway. but she askss misbah to rest. She says that she shall lock the door from outside. Sanaam leaves. shashi eyes misbah, sleeping and comes out. Sanam finds shaad increasing the security cover of the house, and getting CCTV installed. he assures sanam that officers shall guard them completely. Shaad tells sanam that the last call from shashi came from this very place, and he is tensed. She tries to tell him, but he is more focussed on shashi kappor. She insists. she says that she wants him to meet someone who is here, and is betraying them. She says that she wants him to meet the true Misbah. Shaad is shocked. She takes him along urgently. she gets him in the room, but doesnt find her. she goes to check on the bathroom, unaware that shashi is hiding behind the curtains with the unconscious misbah, who she drags out stealthily. Shaad asks why is she doing this. She tries to protest her innocence and continues to talk about their plan. He looks at her disbelievingly, while she begs him to believe her once and places the entire blame on the fake misbah, who comes in reprimanding her why does she keep accusing her, and she can leave if thats what they want. Sanam asks her to shut up, and asks shaad not to listen to her, and says that she can take her there. she says that she shall suffocate her to death and begins to strangle her. Shaad is shocked and separates them. sanam again tries to convince him, while he says that he has heard enough.

Scene 2:
Location: Hotel
Ahil asks for directions to the room and begins to go. he finds his shoes unlaced and gets to tying them. The new bride, dressed in a gown, comes to take the room service, for champagne and snacks, while ahil is wearing shoes in the hallway. She doesnt notice him and goes inside the room, but then sensing something, she comes out again to see. meanwhile ahil knocks on the door and goes inside. she comes out and doesnt find anyone. She is boggled.

Ahil talks to the lawyer who says that she shall have to give a pregnancy test for the opening of the trust before the childbirth. he likes the idea. He again gets the new sanam’s call, who asks if he remembers her. He says that he was thinking about her only. She asks him to make her talk to gazalla. He doesnt show his tension and hurriedly complies. he pretends to walk out of his room, and moves in the hallway, pretending that he is searching for gazalla. She asks him to let be. She says that she just wanted to know if he is home. he says that he misses her. she hears the voice as if its coming from the outside. ahil wanders outside her hotel room, unaware that she is inside. She is tensed. She leaves the phone and walks out, but doesnt find anyone. She still walks ahead towareds the room ahil is staying in. She wonders why is she feeling ahil being here. She goes inside. She tries to seduce saif, while he asks why is she doing this. she asks him to look in her eye and he shall under stand everything. He is terribly uncomfortable and tries to get away from her. The new bride gets to her work, and throws herself on him, as she pins him on the bed. Accidentally, one of the candles falls on the floor in the struggle, and a fire ensues, in the bag which then catches onto the rug, and then finally the bed sheets and the robe too. both are oblivious of this. the smoke alarm goes off, and the new bride and saif are shocked. Saif tries to douse the fire, while ahil too hears the alarm and is tensed. all guests start running out. Ahil suggests that they should leave too. the new bride sees everyone going and is tensed. She and saif argue as to how can they go out now, as soon people shall find out the alarm is coming from their room. saif says that if people see them together, it would cause problems. they wonder how to get out. she tries to think of wearing something else. she eyes his clothes, and tries to take them off, while he struggles not allowing her.

Scene 3:
Location: Shaad’s residence
Sanam asks shaad if he thinks that she is mad. She says that she still has evidence in his aunt who will confirm to her statements. Just then, his aunt walks in. Sanam says that if she knows that she has met the real misbah, then she wont have to be scared and lie. She asks the aunt to speak up and tell shaad. The aunt meanwhile stands still, eyeing shashi tensedly, who gives her warning eyes. she says what can she say, as her misbah is in front of her. sanam asks her not to be scared and speak the truth. But the aunt sticks to her statement, and sanam is shocked, asking why is she doing this, and tells how this girl has kept misbah. shaad asks her to stop hallucinating, and stop believing that its real. she asks why he doesnt believe her, as she met the true misbah. Shashi leaves the room. shaad says that he trusts her, and then asks her to sit and rest. She resignedly gives in. shaad leaves. She eyes the aunt, and then shashi, standing in the doorway. She says that she wont spare her, and shashi too thinks the same. the screen freezes on both their faces.

Precap: In the commotion, sanam and ahil find each o9ther and are shocked. both ask the other what are they doing here. He finds saif too and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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