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Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
When mahira goes inside the dark room, she doesnt find her brother, but the chair, and razia having awkwardly held her hand in thin air, as if gaging an invisible person. she deduces the things together and is shocked to know that razia has made him invisible to her, even though he stands right in front of her. meanwhile, razia has gagged her brother so he is unablek to make any noise. mahira tries to get ahead to be able to touch and feel him atleast, if not see, but razia asks her to stay back, if she wants him to be alive. mahira is distraught, and asks how can she do this, as this is beyond her imagination. razia taunts her and says that her hands are on his throat, and if she acts smart, she would strangle him and kill him. Meanwhile,

azad keeps banging on the door, begging her to open the door, saying that he apologises for having hurt her, and asks why is she punishing herself for him, by marrying amad. Razia asks her to go right now and tell azad not to come in. she also asks mahira to tell him that she wont deny for the marriage, or else she shall kill her brother. mahira is distraught. Azad is about to break in, when mahira opens the door. he asks if she is okay, as he thought she was crying. she composes her face and asks how her emotions can bother her, and that her decision is final and nothing can change it, and definitely not him. She says that he doesnt know why she is doing this, as he wouldnt be here at all, questioning her decisions of her life. She says that she would go and die if he pesters her anymore. She asks if he wants her to die, and if he doesnt, then he should leave her alone. They turn around to find amad, who has come with the wedding car, that he intentionally presents to azad. mahira is distraught, while azad is furious, as amad says that their marriage is tomorrow. he carersses mahira’s face saying that he is getting the biggest happiness of his life. Azad crushes the card in his hands, in anger unable to see their proximity. mahira is tensed.

The whole house is being decorated for the wedding when razia and khan begum discuss that all shall be fine, as this is her bet and it shall play according to her. razia says that she doesnt understand one thing, that she made a magic circle around her brother, but she still managed to see through it, and surprisingly found the place too. She says that she rushed right to the place, where her brother was there. they are boggled. latif comes and says that she generally doesnt b*t*h about someone, but then blurts that she saw azad and mahira together, and they had held hands, while mahira was trying to free her hands from his grasp. they are tensed to hear this. She is dismissed off. khan begum says that due to the holding of hands, she could see her brother. razia says that if relations are close, then the biggest of powers fail, and she feels that there’s some strong relation between azad and mahira, that they ignored. Khan begum says that by marriage, they shall have to break the relation, as she cant afford to lose at any cost.

In his room, Azad eyes the card distraughtedly that he cant see his love belonging to someone else from tomorrow onwards. he remembers his moments with her. he remembers mahira’s rude behaviour and aamad’s teasings. in the outhouse, mahira too sees the card and thinks that she had her brother so close, and yet couldnt see him. She remembers her moments with azad.

Merriment and festivities begin, as the rituals begin. mahira is brought by khan begum and razia, while all are dancing. mahira stops, hesitating for a minute. Khan begum asks mahira not to stop and continue cheerfully and silently with all the rituals or else she shall never see her siblings again. mahira says that she needs to meet her brother and sisters or else she wont participate in any ritual at all. They are shocked to hear this. khan begums ays that she isnt in a position to make demands, as she shall kill her siblings. mahira tells her that she wont do this, and asks her to make her meet them, for once, after which she shall comply to what she asks. Khan begum says that if she does so, then she shall run away from here. kainat and others ask mahira to come along, amnd khan begum composes her face and then caresses mahira’s face pretending to be sweet asking her to participate in the functions. As she dances, amad eyes her leeringly, and thinks that if a girl like mahira can be so hot, then anything can happen, as he only wanted to spite azad but got a jackpot in mahira now. While dancing, mahira remembers khan begum’s threats. She prays to the lord to show her a way and protect her brother anyhow.

In kainat’s room, Gazalla and kainat come across a gift packed for kainat, and open it hurriedly. They find that its a dress, and gazalla says that since noone has opened it, they can take it. A fight ensues as to who shall wear it, and ultimately end up tearing it. they are scared and leave from there.

Meanwhile, azad has flashes of mahira trapped somewhere, screaming for his help. he is shocked and boggled and wonders why does it feel like mahira is in a problem and wants to say something to him. he begins to go ahead, but finds khan begum in the way. Khan begum asks him why isnt he ready yet as the gift ceremony shall start soon, and asks him to go get ready soon as his gift is ready. he expresses his concern and what he just saw to khan begum and she is tensed. She asks why is he saying so, and if mahira said anything. he says that he didnt, but he keeps feeling instinctively that she is trapped, and reminds her hwo his tears revived her back to life. he says that he doesnt understand but there’s something amiss. razia overhears this and is tensed, thinking that only tears of true love could have saved her, and this means that azad is THE ONE for mahira. She says that azad is who god has chosen to be mahira’s soulmate. Khan begum asks azad not to overthink as mahira is the bahu of this house, and they shall face problems for her, before it falls on her, and asks him to go and get ready. he complies and leaves. razia comes and tells her that she had told her so. khan begum says that even without her saying, azad can feel her pain. Razia says that when azad comes close to mahira, problems go away, and that they have been let down once, and before its too late, they have to deal with it. razia tells her that mahira can marry only that person who is truely meant for her, and thats azad as he is her soulmate destined to be with her, a unique love, different from others, as when they marry, the child that they sire shall have to be sacrificed to the lord of the devils, so that she gets her powers back, and thats their only way out. She tells her that mahira wont be able to marry anyone else. she tells her that if that person is azad instead of amad, then she shall have to marry azad only. khan begum is shocked. the screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: While azad watches helplessly and distraughtedly, the rituals begin with mahira. Khan begum asks amad to come ahead and present the heirloom jewellery to mahira. he helps her wear it, while azad watches helplessly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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