Qubool Hai 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 20th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: The doll factory
Zoya and asad enter the doll fatory, which is completely dark, and starts surfing arond for clues. Zoya shows asad that a man is chiselling somewhere. As she tries to speak more, he covers her face with his hand in order to quieten her.(MITWA MOMENT). Asad cautiously approaches the man. The man sesing someone’s presence turns around, and zoya is shocked to find that its Raghu, who now confronts asad with a gun. They enter into a scuffle after asad kicks his gun away. He keeps asking raghu the reason for killing dilshad. Zoya keeps telling him that they have to keep him alive, to get to the main culprit on whose orders he tries to kill dilshad. As raghu lies unconscious, she wonders how did he reach here. She decides along with asad that they

should enter the factory while they still have the time.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Dilshad is insistent to rashid that she cant wait anymore as she has already waited for 17 years, to know the reason he drifted apart from her. She says that asad will soon find it out anyways, but she wants to know and its her right to, the reason of her marital life being destroyed. Rashid says that its destiny. She says that its not destiny as she knows that rashid isnt capable of doing this. While they are having this conversation, rashid gets razia’s tensed call saying that there’s something wrong at the factory and that he would have to reach right now and rashid turns his car around and heads towards the factory.

Scene 3:
Location: The doll factory and Ayan’s residence
As they enter inside, Zoya and asad are shocked to find rashid covering up the evidence and clearing. Rashid too is surprised to see them. Asad reprimands rashid saying that now he knows that the conspiracy was that rashid had killed someone 17 years back, and then buried here, while rashid looks on helpless, caught red handed. Rashid says that someone had called him and therefore he came here. Zoya too says that maybe the broket had called him. Rashid asks asad to believe him. But asad says that he has no reason to that whoever was behind this conspiracy tried to kill dilshad. Asad puts two and two together and points that the the conspiracy and murder attempt are both connected with rashid and accuses him, while rashid keeps trying to protest his innocence. He sighs that he wishes he could verify his claim. zoya says that she has an idea, and that raghu can tell who was behind this. rashid says that he doesnt knwo anyone by that name. He swears on dilshad protesting his innocence. He says that he can prove that he is innocent. Rashid goes to zoya and asks her to take him to raghu, while asad remembers that in his fight, raghu’s phone had fallen off, and when he tries the last dialled number, rashid’s phone starts ringing, and he is confused and zoya too is perplexed. He confronts rashid saying that he didnt know raghu, but his number is dialled last on raghu’s phone. Rashid remembersAsad throws the phone in disgust. He is now convcinced that rashid is the culprit, and was trying to eliminate all evidence.

While all this is happening, Dilshad waits outside the factory, beside the car wondering why did rashid come so late here and taking up so much time.

Meanwhile raghu calls up razia saying that her work is done, which elates razia, and leaves from there.

Asad tries to take rashid by his grip, but is stopped somehow by zoya and dilshad also enters and reprimands him for not knowing what he was about to do. Asad says that the conspiracy was his mastermind, and he isnt the victim as he points himself out to be. Asad asks him to spill out the truth then, and rashid is about to blurt out, but he checks himself in time, and says that keeping his family in mind, he cant tell them now. Asad asks which family is he talking about as he had left them 17 years back, and this family that he has currently wont look upto him once they find the truth. He reprimands rashid for not even thinking once what this family would have gone through, whose member he had killed 17 years back. Asad says that rashid doesnt deserve to live.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia happily tells mamujaan that she has turned asad against rashid, since rashid is completely incapable of proving his innocence. She says that it would never come out that she was the main murderer. Mamu says that she might have turned father-son into arch enemies but hope that this wont come to affect their lives. She says that wont happen since rashid thinks that he has committed a murder unintentionally, while asad is convinced that rashid is a murderer.

Scene 5:
Location: The doll factory
Asad cpicks up the gun and points it at rashid, much to zoya and dilshad’s horror. Dilshad tells that he would have to go through her before he can hit rashid. Dilshad tries to stop asad from firing the pistol, but he pushes dilshad aside and shoots the gun point blank at rashid. Zoya is shocked and dilshad is distraught and screams out rashid’s name. However the bullet lodges into the wall behind rashid, missing him by the ear. He tells rashid that the woman that he had left 17 years back, is responsible for him being alive today. He saysthat it doesnt mean that he has forgiven him, and that he would see to it that rashid gets his due punishment. Throwing the gun on the ground, asad turns away. Dilshad, forces rashid to leave for now. The screen freezes on Asad’s disgusted face.

Precap: Rashid reprimands razia for putting her in this trap. While razia tries to feign ignorance saying that she was working for his benefit only, rashid grabs her by the throat and tries to gag her saying that how dare she try to kill dilshad and intentionally spoiling hi8s life, in the garb of his benefit.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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