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Scene 1:
Location: Witch’s hideout
amad tells them that now the baby shall start her journey towards the devilish world. Begum sits on a throne and smiles. he says that the parent the child smiles at, shall be chosen for sacrifice. he asks the child to smile. Armaan begs him to stop this, and sacrifice him, but spare mahira and the baby. amad taunts mahira, of having turned armaan’s stone heart into a human one, who is willing to sacrifice himself. she says that he wont understand the power of love, as he isnt a human. He says that he has had a bitter experience of betrayal in love, and today due to that, he has become like this. Armaan is tensed. She says that believe it or not, he is one of them, and he cant deny it. She says that if he has any humanity, its due to azad’s

heart beating inside him, and out of the three sons, only azad had a pious soul, and whatever was azad’s, she takes it from him, that is azad’s heart. all are shocked and boggled. mahira speaks up vehemently, not to do so, while all are amused. begum says that she is taking out his heart, after which he wont die, but shall be in terrible pain, and shall become a devil. he begs her to let mahira and the child go then. AAniket tells in front of everyone, that now he shall rectify whatever has been wronged. he says that tonight, he shall expose tai, when kartik comes back. Tai is apalled. Lata smiles viciously. They start chanting. Amad tells them that now the child shall make her hourney from the good towards the evil, and with the dimming of the flaming baton, pointing towards one, he says that the goodness in her shall die, and evil shall increase, and the dousing shall mean, that she has totally converted on the devil side now. mahira and armaan hear this and are shocked. begum does her magic, and begins to retrive her heart, while he winces in pain. mahira asks her to stop this, as armaan is her son, and how can she do this. Amad asks him to bear it, as after that, he shall be so powerful, that he would love it. Amad taunts mahira, not to waste armaan’s ain through the heart. mahira says that their enemity is with her, they should spare armaan and the child. Armaan asks her not to do this. Begum comments mahira on her nobility and guts, and she proved once again that noone is like her. She is about to take the heart out, but stops. She tells amad that he can take his revenge, as she has waited for this day for long. He says that he has fallen in love with her once again, seeing her nobility. He asks how should he seek revenge, kill her, or turn her into a devil, but then asks her to choose her punishment herself. She eyes the sword that he shows, and asks her who should he kill as a punishment, armaan or the baby. she is apalled. he says that he shall make her life worse than death and asks her again. She is unable to respond, when he asks her to speak up. Armaan asks amad not to do this, and if no humanity prevails in him anymore. amad says that he is a devil, incapable of humanity, and then asks mahira callously who she chooses. Armaan mahira not to do this, and speak up his name, and end it, or else he shall find out some way. Amad asks him not to give false hopes and promises to her, and then asks her yet again. begum tells armaan that he is hindering their work again and again, and decides to take his heart, but mahira stops her, and says that she shall say. Amad taunts that she is very mature, and asks her to decide who she wants to be sacrificed. she eyes both of them distraught, and apalled.

Scene 2:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Latif and gazalla are boggled and tensed, as to whether begum shall get them back, or she shall sacrifice the new child due to the powers she has longed for so long. They compare their lives with begum and then with mahira and armaan, and find the latter much more peaceful and happier. gazalla says that they can end their evil, and bring out the good, and they wont let themselves be helpless, and shall decorate the house for a celebration, when armaan and mahira return with the baby, signifying the win of good over the evil. Latif loves the idea. they get to preparing. they get to start preparing for the feast.

As they eye the empty crib, latif asks gazalla as to who could have done this to the cute child. gazalla reminds her that they cant be helpless, and decide to be cheerful, and start singing lullabies, but both break into cries, at the grief for having lost the child. They are both apalled and grieved, as they comfort and solace each other. They doubt and then assure themselves that mahira and armaan shall come back with the child.

Scene 3:
Location: Kainat’s residence
Kainat comes, hurt and betrayed, and finds sameer sleeping, thinking that she can forget anything, but not the betrayal that she she got from him. she says that for her to live, he has to be eliminated. he asks her not to take his life, as she has the revolver pointed at her. she says that she didnt come here to take something, but to give him something. She hits him on the head and then suffocates him underneath the pillow, what he had to her. he struggles, but then finally gives up. she eyes him, as she takes off the pillow, and eyes him lying lifeless. Then she packs her bags, with her stuff. she then checks into a hotel, under a fake alias, and says that she shall check out in the morning. the manager of the hotel complies, and she goes towards her room.

Scene 4:
Location: The witch’s hideout
Begum says that people should take decisions after much deliberation, as one mistake can cost them dearly, and advises her to listen to her brain and not the heart. mahira is stunned into silence. But finally speaks that she would like to save armaan, as she eyes at the child, helplessly. The leader says that they shall sacrifice the child now. begum taunts and asks mahira to give the reason. mahira says that she thought with her mind and heart, and says that she cant love anyone more than mahira. Armaan says that they have to save their child together, or else who will. Amad taunts them on their love. mahira says that she told her reason, and choice, and asks armaan to be left. he says that he never said that he would spare armaan, but said that he wouldnt kill him, and now they shall sacrifice her child now. begum says that it would be wonderful to watch a mother giving her own child’s sacrifice. they are apalled. Armaan screams up no, and says that he knows she doesnt have motherly instincts, but how can she propose this. she asks him that he is forever angry at her, for having thrown him on the street for dead, and today she shall make another mistake. begum does some chants, while armaan and mahira eye her boggled. due to its influence, armaan gets groggy and then doses off into unconscious state, while mahira is shocked and screams at him. he doesnt respond. Amad and others are amused. Mahira asks begum what she did. Amad says that she proved that noone can be more devilish than her, and that the world shall remember a mother sacrificing her own child. He asks the witches to start preparations. the screen freezes on the baby, armaan and mahira’s tensed face.

Precap: amad addresses them all, saying tht tonight is the night that they have been waiting for ages, when begum becomes the greatest devil of all by the sacrifice of this young spirit of light and then the evil shall always and forever be hoped to have had succeeded over the good. The witch’s leader says that now they are ready to become the greatests force of evil to be reckoned with. Amad says that when the time comes for sacrifice, mahira shall sacrifice her own child, with the sword. mahira eyes them helplessly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Worstest among the 3 seasons. Making the viewers bafoons by showing this kind of stupidity. Thank god the trps gone low.else the makers will drag the show or even give again a rebirth to surbi and will eat the audience’s brain

  2. When dis serial going to end

    1. On 25 th January.. A new serial called ‘ Meri Sassu Ma ‘ is going to take its place starting January 26 th ! 🙂

  3. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Ok good truly hope so for bakwas end..
    lking forwatd to mere sasuma….
    kukkum drags
    jamai raj chasing derbown tails etrert …poor rana wife wife n more wfiez thrown at him sori Gayatri.sarojini stay as strong ad u are just go girl


  4. I don’t care what others say I just love qubook hai .wish it could go on for another season.

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