Qubool Hai 20th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 20th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sorry guys missed the first ten minutes of the serial, hence the update for that shall be given later.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil is least interested to meet anyone, but when he knows from latif that its some one who knew suleiman, he instantly gets alert. He comes to out to meet that person. An old person comes to ahil, saying that suleiman knew that if anything happened to him, he had asked to give this packet to ahil. he leaves, while ahil is tensed. he finds that its an ayat from the quran laminated, that he had presented to him and along with it an envelope. Ahil remembers how this person told that suleiman had insisted him to give this only to ahil. Ahil gets a message from it that if he wants to know the Nawab’s mystery, then he should go to the

doll factory. He is boggled. He remembers tanveer telling him in the childhood that gudiya factory isnt a nice place, and wonders whats the connection. he hollers for his laptop. Ahil surfs through the google about the doll factory, and finds asad and zoya’s pic, and wonders if the two murders are interlinked. he is surprised. After surfing furthermore, he comes across tanveer’s pic with asad and zoya, which means that her parents knew tanveer, and decides to talk about this with sanam. But latif says that she isnt at home since morning. Ahil says that he is going to the doll factory, and asks latif to tell sanam to meet him there when she returns.

As he goes out, he finds glass shards kept on the floor. He asks latif to pick them aside, as he is boggled as to how they reached here since he doesnt find any broken bottle. he leaves off in his car.

Scene 3:
Location: The doll factory
tanveer asks the new bride to keep her eyes on the sisters, saying that she has some very important work to do. The new bride walks with tanveer, wondering and asking her what could be more important to her than her own son’s revenge. Tanveer warns her that she may have joined hands with her, but that doesnt mean she gets a say in everything she does. Tanveer says that what she does and when, the new bride doesnt need to poke her nose in it. She asks her to do what she is told. tanveer walks ahead, oblivious that ahil is approaching. The new bride eyes her wierdly as she goes out. Tanveer’s heels come off, and she starts walking still nevertheless, and leaves. Ahil meanwhile arrives in the car, to the desolate doll factory, eyeing around boggled and confused. He wonders god knows what secret lies there.

Precap: Ahil finally comes inside, but the new bride casts a spell on ahil, and seher and sanam desperately tries to reach out to him, by screaming, as he goes on to search them.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim


  1. Roma

    They could show all these Aahil scenes without killing Rehan. I really miss him a lot. Plz bring Rehan back….. πŸ™

    • Roma

      @sam I hope you are correct. Lots of sweets in your mouth. As it says “tumhare muh mein ghee shakkar”. Rehan is really nice character AND I wanted haya to know about him also as her step brother. Want to see SeHan happy ending….

  2. Lucy troy

    Dats bl**dy gd 4 nthin nw bride really sucks. Cmon yaar v can nt tolerate ol dis black magic n idiotic stuff. Shw something realistic or end it!!!! Nw sanam Shd b thrwn out of d shw immediately!!!!!

  3. it is about time that the new bride better known as long toe nail be dealt with she is tooooooooooo pushy and fronting and to know she came from the dumps and now she wants to take over the whole house hold like she is in charge and tanveer is the one to be blamed for all that is going on and another thing ahil is acting toooooooo childish I do not know what sanam sees in him she too acts dotish some times it is true they compliment each other but something is not right with that relationship and it is because of his so called mother tanveer who anything she touches turns at her command but this must stop her a*s needs to be thrown in jail for life for all the murders she has committed so come on writers we see faiz got what he deserves now it is tanveer and long toe nail turn long toe nail is in the murder business tooooooo so she joined the game so she also has to pay for her evil deeds so come on writers bring this soap to an end

  4. Roma

    Have anyone read the news forQH season 3? I just read in Facebook, Sanam will kill Tanvir and go to Pakistan, Tanvir’s daughter will enter and Aahil and Sanam will be separated and new hero will enter (Mithi’s devar in uttaran) to pair with Surbhi. What is this nonsense??? There will be no SaHil reunion? Where will Aahil go? Writers please give this show a happy ending… I hope this is ALL wrong news…..

    • I think this show will be ending in August. If they want to dragg the show until August they may come up with twist in the story. I wish they keep the same actors until the show go off Air!!!

  5. sharmi

    They are just prolonging this show in the most boring and irritating way. I don’t mind the shows having negative characters but to turn the show into episode after episode of continuance focus on evil winning is very annoying to say the least. They should do shows like ek hasina thi…that show had as much negative character but the good guys were always 2 steps ahead frustrating the bad guys to hell…

  6. quboolhai4ever

    What on earth !
    at least aahil ‘s sense returned
    The stupid new sanam should lost you know what an ek dam perfect dialogue hoga:
    tanveer to new sanam : ” I found your nose . It was all up in my business again “

    • I don’t think because of new Sanam the serial sucks. This show was so good when Azad and zoya’s scenes. since Tanveer entered in their lives this show wasn’t pleasant to watch. They want to Dragg the story until August and they brought the new correcter Sanam 2 through Tanveer to breakup Ahil and Sanam relationship. ——–I think new Sanam was started positive correcter later on the stroy line into blackmagic and killing scenes. I felt they shouldn’t changed her into negative correcter. They should cast new Sanam involved with Sanam and Seher to take revenge on Tanveer bad deeds.???? KUL KHAN shows into more crimes i don’t understand why? She has to come up with new story line we can enjoy the show.!!!!!

  7. We do not want to see any more witch of Endor.No more Of Tanveer’s satanic games.Writers show us how they are going to die.Show us how Sanam and all the good ones are going to move on in their lives.The evil is irritating me,

  8. AJ

    In dis serial dying and cuming back alive is vry easy na!!! hw stupid is tat? Nw QH season 3 wow tat wil b anoter blundr!! First asad nd zoya gt seperatd nw rehaan nd sehar gt serpratd nd finally i think aahil nd sanam wil also gt seperatd!! Yuck yaar all beautiful couples r getiin seperatd !!! Stp dis crap!!!

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